Hatrick’s “Refreshments” and Things to Come

By Loudoun Insider

    WaPo photo

I’m too pissed to even write about this coherently.  Read the front page WaPo article here on Herr Hatrick’s 12 weeks of paid leave last year, including educationally neccesary locales like Madrid and China.  “We’re like everybody else; we need to be refreshed” said the master of the LCPS universe. 

This has gone too far.  Once I again I issue a demand for the School Board to fire Superintendent Edgar Hatrick.  The man has been there too long and is too entrenched and set in his ways to provide the new direction so obviously needed for this bloated school system in these new lean budgetary times. 

And next election, expect there to be a laser-like focus from me and many many others on the School Board races.  They are almost always overshadowed by the Supervisor races, but next time will be so much different.  I promise you that.  School Board members have two options.  Get with the program citizens will be demanding, or continue to defend the status quo at your own political peril.  Those who want to rock the boat will be rewarded in public opinion.  Those who continue these selfish self serving ways will be summarily kicked to the curb.  THINGS MUST CHANGE!

UPDATE:  See email defenses of Hatrick from Tom Reed and Bob Ohneiser in comments.


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