Will We Ever Be Rid of Doofus?

By Loudoun Insider

 this stupid photo still remains at rpv.org!

Admit it, you knew who I was talking about right away, didn’t you?  In the last week or so we had the boneheaded Twitter fiasco, with Frederick tipping off the Dems about impending Senate re-alignment, then the plaigarizing butchering of the Darwin attack “speech” on the floor of the House of Delegates, nicely preserved as an ambarrassing YouTube video (link here).  There are over 17,000 views of that video –  what a reputation buiulder for RPV!  Then we had the generally conservative Richmond Times Dispatch editorial page bashing Frederick and other House Republicans for voting against bi-partisan redistricting (link here).  This doofus has been a dark comedy of errors since taking over as RPV Chairman.

National and State Republican leaders need to put this experiment in immature, irresponsible RPV “leadership” to rest once and for all.  We cannot afford any more of this, epsecially with a crucial statewide election fast approaching.  Time is too short and the stakes are too high to continue with this fiasco.

The big question then becomes, who next?  Who is available and willing to take on this challenge to rebuild respect in the office and organization?  I’ve heard George Allen mentioned, and while he would normally be a great choice, I still wonder if “maccaca” is too fresh in the public’s mind.  I think that incident was overblown, but it found traction.  Perhaps another apology up front would calm some of the nerves out there, and Allen absolutely would have the connections to pull this off and re-energize the Republican base.  Who else is out there on the RPV bench that could step in and hit the ground running?  At this point almost any unit leader would be better than Jeff Frederick.  State Central Committee members, please do what’s best for this party.  Before it’s too late.


  • Anonymous says:

    LI-Jeff isn’t going anywhere. He’s raising money and will be there until at least the 09 cycle is complete. Keep the bitching coming…it’s not doing anything but making you look like an angry angry person.

  • Am I angry that the Republican Party of Virginia has this idiot as its Chairman and public face? Damn right I am!

    He’s raising money? From whom and how much? And at what price?

    He is nothing but a hindrance to McDonnell, Bolling, and any other Republican running in November. I’ll bitch about it as much as I want to.

  • Shaun Kenney says:

    But how will we be able to squeeze midgets like this if we get rid of J-Fred?

  • NoVA Scout says:

    just so Shaun knows we can share the enjoyment of certain things, that particular version of The Bunker is one of my all-time favorites. Very, very clever. I’ve seen a lot of the other pairings, but that one tickles me more than most.

  • NovaConservative says:

    I was getting worried. It had been, like, at least a week since he last bitched about Jeff Frederick. I was beginning to think he actually did get therapy or something.


  • I’ve always been a strong believer that one should not cast aspersions on someone on conjecture, innuendo or hearsay. But, I got to tell you, I’ve seen J Fred in action – and I literally could not believe it. He was a horrible speaker, a horrible leader and a horrible organizer. What they heck were those knuckleheads that voted for him thinking?

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    Tom Bliley….period.

  • Shaun Kenney says:

    Tom Bliley would be EXCELLENT!

    …provided he’d want to deal with the curious mixture of myopia and vitriol that substitute for leadership amongst some Virginia Republicans.

    I’ll just toss this idea out there: Tom Davis?

  • Shaun, thanks for that link. I needed that laugh.

  • That was pretty funny, but somehow horrifically appropriate! I would apply that sentiment more towards State Central than myself if they continue to tolerate this idiot as Chairman. HE IS A NATIONAL LEVEL EMBARRASSMENT!!! Seriously, he is held up as a (entirely appropriate) example of all that is wrong with the Republican Party today. Why is he still in office? He brings absolutely NOTHING to the table for RPV other than derision and embearrassment. He must go.

    Nova Con, I don’t give a damn what you think of my harping on this, it’s something that simply needs to be done. Just sitting back and watching this horror show continue is not an option.

  • And back to the main question of the post, I do think Tom Davis would be a phenomenal Chairman, but I just don’t see him getting the job. The reactionary wing would never tolerate him. That’s a real shame because he could bring a lot to the table.

    Any thoughts on George Allen?

  • edm says:

    LI –

    For the sake of arguement, I’ll concede the point that J-Fred has bitten off more than he can chew, doesn’t have the skills to meet his challenges, and is not serving the RPV well.

    However, he’s a no-name. No citizen outside of the handful of people who read the blogs will have heard of him. George Allen, however, is well-known across the commonwealth and across the nation. He is the embodiment in their minds (unfairly, I might add) of everything that’s wrong with the GOP. If you switch out J-Fred for George Allen, you create a lightning rod for media attention, rather than just an albatross (again, conceding for the purposes of arguement) that no one in VA will be aware of.

    Now, that having been said, I supported J-Fred because the status-quo under Hager had to change. I support him, now, in part because I think a great deal of your criticisms are over-blown and, frankly, ridiculous. I do, in fact, concede that he is not performing in the manner that he promised. With that in mind, I do support a new chairman coming on board.

    When Ed Gillespie’s done with McDonnell’s Gen. Chair. position, would he be a good candidate? Could Thelma Drake be a fit for the job? Start a list, ladies and gentlemen, let’s see who’s out there.

  • Anonymous says:

    Paul Harris for Chairman!! Time is NOW.

  • edm, Frederick is very quickly becoming a household name. He was named Keith Olberman’s worst person in the world. I know, I know, many “conservatives” would consider that to be a badge of honor, but the Olberman piece made him look outright ridiculous, as did the YouTube video, the Little Green Footballs piece, etc. etc..

    I didn’t start out being so against the guy. Seriously, I did not. His own actions and inactions are what has caused me to hold him up (rightfully so) as an object for ridicule. And it isn’t just me that feels that way. If it was, this wouldn’t matter. He has gone from being a statewide laughingstock to a national one in short order, and I predict it will only get worse.

    He needs to go, not because I don’t like him, but because he’s become an unfortunate embarrassing distraction for RPV in a time when all eyes should be set on November. He is a HUGE liability at this time, one that we can no longer tolerate. I prefer to agitate for action than to sit back and try to ignore it and hope it gets better. It isn’t going to get better with this buffoon.

  • Peter Elthorne says:

    When I see this picture, there is only one phrase that comes to mind:

    “What, me worry?”

    Readers of Mad Magazine will appreciate this.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    George Allen? Talk about polarizing. Look social conservatives need to at some point understand that while the GOP must respect its views and positions the greater portion of voters determining elections in Virginia now sit in the middle- independents, moderates and Republicrats. In order the bring in those voters from the middle, the GOP in terms of the Chair position must move away from polarizing figures like Frederick or Allen. The “reactionary” part of the Party as one commenter proposes can either accept such proposition in order to rebuild the GOP and grow the State GOP ranks or remain content to live under the boot of the Democrat Party for cycles to come. The choice is theirs.

  • Tom T. Hall says:

    State Central ain’t gonna do anything. These are the same people who got blindsided by Jeff at convention after endorsing Hager almost to a person for God’s sake. And who the heck would want to follow in this clown’s incompetent, destructive wake?!?

    I challenge any MSM member to look into the IT contracting arrangements at RPV for conflicts of interest or sweetheart deals. And would somebody demand JF furnish his so-called military records once and for all? Some leader.

  • “provided he’d want to deal with the curious mixture of myopia and vitriol that substitute for leadership amongst some Virginia Republicans”.

    The ones who actually supported Fredrick in the sorry excuse for a convention?

  • Ed Gillespie is going on to bigger and better things. He handled the RPV somewhat better than Frederick. (He enforced the rules, and ran the RPV by the book) Still, he had his detractors among the puritans, and I’m quite sure they’ll opine in short order.

  • G. Stone says:

    ……….”the greater portion of voters determining elections in Virginia now sit in the middle- independents, moderates and Republicrats. ”

    The exact same thing was said between the time of Goldwaters loss and Reagans landslides.
    The “experts ” all told us moderation was the key to victory. As it turned out, that was not very good advice.
    Don’t be fooled by those on the left and their media mouth pieces. George W Bush although a very decent man and conservative on some issues was no Reagan conservative. He like his father, was only slightly to the right of Gerald Ford. Ford ran as that moderate you admire and got creamed ( I know Watergate bla bla bla )Daddy Bush ran as a kinder Gentler Republican ( read northeast moderate ) and lost. Bush 2 won because he ran to the right of two pretty bad candidates. Lets face it Gore and Kerry were simply pitiful. As Bush moved to the center his popularity among his base faded and fast. He played the role of big government me too Republican and had he been able to run again, would have gotten beat by anyone with a pulse.
    This fascination with the Gerald Ford way always intrigues me.
    When Republicans run and Govern as conservatives they win. When they meander left to appease the supposed broader audience they get their asses handed to them.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    There are always detractors Monk. It just depends on how vocal they are.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    G. Stone- the time has come to wake up and read the righting on the wall…..you cannot win a statewide election in Virginia without the middle. get used to it and learn and evolve or otherwise enjoy exile. Virginia is no longer a red state nor a blue state but is heavily a purple state. Denial of this fact only delays a resurgance of the GOP. If you do not believe this is the case you have failed to accurately analyse polling and election data throughout the Commonwealth. How can a candidate like Obama secure more votes in places like Henrico County and yet the same county overwhelming support Eric Cantor (R) for Congress? The middle and independents thats how. The middle consists of a large block of split ticket voters as was witnessed in many Congressional districts. The margin of victory for Obama over McCain versus that of Warner over Gilmore further illustrates this occurance. The GOP needs to deal with it and embrace it or once again conservatives will live under the boot of Democrat control in the Executive and Congress here in Virginia.

  • Moderate R says:

    I would love to see Tom Davis as RPV chair. He ran the NRCC very well in 2002, and he’s smart enough to know what the party needs to do. His memo after the 2006 elections was great.

  • NovaConservative says:

    If Tom Davis knew anything about winning statewide—or harnessing the RPV–maybe he should have tried proving it instead of taking his ball and going home.

    Enough with the retreads–Allen, Davis…time for new blood in the GOP. Whether or not the current Chairman of the RPV should stay should be heavily influenced by the nominee of our party for Governor. Thus far, there has been no attempt–above or below ground–on his part to have him removed, so this is a dead issue.

    And btw–nobody knows who the hell the guy is. Trust me. The “middle” couldn’t care less. Democrats just took back the WH with Howard Dean as their chairman who is about the least appealing person you could get. It doesn’t matter.

  • Trust me. The Dems will make certain everyone in the state knows who he is by November. They’re already well on their way to doing so. The dipshit is getting national attention already. The DNC under Kaine will be pouring millions of dollars into the Virginia election. Howard Dean was never as imbecilic as Frederick.

  • Well, I didn't vote for him! says:

    Jeffy, that is.

    I am so tired of George Allen. Blah, blah, blah. When will we accept he’s out of office? Troop him around again, like he’s savior of the party. I just cringe. He had a mostly good record, yes. For all he did do that was good, he uttered three incredibly stupid syllables that sank his political fortunes and forever branded him a racist. Forget him. Stick a fork in him, he’s done. He let himself be defined by one gaff that I bet he didn’t even mean.

    I like Tom Davis. But he “took his ball and went home” as someone said above (to lazy to scroll up and see whom, sorry). He’s out. Likewise, stick a fork in him, he’s done. I’d rather have Tom Davis as my Senate candidate than Jim Gilmore and his big ego. M. Warner didn’t have to work hard for his Senate victory.

    Jeff Fredrick [sic] (I got that oops fundraising letter, too) is a bit of a goof. Okay, he is ot of a goof. That he was directing people to a Draft Amy website is likewise goofy in a big way. He’s out on the street, from RPV and from office, sooner or later. The majority voted him in at RPV. Heaven knows why.

    We need new people. So tired of the same old recycled names. Some of the people I see volunteering would make better candidates and leaders than the candidates and leaders they are volunteering for. Yet, many of them don’t see themselves where they would be better engaged.

    The kookier RPV becomes, the more regular people are going to be turned off from it. That is the main reason I wish that either J-Fred would tone down some things he says or would just step down.

    Howard Dean and Fredrick [sic]… close call there, Insider.

  • I’d throw my support behind Glen Caroline. He’s done a great job of cleaning up Loudoun.

  • Moderate R says:

    I can’t fault Davis for not running in 2008. Anybody rational would have looked at that race and recognized that our chances were exceedingly low. I give Gilmore credit for being willing to take one for the team. But, frankly, if anyone should have stepped up and taken one for the team, it should have been George Allen – he only lost by 9000 votes in 2006, and that was a horrible year for Republicans across the board. Even running against Warner, he would have put up better numbers than Gilmore did and he knows how to raise money so the race would have at least been competitive.

    Davis is a moderate, and he has a record of successfully raising money, successful strategic planning, successful candidate recruitment and successful organization. If he’d take the job, he’d have my vote.

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