Clarke Hogan is a “Piece of _____”

By Loudoun Insider

For calling Delegate Bob Marshall a (cover your eyes, children and weak of heart!) “piece of shit”.  I’ve heard nothing but bad things about Hogan, a Delegate from South Boston (southern VA).  People may disagree with Bob Marshall on issues, but he is one of the most honorable public servants I’ve seen, a true man of the people.

Bob Marshall has a bill with 99 co-sponsoring delegates honoring Thomas Vander Woude, a Vietnam veteran who tried to save his disabled son from drowning, and died in the effort.  Hogan is the only Delegate not signed on, and he insulted Bob Marshall after a confrontation in the delegate lounge about this bill.  Ward Armstrong has come out as the main impartial witness, much to his credit.  There’s actually an online petition urging Hogan to sign on to this bill.  Clarke Hogan has been bashed a good bit by NLS, with good reason, here and here for engaging in the worst kinds of Richmond power play deals.  What a jerk Hogan is.

The story is covered in more detail here, and, speaking of poo, it also mentions a hare-brained proposal championed by Hogan to take $149 million from already appropriated water quality improvement funds for sewage plant upgrades to balance the budget, even though most of the money has already been promised to local jurisdictions.  Purcellville is one of those jurisdictions that would have to come up with money from somewhere to meet the shortfall.  Some delegates seem to think this idea is just fine since they are hoping to have the money replenished from Obama’s “stimulus” plan.  This just goes to show you how full of poo some of these politicians are!  Rail against Obama’s stimulus plan on one hand, then play games with committed appropriations while hoping for said stimulus on the other.  We must do better with who we send to Richmond, from both parties.

UPDATE:  Clark Hogan is an even bigger jerk than I thought – see this NLS post.


  • t says:

    After a comprehensive and exhaustive analysis of Clarke Hogan’s facial and speech-recognition patterns, and an intense psychological study relating to behavioral patterns, I have determined how you can tell when he is lying: when his lips are moving.

  • Grapes says:

    Bob Marshall is simply the finest Statesman in Virginia politics today. He is a principled, courageous, thoughtful conservative, whose eloquence is unmatched on the floor of the Assembly.

    Clarke Hogan is pond scum.

  • The t/Grapes tandem is unmatched in blogosphere history! Hilarious!

  • t says:

    This is a family blog. No need to insult the pond scum.

  • Shaun Kenney says:

    Amen, t!

    Nice to be back to agreeing with LI on things. 😛

  • Don’t get too ahead of yourself there, Shaun! You’ll be hating me again real soon.

  • Citizen Tom says:

    I am always pleased to see someone support Delegate Bob Marshall. Unlike many other politicians, it is quite easy to tell where Bob Marshall stands on the issues. He also has no qualms forcing both his opponents and his “fellow party members” to take a stand. That tends to make those who want to hide their views angry.

    Voters should take notice. We are better off electing honest men and women. We know the causes they pursue and why they want to be elected to represent us. On the other hand, we have no idea what the people who hide their views want. Often, all we do know is that they want power and control over our money.

  • Lauren says:

    I agree with Citizen Tom, we need more folks in office like Del Marshall who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe.

  • mytwocents says:

    I don’t agree with some of Marshall’s tactics and ideas but he is a great conservative with the highest amount of personal integrity. He may not be a team player like Hogan and company like but that is not always bad. NO one ever has to question were Bob Marshall stands on an issue.

  • Shaun Kenney says:

    Hope you clear that with your superiors first, LI….

  • TC Robinson says:

    I was a student of Kirk Cox’s last year. Every year, when his students are working on their General Assembly projects, he has them take a field trip to the General Assembly for a day. Well, the day we went, I got to sit in on an ACNR committee meeting. One of the bills that was brought up was HB1250 relating to personal floatation devices. The bill basically said anyone over the age of 13 riding a boat more than 21 feet in length would have to wear a lifejacket, or face a fine of up to $250. Del. Poisson offered a pretty good explanation of the bill. Then came time for the committee members to ask questions. Now, I was sitting on the left side of the room, so I couldn’t see the delegates names. This one guy was basically making a mockery of the bill, saying stuff like “why isn’t it 28 feet or more” and “what if my 13 year old can swim,” stupid stuff really. Being obviously and unnecessarily sarcastic. I remember thinking, “What a jackass!”

    That man was Clarke Hogan.

  • I have no superiors, Shaun!

  • Citizen Tom says:

    We all have at least One whose superiority is beyond all understanding.

  • Of course I am speaking about mortals there, Tom!

  • Del. Marshall is quite simply he best legislator in Virginia. Why? He does what Delegates were originally intended to do, Serve.

  • G. Stone says:

    Del. Marshall is quite simply he best legislator in Virginia. Why? He does what Delegates were originally intended to do, Serve.
    – PWConservative

    That and he has actually read the constitution.

  • Michael Savage says:

    I think Hogan was being rather kind in his assessment…

  • Former LCRC Member says:

    Marshall is considerably more conservative than me, but I have never hesitated to support him. He’s a good Delegate.

  • Michael Savage, I thought you were some super conservative? How could not like Bob Marshall? Hogan is a complete tool, no way did Marshall deserve that, especially from him.

  • Gnarly says:

    I’m a Nokesville native who does NOT want that egomaniac prick’s signature on the memorial resolution for our hometown hero.

  • Just who are you talking about, Gnarly, Marshall (I hope not) or Hogan (I hope so)?

  • Gnarly says:

    I was referring to Hogan….the only signature not on there. Also, I should have said “one of our” hometown heros in referring to the deceased man….one of the others being OUR Delegate Bob Marshall.

  • VirginiaBorn says:

    Can we have a little civility in this blog? Be nice, people. This is VIRGINIA! Capitol of the South. Where are your manners?

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