Cuccinelli, The Lone Rhinoceros

By Loudoun Insider

I’ve always wanted to be able to quote Adrian Belew (late era King Crimson guitairst, phenomenal solo artist as well) in a political context!

“I’m a lone rhinoceros, There ain’t one hell of a lots of us, Left in this world”  (full lyrics here and acoustic version audio sample here)

Cuccinelli is not only the last of a dying breed as an electable hard right social conservative idealogue, he is now alienating himself from the rest of his fellow Republicans in the General Assembly.  He was the lone Republican NO vote for the repeal of the triggerman rule determining eligibility for the death penalty in Virginia (WaPo story here).  The likely Dem AG nominee Steve Shannon is for this repeal, and will certainly beat Cuccinelli over the head with it should Cuccinelli somehow win the GOP nomination.  Shannon is already favored to get most law enforcement endorsements against Cuccinelli, and this will further damage Cuccinelli’s chances for substantive law enforcement endorsements.  The Brownlee campaign has picked up on this – some excerpts of press releases are provided in comments below.


  • mytwocents says:

    These conservative groups back the likes of Patrick Muldoon, Vern McKinley up in the 10th, ect., ect….They are run by a handful of people that like to make noise. Some of these groups have already turned on Cuccinelli.

  • Good point Kilo. Even with all Cuccinelli’s pandering to law enforcement, he’s still yet to receive hardly any law enforcement endorsements. They see right through him.

    mytwocents, good points as well. Some of those types will never be happy with any candidate, but believe me, most of those types are firmly in the Cuccinelli camp. All the local McKinley/Muldoon types here are big Cuccinelli supporters. Cuccinelli wil be very much like Kilgore in likability and electability factors.

  • NovaConservative says:

    Okay, look—I don’t want to denigrate Jerry Kilgore, but…seriously, in terms of intellect…its not close. Ken Cuccinelli is fifteen times smarter. Its not a good comparison.

  • Rtwng Extrmst says:


    You miss the point totally!

    “Ken had no problem repealing the rule if the victim was a judge or juror, thus assigning value to the victims life. ”


    “Well Ken if that is your opinion then that would also apply TO ALL CASES including the ones you voted to repeal the rules for. You cant have it both ways.”

    The point is witnesses and judges are much more likely to have a contract out on their life than your Mom (of course I’m making an assumption about your Mom here that she’s a typical Mom). It’s not the life of the person that’s more valued, but the liklihood of a person being put in the situation of being murdered by proxy just because they are a judge, juror, or law enforcement official. It’s a matter of deterrence and to give people the confidence that if they act in a principled way in carrying out their civic duty they will not be murdered for it. Without such protections we are devaluing the lives of these public servants. How can we expect good public servants to do their jobs in a principled way when we are allowing them to be targeted? Most normal everyday people are not being targeted for murder by proxy except perhaps in situations involving crime, gangs, terrorism, or murder for hire (doe those exceptions sound familiar?).

    By the way, if your Mom is murdered by proxy in the conduct of a crime, gang related activities, terrorism, or murder for hire, she is covered under these same exceptions as well! Thus, there’s hardly a reason to think that there are other circumstances where your Mom would be killed by proxy. She in-fact has pretty much the same protection as judges, juries, and law enforcement officials in just about any reasonable scenario where she might be murdered by proxy. On the other hand, completely removing the triggerman rule with the exceptions on the books today as well would leave open to question just what circumstances are valid for considering someone for the death penalty? At a minimum, this should be clarified before removing the rule as it is constituted in law today.

  • Thankfully the Democrats and Ken know this!!!

    Let’s see who gets the most law enforcement endorsements if Cuccinelli somehow gets the nomination. My bet is a 75/25 split towards Shannon, at a minimum.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    LI, Be wary of official “law enforcement” endorsements. The rank and file has a variety of opinions, and more often than not does not agree with Union and Police Association endorsements.

  • LL, when Cuccinelli barely gets any in this contest, it has to have some relevance.

  • NovaConservative says:

    Why? All the firefighters unions endorsed Barack Obama. All the teachers unions endorsed Barack Obama. I know plenty of teachers that voted for McCain, and i know that there were plenty of firefighters that did likewise.

    I’m not saying its irrelevent…but I don’t think its particularly important, either.

  • I’m not talking just the unions – also the elected CAs and Sheriffs.

  • Kilo says:

    RWE I hit the nail on the head and you know it. The same arguments apply to the partial repeals and the total repeal.
    I think we are all equally vulnerable to be the victim of a violent crime. It is too bad Ken and Kaine wont represent me like a judge….

  • puritanical mom says:

    Straight from Cuccinelli. I believe he’s answered those who actually have “ears to hear”. For those of you deafened by your own voice, there’s no need to read further…

    Dear Fellow Virginians,

    As we continue to travel the Commonwealth to participate in forums and debates, I welcome the opportunity to discuss directly with you my positions on the issues we face in Virginia. Unfortunately, in campaigns, sometimes our positions on important issues are deliberately distorted by others.

    For some time now, John Brownlee has deliberately distorted my position on the death penalty. As a candidate for Attorney General, I do not take distortions and misrepresentations lightly, and neither should you. Virginians have grown weary of distortions and half truths in politics, and unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened in this race. The last time he did something like this, I called him on the phone and discussed it with him personally.

    But when these sorts of distortions continue, my response is not to distort things myself, but to point out my competitor’s distortions. That let’s you, the voters of Virginia, factor this information into your decision about who to support for AG. Let’s face it, when you vote for someone for office, you get more than a package of positions, you get that person too.

    So you have the information yourself, I have always been a supporter of Virginia’s death penalty law. In the Senate, I have consistently fought against Democrats’ efforts to impose a death penalty moratorium – and I have opposed efforts to allow endless appeals in death penalty cases.

    As a State Senator, I have voted to extend the death penalty to people who murder trial witnesses, judges and law enforcement officers. And as your Attorney General, I am committed to upholding the death penalty verdicts of our juries and will work to defend and strengthen our capital punishment law from intrusions and attempts by the left to derail it.

    I also have supported and will continue to support the death penalty under the current exceptions to the “triggerman rule” for (1) terrorism (including the beltway sniper case), (2) murder for hire, and (3) criminal enterprises/gangs. However, there have been legislative attempts to completely eliminate the triggerman rule, which I believe would be too broad an expansion. That’s the only expansion of the death penalty that I have ever opposed, while supporting other expansions and always defending our current death penalty statute.

    So the next time you hear John Brownlee or one of his surrogates giving a distorted rendition of my position supporting capital punishment, print this out and hand it to Mr. Brownlee.

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