Miller’s Moving!

By Loudoun Insider

Well, it looks like speculation has turned into fact.  Stevens Miller’s wife Liz (great lady, by the way) has announced that they are moving on the Broadlands HOA Forum, and they’re apparently downsizing quite a bit and giving away lots of freebies.  Here’s the link.  We all know he’s headed for much much bigger things, so I would highly recommend grabbing up some of this stuff.  Who knows what it will be worth after he’s President! (urgent sarcasm alert there, BTW)

It looks like the carpetbagging tradition of Loudoun County Democrats continues full steam ahead.  First we had Mark Herring moving to nab Bill MIms’ Senate seat.  Then Andrea McGimsey moved last minute to Potomac District to get Bruce Tulloch’s BOS seat.  Now we have Miller moving to take on Tom Rust.  However, Tom Rust is no Mick Staton or Bruce Tulloch.  This contest will have a different outcome, I predict.  I hope Miller has the moral clarity to resign his BOS seat if he intends to campaign full time for the House of Delegates after a little over a year in office.  The Dulles District is by far the largest in terms of population and the fastest growing district in the county.  The residents of Dulles District deserve a full time representative, not someone using it as a springboard to higher office.

Update:  Here’s the link to the Miller Household Give-Away webpage.  Act now before this special offer no longer exists!


  • JimIgnatowsi says:

    I predict there is no chance he has the integrity to resign his BOS seat. Then again, he’d probably appoint his clueless PC to take over. Maybe we’re better off with him carpet bagging, I mean campaigning and not doing anymore damage on the local front.

  • snd says:

    Herring was drawn out of Mims district during the last redistricting. It’s a far cry from ‘carpetbagging’ when you move within the county.

  • Herring had a little bit more cover due to the fact you mention above, but McGimsey was indeed a carpetbagger, and so will Miller be. Miller hasn’t lived in the 86th and is moving there simply to run for HOD while staying in the one far flung corner of his current district that he can live and still hold on to his current job if he fails. It stinks.

  • Lee J says:

    Actually stevens miller has already moved and the family soon to follow. I doubt he has much of a chance over their but you never know. And this does stink as their is much work to be done in Loudoun during this economic crisis. And it diminishes his role and effectiveness as a supervisor and I am already hearing a backlash on this decision from neighbors and on other forums from people that now wished they did not vote for him. You know you pay your dues finish your term as bos and then run for another office. But this is crazy after being a first time politician and only a little over a year in office with not much to show for if anything of importance.

  • Loudoun Moderate says:

    The Dems are not the only carpetbaggers. Don’t forget a certain Republican, who will remain unnamed, who not too long ago moved, albeit temorarily, down to Fredericksburg to run for state office. Those who live in glass houses….

    BTW: Herring can hardly be called a carpetbagger, his family has lived in the county for a very long time. His step-father, Charlie Waddell, was a long-term state senator.

  • anon says:

    Dick Black was never a real Republican!

    Stevens Miller WILL lose against Tom Rust. He’ll be moving back to Broadlands with his tail between his legs.

  • Todd says:

    Yeah, and there’s a certain Republican that the party is trying to make into their own Messiah (cough…Bobby Jindal…cough) who moved miles away from his home in Baton Rouge, La. to run for a Congressional seat based in suburban New Orleans. Clearly, Jindal had no time to wait for anything or actually accomplish something. No complaints there from any Republican.

  • anon says:

    Are you really trying to compare Stevens Miller to Bobby Jindal? Miller has no personality and no charisma. He’s a legend in his own mind.

  • TSG says:

    At least Phyllis Randall isn’t running. What a joke she is. I heard she was considering it.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    These trends with candidates and officials demonstrates that it is less about service and more about careers. Nothing wrong with that of course, but at least they should be honest about it. It also shows that people really only seem to care about the letter after the name and not whether they are really a product of the community at large. Sad really. I am sure all the politicos think its all good though afterall all they care about is the scoreboard.

  • I think Phyllis would have to move to take on Rust – she’s in Poisson’s district. I hadn’t heard that rumor, but who knows these days with musical chairs. There was talk at one time of McGimsey or someone else challenging Poisson in a primary. Some LCDC types didn’t think Poisson was liberal enough. It looks like Poisson has really changed course somewhat this past year trying to be more “green” to placate those folks. I think he’s succeeded in killing any internal challenge.

    I’m still waiting to see if a Fairfax Dem who’s actually lived within the 86th for a while enters the race to challenge Rust. Miller’s been making all the political rounds to lock the nomination up, but he would be very vulnerable to a local.

  • Prester John says:

    Re: Jindal.

    Per the Constitution (Article I, Section 2) a House representative need only to be a resident of his state, not of his district.

    Technically there would’ve been no reason for him to move.

    I could mention that JIndal at least moved within his home state to run for Congress as opposed to a certain current Secretary of State and former U.S. Senator who decided she was really from New York instead of Illinois, but I won’t.

  • just a thought says:

    I don’t even know what area the 86th is comprised of.

    Is it all of Herndon and Sterling Park, or just the City of Herndon and Sterling Park, or what? Does anyone know?

  • just a thought says:

    Thank’s Lee

  • Susie says:

    So, Lee J, Stevens Miller has left his wife for political gain? And left his children?

    What a creep.

  • Lee J says:

    susie he is extremely happily married he just moved ahead until his wife and child joins him.

  • Anon says:

    What a great husband – uprooting his wife and son from a great community (Broadlands) to move to a glorified industrial area (Oak Grove/606) so he can pursue partisan political office.

    Isn’t this the same guy who said he couldn’t make a go of it on a $40K per year Supervisor’s salary? Has anyone told him delegates make about half that?

  • just a thought says:

    BTW Bobby Jindal is the best thing the GOP has going.

    He’s young, smart, his political experience is well rounded, he’s well spoken and ready to take on all comers.

    The GOP would do well do take a close look at him.

  • NovaConservative says:

    The surprising thing to me is how many people that I know that supported Stevens Miller who now have absolutely no use for him. And some of these people were BIG supporters–yard signs and the whole bit. Now they can’t stand him–in fact he’s been called “no better than Snow” which as you all know is pretty damning!

    If he loses and then tries to run again in the Dulles District, even a marginal Republican might beat him.

  • Observer says:

    #16 -What Sterling supervisor “lives” in Sterling while his family lives in Falls Church?

    Bonus – Go back years… what congressman moved here to run?

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    I am a firm believer in a community gets exactly what it is willing to accept in terms of politics. If voters at the polls could care less about these little moves just to secure office than the officials will never think twice about making them.
    Think about this though. What happens if the district lines actually get changed dramatically in the future with the census data? How many will move to areas where it may be easier to get elected than staying where they live today. Lets face it the GA and the Congressional district lines in Virginia are a joke folks.

  • G. Stone says:

    Based on his dismal performance regarding illegal migration and its relationship to the recent crime wave in Sterling park and surrounding communities he will get beat like a drum.
    The voters of Sterling do not like this guy. I can’t say that I blame them.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    G. Stone- thats is disturbing. I grew up in Sterling Park and it saddens me what has transpired there in recent years. I wonder just where Guilford, Sterling Middle and Park View rank among its peers nowadays?

  • #16 -What Sterling supervisor “lives” in Sterling while his family lives in Falls Church?
    #23 -“Based on his dismal performance regarding illegal migration and its relationship to the recent crime wave in Sterling park and surrounding communities he will get beat like a drum.
    The voters of Sterling do not like this guy. I can’t say that I blame them.”

    I know, I know…context is everything, but it looked like for a second there you thought Miller was actually representing Sterling?

  • sally says:

    Miller will have a hard time in Sterling.

  • sally says:

    #26, meant to say Herndon. Miller will have a hard time in Herndon.

  • He’ll have a hard time in both, and both are part of the 86th HOD district.

  • says:

    Miller is perhaps one of the creepiest beings to ever sit on the LoCo Board of Supervisors. He’s brilliant in his own mind but clearly is a guy that must have been abused in high school based on his total lack of people skills. Funny, the very stuff he claims made Steve Snow the wrong guy for the district are the exact issues that people have with Steve Miller. And what’s with the pluralization of Steven? Doesn’t that tell us a lot? The only regret—-that he won’t resign to run in the primary. Bring on the recall petition!

  • vacliff says:

    Who was that guy that rented a pup tent in someone’s backyard in order to qualify to run for Chairman of the Board? Oh yeah…Republican Firetti. Hope he’s happy back home in New Jersey or Delaware or where he really lives….

  • Lee J says:

    Cliff you have me rolling on the floor bringing up Firetti. 🙂 When he ran non of us that knew Firetti could believe it. ha ha Although his wife was very nice and worked for the developer of Beacon Hill. They ended up in Delaware because the developer of Beacon Hill was developing some resort property there. Boy this Firette guy was something else. Glad he has gone bye bye.

  • Sterling Park Insider says:

    I agree with Sally, Mr. Miller will have a hard time in Sterling Park. Delegate Rust will be heavily favored to win re-election. The 86th Virginia House District has seven Loudoun County precincts and nine Fairfax County precincts.

    The seven Loudoun precincts are – the five Sterling Park precincts, Sully, Park View, Rolling Ridge, Guilford and Forest Grove; plus Oak Grove (Dulles District) and Buchanan (Potomac District). Oak Grove is near the former immigrant day laborer site on Route 606; Buchannan is along the West side of Cascades Parkway near Church Road and Fox Lee in Sterling.

    I wonder if those who recruited Mr. Miller bothered to check the results of the 2007 election. Delegate Rust carried six of the seven Loudoun by a healthy margin, and won five of the nine Fairfax precincts comfortably. In Loudoun, the Democrat carried only the Oak Grove precinct by a few dozen votes. Mr. Miller’s new home is in the smallest of all 16 voting precincts in the district.

    Delegate Rust is well respected, well liked and well known in Sterling Park and he will do quite well against this latest Democrat. Can’t blame Democrats for being full of themselves after the 2008 election results – but the 86th District is not as blue or purple as they think.

    Mr. Rust has been an active friend to our community, helping with clean-up work along Sterling Boulevard and helping build Discovery Park. Mr. Miller is a complete unknown to most residents. Those who do know him, don’t like him – and those who have followed his voting record on the Board of Supervisors REALLY don’t like him.

  • Miller is somehow deluded into thinking he will win this easily because of the margins Obama put up there. There is a HUGE difference between the electability of Barack Obama and Stevens Miller.

    Has anyone confirmed yet whether he bought the house he’s living in now, or if he’s renting?

  • Susie says:

    Lee J,

    What a joke. You make it sound like Miller is moving from South Dakota – “moved ahead until his wife and child can join him”???

    Wonder what Miller was thinking to move ahead of them? I wonder if he has visitation rights for his child? Otherwise, this is a hoot.

  • Some more thoughts:

    Does anyone know how long you must live in a distirct to run for office there? I don’t think it’s very long at all, but I don’t have the exact answer handy.

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