Unfair Associations

By VA Blogger

Is it really fair to put a picture of Ken Cuccinelli alongside Patrick Muldoon because Cuccinelli wouldn’t get on-board the effort to oust Jeff Frederick? Need I remind people that Bill Bolling as well is staying neutral in the fray?

Loudoun Insider linked to Tertium Quids’ reporting of Cuccinelli’s comments, but seemed to have not read them at all. I’ll post an excerpt here:

“It is incumbent on those who are bringing this effort forward to have a plan that would be acceptable, setting emotion aside, for Jeff Frederick supporters in how we proceed in managing the party,”

I think this is an important point to make. Despite the fact that the majority of SCC, the entire Congressional Delegation, a good portion of the General Assembly, and Bob McDonnell have called for Frederick to step aside, it remains true that Frederick won the Chairmanship with the support of a large majority of Convention goers last year. Not all of them are fringe lunatics; I point readers to Mason Conservative as an example of a Frederick-supporter who is seriously debating this on-going saga. Ken Cuccinelli is right: it is critically important that we make sure the large number of activists like Chris are brought on board with however we move forward as a Party.

It is also unfair to characterize a candidate by a small group of his supporters. LI points to “several” Cuccinelli supporters at the Loudoun AG debate who had both Cuccinelli and Frederick support on. This kind of anecdotal evidence doesn’t prove anything, least of all where Cuccinelli stands, yet LI is attempting to use it as a smoking gun in creating a fictitious “Frederick-Cuccinelli-Muldoon” coalition.

LI, you’ve posted several highly debatable stories about Ken Cuccinelli that I haven’t challenged you on because they raised a good debate about the future of the party and involved direct actions from the candidate himself. Ken Cuccinelli is running for our Party’s nomination at a convention which widely elected Frederick last year. It would be nearly impossible for him to sign on board the anti-Frederick bandwagon, just as it would be for Foster or Brownlee as well, yet you have nothing to say about their silence. This latest association game is ridiculous, and incredibly unfair to the legions of Virginians who support Ken Cuccinelli, Bill Bolling, and the removal of Jeff Frederick.


  • Get over it. It is my opinion that the Frederick spectacle was staged to produce the result that was posted on YouTube. You disagree, and that’s your right as well. There is no doubt that many of the diehard Frederick fans are firmly in the Cooch and Muldoon camps. Just as there are others who support only one or none of those people. I am not casting all Cooch supporters in with these fringers, but you must admit there is some synergy and coordination going on between many firmly rooted in all three camps.

    All three AG candidates should do the right thing and sign a joint statement calling for Frederick to resign. So far only Cuccinelli has come out and said he won’t do so for “selfish reasons”. I would like to hear from the other two candidates on this.

  • Aaron says:

    Something that just occured to me… A lot of GOP public officials have stuck their necks out to publicly call for Jeff Frederick’s resignation. McDonnell, Norment, Newman, Stolle, Stosche, Obenshain, Wagner, Wolf, Goodlatte, Cantor, Forbes, Whittman, and most recently Howell, Nixon, and Cox.

    And yet, with a small handful of exceptions like Mike Wade, none of the people who really matter here, the SCC members who are trying to remove the Chairman, have made their calls for his resignation public.

    So, SCC members, if McDonnell, Howell, Obenshain, and our congressmen have the courage to publicly put their name on this, why don’t you? You supposedly signed a letter calling for the Chairman’s resignation. Why don’t you make that letter, including the signatures on it, a matter of public record? Do you really believe what you’re doing is right and necessary, or is it just political gamesmanship?

    Smells like cowardice to me.

  • The other two candidates – and I have made it clear before that I am supporting Dave Foster – should do exactly what Cuccinelli did. That removes this issue from the AG’s race and lets them focus on what they need to do to win the nomiation.

    From a political perspective, both Cuccinelli and Brownlee attract the same social conservative base, so it isn’t in Brownlee’s interests to oppose Frederick when his opponent is refusing to do so. That just creates a wedge issue he would be on the wrong side of. He won’t gain any points with those he needs to win the nomination. Foster, on the other hand, is best positioned to make a gain if he were to support ousting Frederick, but I’d advise him not to do so – injecting the AG’s race into this fight just makes it more divisive than it needs to be.

    In my opinion, all three of them should simply sit this one out. Enough of our candidates, elected legislators, and elected party committee members oppose Frederick. Adding two more won’t add anything to the fight.

    That being said, each of them needs to make their own decision on the issue and I hope we do hear from them at some point on it.

  • Michael Savage says:

    LI has no credibility – McDonnell can stop mailing me, he has lost my support ( and $’s) with his meddling actions of Frederick. Although Frederick seems at times to be incompetent, he was elected to the position and should serve until the term ends.

  • Sibly Says says:

    So what?? The people of Loudoun County clapped for Jeff Frederick, whoopie-doo!

    I clapped too because our Chairman Glen Caroline recognized the man and the expectation is that you honor the Chair’s recognition of a person. If Glen would have said lets all thank Joe-the-janitor for helping provide this wonderful venue tonight, we would have all clapped just the same…

    dah, the only thing this proves is that we’re POLITE!!

  • CSR says:

    Joe for RPV Chairman then!

    This isnt’ about AG candidate vs. AG candidate, its about using something out of context.

  • Who you voting for, MS, McAuliffe? Or will you be backing the rumored “Independent Conservtaive” run of Jeff Frederick? That’s absolutely something his mentor Pat McSweeney would pull – he backed so-called “Independent” candidates here in Loudoun last year.

  • One other item before I step out for a while – I should have linked to Tim Craig’s original piece on Cuccinelli’s thoughts on Frederick rather than the pro-Cuccinelli Tertium Quids piece. After all the blown out of proportion claims by Cuccinelli supporters about how principled he is in taking tough positions (a la Triggerman), I found it pretty telling that he said he was staying out of this for “selfish reasons”. That is not a good quote to have published anywhere.

  • VA Blogger says:

    Sure, there’s people who are in all three camps, but that doesn’t mean Cuccinelli is. Associating him with Muldoon and Frederick because some of his supporters support all three is specious logic.

    I’m sure there are Frederick-Muldoon-Brownlee supporters out there as well. Should I make a post saying that Brownlee is a Muldoon supporter?

  • VA Blogger says:

    LI: You may think it’s “not good”, but at least he’s being honest. And he’s doing exactly what the other two AG candidates are doing, and what any reasonable person would expect out of them when trying to attract delegates.

    You’ve posted a lot of anti-Frederick material, and a lot of anti-Cooch material, so it only makes sense you’d try to combine them. Unfortuantely, there’s no logical basis for doing so.

  • You’re too new to this to know all the connections, VAB. They are cut from the same cloth.

  • sally says:

    You are too close to it to see, LI.

  • Does anyone have the list of those SCC members who asked (or didn’t ask) for the resignation?

  • Lauren says:

    The desperation is starting to show in the Brownlee camp. It looks like they are going to really get nasty in the last few weeks. I’m taking this as a sign that Cuccinelli is in the lead.

  • Zach Kitts says:

    What a surprise! A Cuccinelli supporter finding support for the notion that their candidate is in the lead!

  • edm says:

    LI, you’re either the Don Quixote of Virginian political bloggers, or you’re making way too many conspiracies out of a negligible segment of the voting public (even the foaming-at-the-mouth die-hards, as you would say, that attend the convention). Either way, it’s really time to give it a rest.


    Tangentially-related –


  • Michael Savage says:

    I would vote for either a conservative or the Democrat. I just won’t vote for politicians who toss the will of the people aside and think they know best of who to put in power. Jim Rich did this in Loudoun and we had terrible results in 2007 and 2008 (Jfred had limited role in the 2008 elections). Rich is on the same rampage in 2009 and will again see terrible results for R’s. It’s pretty simple, let the people elect their party reps. with no interference, backroom deals, WaPo articles, etc. and Rs do pretty well come election day. I see Rs going down big time again this fall due to the infighting of people like LI.

  • reston libertarian says:

    The information will come out. They are probably just trying to avoid being harassed between now and April 4, which is justifiable. Some of these folks may be second guessing their commitment to removal after seeing the shakeout over the past few weeks. A few have become more entrenched.

  • Aaron says:

    Reston Libertarian:

    SCC members are trying to avoid being harrassed? By who, their constituents? Being the bridge between grassroots Republicans and RPV is the one and only job of an SCC member. If they don’t want to be bothered by the people who voted them in, they should find something else to do.

    SCC members are elected to a two-year term. This is probably the most important issue they will address during the current term. For them to hide from their own constituents behind a cloak of anonymity is despicable.

  • MS, you’re an imbecile. Right – people won’t vote for Bob McDonnell because a pseudonymous blogger said mean things about Jeff Frederick and “Ken”. You give me way too much credit.

  • Chris says:

    LI – its a flat out LIE what your insinuating that Ken is backing Muldoon. Nobody is backing Muldoon. You give that clown way too much credit for thinking anyone is backing him.

    “Bolling’s endorsements also include McDonnell, all three Republicans seeking the GOP nomination for attorney general, Sen. Ken Cuccinelli II (R-Fairfax), John Brownlee, a former U.S. attorney for the Western District of Virginia, and David M. Foster, the former chairman of the Arlington County School Board.”

    Ken is supporting Bill Bolling. He can’t be forced to be held accountable to every single whim of every single person who supports him – and neither can Brownlee or Foster or anyone. Your “guilt by association” reasoning is ridiculous. You seem to think there is way more support for Frederick than there is. Most are like me, ready to put this all behind us and get someone in there who can help us win. You and your “ilk” don’t want this to go away because you think it will help John Brownlee. Thats all this faux-outrage is.

  • Rtwng Extrmst says:

    LI obviously spoke too soon. It looks to me like he’s trying to grasp onto anything at this point to try to smear Ken Cuccinelli. Things must be looking bad for Brownlee.

    I say this because I was at the AG debate tonight in Culpeper and all three Candidates were asked about their position on the Frederick issue. And guess what, ALL THREE candidates took basically the same position, that they should stay out of it! Both Ken Cuccinelli and John Brownlee clearly stated that the state central should have clear evidence of wrongdoing before they go so far as to overturn a popularly elected Chairman of the Party. Dave Foster echoed that he was not going to get involved, but he may have made a freudian slip when he mentioned we should “move on” with the new Party Chairman. Ken also added that before the State Central goes so far as to remove Frederick, they had better discuss and be pretty open about who should be the likely replacement. I agree that this should be paramount especially since they would be overturning the will of the grass-roots at last year’s convention.

    BTW Ken performed admirably tonight and I believe won the debate easily (he clearly got the largest applause lines). I thought Foster put in a good showing and came in second. Brownlee was too much of a one trick pony who didn’t seem to always have a good grasp of the issues. In some cases he seemed to not know what he was going to say about an issue and would just fall back on his “experience as a prosecutor”, even if it didn’t apply to the question. I think most of his answers started with “As a former federal prosecutor and Army Ranger…” I felt that if I were to ask him what he was going to have for breakfast tomorrow his answer would be: “Well that’s a good question, and as a former Federal Prosecutor and Army Ranger, I am the only candidate with the experience to make those kinds of decisions.” It was almost comical! He also tended to talk down to the audience. This was most apparent in his closing statement where I think he actually offended a number of people with his almost arrogant demeanor and down-playing of the other two candidates.

  • Chris, you’re out of your mind. I have a lot more on my mind than just john Brownlee. Getting rid of Jeff Frederick is something nearly all Republicans who matter agree on. There’s no faux outrage here, it is real outrage at what an imbecilic narcissist Frederick is. And more muted outrage that they would use the Cooch camp to help drum up faux support for Fredercik at the AG debate. I guess you weren’t there – it was over the top ridiculous.

    No big surprise that you thought Cuccinelli won the debate, RWE. I’m sure others had different opinions. And these aren’t smears – get over it. Man you people are overly sensitive about this guy. He doesn’t walk on water.

  • Rtwng Extrmst says:

    LI it’s not our sensitivity, it’s your continual grasping at straws. You never responded to the main point of my post either…

    “All three AG candidates should do the right thing and sign a joint statement calling for Frederick to resign. So far only Cuccinelli has come out and said he won’t do so…”

    Are you now going to criticize Mr. Brownlee for his stance on the issue?

  • I am very disappointed in all three candidates for not stating the obvious – that Jeff Frederick needs to resign immediately for the good of RPV.

    I’m not grasping at straws. I still think Cuccinelli will be a horrible statewide candidate. That’s my opinion and you’re not going to change it.

  • Lauren says:

    LI,we know we can’t change your opinion. You have made it perfectly clear that you will say anything, ANYTHING to get Brownlee over the top. But enough is enough, pointless mud throwing isn’t the answer. I understand why you want to remove Jeff, but your crazy if you think you can drag Cooch into this.
    I will say this, the antics of LI have given me so very good chuckles over the last few days. Keep that vivid imagination working, I’m counting on you.

  • Michael Savage says:

    20 – LI, I give you no credit, just pointing out the differing opinions of conservatives vs moderates in general will lead/has led to R defeats. I see a third party emerging in the years to come.

  • Lauren, don’t be so over the top. I am not saying ANYTHING to get Brownlee over the top – everything I have posted in regards to Cuccinelli has a firm basis in fact. I don’t just make stuff up. There still remain questions about Cuccinelli’s military experience, his campaign contributions from radical Islamists, and his supporters affinifties for fringe candidates. It’s all relevant to the issue of his electability in November should he get the nomination.

    MS, are you saying splitting the GOP in two will lead to victories??? What sense does that make?

  • G. Stone says:

    This is now gone beyond silly.
    Ken C. is wise to steer clear of this cluster fox trot.Bob McDonnell should have done the same.
    I suspect he is wishing he had.
    I applaud Ken’s wisdom.


  • We need a real conservative! says:

    We need a real conservative as chairman and a real conservative as our candidate for governor. Period. And I think it’s telling that the two real conservatives we’re talking about – Cuccinelli and Bolling – are staying out of the Frederick saga.

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