Three of a Perfect Pair (Not!)

By Loudoun Insider


So now the pro-Frederick forces are using a video of His Highness being introduced and applauded at the recent NoVA Attorney General debate as evidence of his great popularity (see here  and here for examples).  The auditorium was fully stocked with rabid Cuccinelli supporters, several of whom sported both Frederick and Cuccinelli campaign paraphenelia.  We all know which candidate’s supporters were cheering on Little Napoleon.  Plenty of people sat on their hands.  We also now have word that all of the GOP State Senators are in favor of ousting Frederick except one.  Well of course it’s Cuccinelli.  Go here  to see more discussion about this from Cuccinelli.

We also have the Patrick Muldoon fringers fully on the Save Frederick bandwagon, with many vowing to take down Bob McDonnell for daring to state the obvious – that Jeff Frederick has lost all credibility and must go to save this party.  These people need to get the message that they are well on the outskirts of acceptability to the majority of voters.  In fact, people like them scare the crap out of the average voter.  They are certainly a part of the Republican big tent, but they cannot be in the driver’s seat.  Frederick must go and we need broader leadership and participation in RPV if it is ever to be truly successful again.

After having an opportunity to utilize Adrian Belew to good effect a few weeks ago, I just couldn’t get this King Crimson tune out of my head, especially after seeing the Cuccinelli-Frederick synergy at the AG debate.  Throw in Muldoon and you certainly have “Three of an Imperfect Pair” set to set back the GOP for a decade or more in Virginia.  Some of these lyrics are just too apropos! (“he has his contradicting views”, “they make a study in despair”, “oh what a perfect mess”)  This is video from a solo rendition at a Crimson concert by Belew:


  • reston libertarian says:

    Paragraph 3 of comment seven bears consistent repeating. How can I get mad about inflammatory language when you are honest about your role.

  • reston libertarian says:

    Comment 40 is spot on, I’ve seen comments like this from you before. Unfortunately people still seem to want to leave the masses with incomplete information.

  • I’ll repeat it again – this is a blog where I spout my opinion. That’s it. I throw it out there and everyone takes part in the ensuing melee.

    I stand by my comment #40 – we all do deserve more information.

    By the way, in one of those JAB blog post comment threads, there’s another “Jeff’s Hispanic (even though most coould never tell) so that’s why he’s being harrassed” comments. Unbelievable. When’s Al Sharpton coming to town to help Frederick out?

  • “Loudoun Insider knowing that his favored candidate, Brownlee, does not have the support he needs going into this convention. The momentum of the race is against him, and this is nothing more than a desperate attack from someone supporting a losing campaign”

    Where did you pull this jewel from?? Source it, please.
    Brownlee is signing delegates like crazy in ROVA, and is holding his own right here in NOVA.
    Not that it’s applicable to the current discussion. But it bears straigtening out before it’s accepted as any kind of reality.

    Frederick needs to step down and stop dragging the Party thru the mud. He professed to love the Party….but his actions speak louder than his words.
    Jeff Frederick cares deeply –only about his own fading importance.
    Sally should look at the 10 charges, the multiple gaffs and his general demeanor —and she’d want him gone before the hard part of the election cycle suddenly comes over us all.
    With the proper kind of Chairman (one that doesn’t take a cut of everything at the door), the proper kind of funds (67 business owners who won’t give while Frederick is in) coming back to the Party, and the proper kind of endorsing the candidates — For Governor, for LTG and for AG (not throwing them under his own “personal” bus to drag this out ) we still stand a shot in November. We do have impressive candidates (in light of past years and elections) and an eager grassroots to bring a ground assault. All we need to do is swap out the Party Chair for one who works well with the campaigns and can bring the money back to the Party….for the Party.

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    As you know, I am a delegate for Brownlee because I think he has the best chance of winning in November. That being said, I’ve always like Ken. He’s smart, conservative, and funny as heck. If he wins the nomination, I will enthusiastically support his candidacy.

    Will you do the same? I hope so, but fear otherwise, after reading your posts here.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    Brian- how about we demand the facts about the fundraising before making leadership judgements. It is my understanding that over a million dollars was raised in a month-if that is true after Jeff took over I would say that may be impressive given the climate for the GOP last year. So much of this is baseless in fact and solely rooted in emotion and passion for supporting another for the position.
    No one here has articulated exactly what would be gained, either politcially or practically by such a removal. Tell us what will change; other than the new Chair will coddle to those who ousted Jeff and pushed them into the position!!!!
    How about posting the official response by the Chairman already to much of this going around the blogosphere.

  • Alter, I just read through Frederick’s response to the allegations.

    First, in terms of the fundraising, I’d like to see exactly where the money went. All of this should be available on FEC reports from the federal candidates, so it shouldn’t be that hard to get.

    Second, I think his response to the first charge was insufficient. Regardless of how it was handled, he used his own company to process payments, and they made a profit doing so. He as much as admits it. As such, he financially benefited from his position as Chairman. I have a problem with that.

    Also, his numbers don’t add up. He says the total take was $21,135.00. The company retained 7% or $1479.45 to cover credit card fees, etc. After covering those fees, the company kept $581.62 of the $1479.45 to cover “other” incidental fees.

    Then he says that the company made an in-kind donation of $17,717.61 to the RPV.

    $21,135 – $1479.45 = 19,655.50

    $19,655 – $17,717.51 = $1937.99

    Where did that $1937.99 go?

    As for the office space, again, it looks hinkey that his personal office and an RPV office are sharing office space. These things should have been kept completely separate, not co-mingled. What happens when he’s no longer delegate? Will RPV pick up the whole tab, or did he intend Amy to take over the lease (assuming she wins)?

    He doesn’t deny the charges that he rushed the budget through, either. He simply charges that the SCC members complaining didn’t like the outcome. I have always found that even if someone dislikes the outcome, if they believe they have been treated fairly and have had an opportunity to be heard, they will accept the outcome. That theory has been the basis of American democracy since the founding of the Republic.

    His response to charge #9 also ignores reality. He cannot claim that his very public gaffes caused problems with his relationship with the McCain campaign and damaged the Republican brand throughout the Commonwealth. What bothers me the most is that he cannot even admit he’s made any mistakes.

    Overall, the entire missive reads like Captain Queeg’s defense of himself. Disloyalty and incompetency surrounds Frederick, but through it all he’s turned around the RPV and made it amazingly effective despite our getting destroyed in the last cycle. Blame Republicans in Washington, Republican “insiders” in the party, and blame the Bush Administration, not him. I would have given him a massive amount of credit if he would have only admitted that he has made some mistakes. But apparently he’s convinced his performance has been flawless.

    I’m no party insider. My first real taste of RPV politics was last year. I’m not married to any past candidate or any prior way of doing things. But I’m a good judge of character and I’m a political professional and I can see when someone has “got it” and when someone doesn’t. And so can my fiancee. We both knew Frederick was in over his head last year, and rather than refuting this opinion, Frederick’s letter confirms it to me.

  • Brian, I’ll do a post on this, please re-post your comment regarding Frederick’s defense there – it will be a good start for discussion.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    I respect your points Brian and they are well articulated.
    I just wonder if we need to be demanding disclaimers nowadays or patches like NASCAR so we see exactly where alot of folks allegiances are b/c frankly I just do not seeing it being with the greater good of the Party anymore.

  • G. Stone says:

    As you know, I am a delegate for Brownlee because I think he has the best chance of winning in November. That being said, I’ve always like Ken. He’s smart, conservative, and funny as heck. If he wins the nomination, I will enthusiastically support his candidacy.

    Will you do the same? I hope so, but fear otherwise, after reading your posts here.
    – Lovettsville Lady

    LI- take this advice and put your one trick pony back in the barn. Lovettsville Lady is showing you how a rational, reasoned and responsible Republican engages in the process. Follow her lead and you will be better for it.

  • G. Stone says:

    Oh I forgot !


  • John Q. Public says:

    Alter, stop shifting and deflecting to side issues. The much-ballyhooed “good” of the party argument isn’t what’s on the table here. This is about lies, inability to perform, secret financial dealings, and just all-around stupidity on the part of the chairman.

    He’s going away.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    “inability to perform”- gee I though all of our republican officials won office here in the GA; both HOuse and Senate. Why should we join in your endeavor on these grounds JQP? You can’t on the one hand blame Jeff for those who lost but then not give credit to him for those who won election can you?
    This all thing to me seems like a really big NOVA issue. There appears greater ill will towards Jeff there than in any other part of the State. I wonder why that is? Could it be sour grapes that many GOP officials have and are getting their asses handed to them in NOVA?? Not you Frank Wolf—much respect old friend.
    What region in Virginia has seen its ranks dwindle the fastest—-oh thats just “shifting and deflecting to side issues” No! Thats the real issue folks and they have no answers or solutions for changing that shift.

  • A Voter says:

    Bulletproof Monk –
    Ask Brownlee for his numbers. He won’t give them to you… and for good reason. All of the campaigns hand in their delegates’ forms, as well as encouraging delegates to hand their forms in themselves.

    The problem Brownlee is experiencing is that Senator Cuccinelii’s team keep handing in a majority of the forms in almost all of the counties, thus far. It’s not to say that Brownlee’s team isn’t handing in forms… they’re just not handing in enough to make them comparable to Senator Cuccinelli’s.

    For further evidence, just look at the candidates’ emails. Senator Cuccinelli is very clear about the number of delegate forms his campaign turns in, and he shows the ratio of his delegates to the total number submitted.

    Brownlee’s campaign claims to have had a huge turn outs in the same counties, yet they have refused to release their numbers. So, we don’t know exactly what Brownlee’s campaign turns in… however, when Senator Cuccinelli turns in a majority of the delegate forms, in a three-man race, the numbers certainly don’t favorable for Brownlee’s chances at the convention.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    Is it just me or is “convention” becoming a dirty word in Virginia?

  • sally says:

    Alter of Freedom,

    Yes, most of the opposition to JF is from Nova–because up here “conservative” is a controversial word. There are Republicans here who are really Democrats, who join the local committee, and don’t support any of our Republican candidates or officials. We are being sabotaged from the inside, and spend all our time defending ourselves from some inside the party instead of promoting Republican principles, ideals or candidates. LI says our previous Republican Board was ‘reactionary” but the truth is, they were moderate. They lost by a large margin because some here did just as you describe in another post about Eric Cantor, one unfair attack after the next. Even our district chairman criticized the whole group of our Republican candidates in the Washington Post days before the election. No wonder they lost.

  • Sally, those guys sabotaged themselves! The only thing moderate about them was the fact that they kept raising taxes and government spending up and up.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    Sally I saw on a comment at another blog from down here where LI posted where he was called Loudoun Benedict Arnold Outsider. Now thats too funny. Everyone knows LI would blame Frederick for the demise of the old GOP footing in Loudoun if he thought he could get away with it. He even used the phrase “themselves” which means he is not aligning himself with the GOP in Loudoun or associating himself with those moderate Republicans. Nothing like letting your true stripes shine.

  • Alter, WTF is your problem??? of course I don’t blame Frederick for the problems with the 2007 Loudoun elections. The problem was the candidates themselves, moron. THE CANDIDATES. It has nothing to do with me. If I could get away with what??? You have no clue as to my “true stripes”. Stick to commenting about Chesterfield County.

  • sally says:

    #67 They were fiscal conservatives, and I sure wish we had them in office now. You did not like them because they were moderates on property rights. They down zoned the western 2/3 of the County, and they did not take away enough of the building rights in your mind. You have stated more than once that you would like to down zone the entire County and stop all building. That is your big issue.

    You somehow tie building/development to our budget and schools issue, when the problem with Loudoun schools is 1. the land procurement process where we consistently over pay to insiders and cannot seem to get adequate proffers or enforce the proffers we have and 2. we build such small high schools (1600) compared to any other major school district, and our class sizes are so small, that our policy requires us to build at least 25% more schools than say, Fairfax County (which has one of the top rates public school systems in the entire Country.)
    That is the equivalent to having 25% more growth than we actually have.

    You despise property rights and anyone who supports them, and that is why you hate Cuccinelli. My opinion.

  • sally says:

    I would say one more thing about our public school system, we think we are building a first class private university system instead of a public elementary/high school system–with gold plated buildings, white boards, excessiveness in all categories, luxurious overlarge park like campuses instead of anything approaching bare bones needs, with bus service provided to kids who live next door, and all kinds of extra activities paid for by the taxpayer, that ordinary school systems would never consider. When you throw all of that in, the school spending is probably equivalent to more like 40 percent more growth than we actually have. And our excessive school spending has consistently been used as an argument to stop growth.

    Not until times like this, when growth is dead, does anyone question the outrageous school budget, and our skewed priorities, and excessiveness.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    Of course you want us to stick to Chesterfield County but you see we still have a majority of Republicans here friend and its people like you Loudoun Insider who have driven people in Loudoun County out of the GOP and why your County dynamic has changed. Attacking Republicans seem to be your whole agenda; whether Mccain, Palin, Steele, Gingrich, and Frederick all the while alienating people in Loudoun. All you have to do is go back and read alot of the comments coming in from within your area regarding you. Frankly, people like Frederick are a symptom of the real problem and thats divisive in fighting without any other purpose than a power grab of which you are fully copable. How about releasing those you are supporting in Primaries before you start bashing other potential nominees. How much time have you committed to bringing Jeff down versus working to get Republicans elected. I knocked on over four thousand doors in 2008 you smug a**, how many did you canvass in Loudoun last year to help candidates in local and Statewide elections? That answer will speak volumes about you. We already know the results of the election.

  • Go pound sand, Alter. I did plenty to help a variety of Republican candidates last election cycle. I never drobve anyone out of the LCRC – that was the crew before me who drove out anyone who didn’t believe that unrestricted development rights was the single litmus test to be a LCRC member.

    Sally, most of those guys who got the boot were anything but fiscally conservative. Taxes and the budget went up up up while they were in power. Mick Staton was the only one who was a real budget hawk. they got their butts handed to them in the election for good reasons, more than just growth issues.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    So Sally in short- LI turned is back on the whole Party because he took issue with the elected Republicans view on development and property rights. The record seems to point to the fact that your Republicans on this issue behaved in the same manner as those here and it certainly is a direct result of the uniform ideology on property rights that Republicans have. Not sure, what position LI would have preferred exactly in his defense here, but the actions were in line with virtually all other Republican boards. LI has taken some swipes at Chesterfield, but if he were asute he would look at the model consider Loudoun is trending in the same path that Chesterfield did ten years ago; however we have not lost our 60% hold on the voting dynamic in Statewide and Presidential elections. Something has changed in Loudoun that it appears no one is addressing. It appears as though people are playing the blame game within the Party instead of focusing on the greater macro issues that must be addressed for the Republicans to compete. If they want Loudoun simply to become another Fairfax or Arlington hten they are well on their way it seems.
    BTW -across Virginia, most taxes and budgets rose during the last ten years. Sure there was the occaisional property tax rate reduction, but with rising assessments running at the same time I think we all relaize in the end it was hardly a tax cut.

  • Alter, at one time you were arguing against rapid development, now you’re on the property rights bandwagon. Is this the same AoF who has been commenting here for some time?

    Rapid residential development has crippled Loudoun County in many aspects. Truly “liberal” land use policies have been a disaster for taxes, growth of government, and dominance by Democrats. It’s pretty much standard operating procedure in NoVA and nearly everywhere else. Density equals Democrats.

    I haven’t taken swipes at Chesterfield – you talk about it since you live there. It may be developing, but nothing to the level of Loudoun County. The fall of the Loudoun County Republicans had much more to do with their obnoxious boorish behavior than it did with their votes. They were largely a complete bunch of a-holes.

  • sally says:

    LI, development is good, if it is done right.

    The problem with Loudoun (and it was not the previous board who voted against all the CPAMS and Downzoned 2/3 of the County) is developments that were allowed that took ridiculously inadequate or unenforceable proffers, and did not take into account the future road or school needs.

    Most of the damage was done prior to the year 2000. Since then, it has been a steady drumbeat not to allow rezonings, special exceptions, etc.

    The “builder board” “Gang of 5” monikers were falsely attributed to the last board, so we could put these spend a holics on government/schools in office.

    If we had supported the last Republicans, I guarantee you we would be MUCH better off right now. They would be looking seriously at the tax rate, and cutting our expenses, and they would be a lot tougher on Hatrick and the School Board after what we have been through.

    Continuing to blame the last Republican Board on the growth problems in Loudoun is wrong and slanderous, in my opinion.

  • The last BOS had plenty of opportunities to take the school system to task and demand reform. They didn’t. And Steve Snow was never a cost cutter when it came to county government.

    I agree most of the growth problems were set in place by previous boards, but the last one never really helped the situation, and they only caved on the CPAMs and downzoning after they had no political option than to do so. They did what they did under great duress and pressure from the citizenry. The DPM way is dead in this county – a new generation of Republicans will need to carry the way forward.

  • Hey LI:
    Give Brownlee a call and tell him what a good job you are doing of moving me into Cooch’s camp.

  • Paul D. Bain says:

    Sally wrote:

    McCain would have been in the White House if Republicans had voted. Most could not hold their nose and vote for him, so they stayed home. The Conservatives are not the problem, it is the Liberal Republicans, who should join the Democratic Party and try to make it more conservative–it is these people who attack the party, and other Republicans, who are bringing us down. You don’t see Conservatives calling anyone kindergarten names like “wingnuts” “whackjobs” etc. This behavior has got to stop.
    – sally


    Yes, you hit the nail on the head! That is EXACTLY why Republicans are losing elections. Furthermore, if they continue to march to the left, conservatives shall have _no_ choice but to form a third political party and tell the Republicans to get lost.

    — Paul D. Bain

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