Islamic Saudi Academy Remains Controversial, As it Should

By Loudoun Insider

Snapped Shot has a couple of interesting blog posts here and here about recent hearings on expanding the ISA campus in Fairfax County, and WaPo reports here.  It certainly looks like they’re getting a much better deal and reception from Fairfax County government than other private Christian schools.  If anyone has been living in a cave (pun intended), the Saudi government is one of the most repressive in the world and the prime exporter of Islamic extremism.  Visit Jihad Watch periodically to stay informed about Islamic extremisim and the strides it is making into the west – it’s eye opening and something you will hear little about in the mainstream media.  Jihad Watch’s take on the recent school expansion hearing is interesting, especially some of the comments from those in attendance. 

Frank Wolf continues to keep up the pressure on ISA and their use of inflammatory textbooks, as discussed in this article at National Review.  Wolf has also been under attack by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) for supposed “Islamaphobia”.  Read this in-depth article for a primer on the controversy.  There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.  We’re lucky we have Frank Wolf looking out for our national and local interests.


  • Michael Savage says:

    Frank Wolf is an old white racist politician that needs to be put out to pasture…

  • Daniel says:

    i don’t think Wolf is the racist here…

  • Tom Conway says:

    If you scratch deep enough, all organized religion’s have intolerance in their closets. God is pure, man is dirty.

  • Michael Savage proves he is definitely not the real one, nor is he conservative. What a bunch of BS that was. Go read up on how women, minorities, and non-Muslims are treated in Saudi Arabia if you want to see real racism and intolerance.

  • Ed Myers says:

    Alas, neither the left nor the right supports a parent’s right to bring up their child as they see fit. Politicians want to impose their ideology on children through the public schools and use zoning and other creative ways to prevent private schools. The left sees public schools as re-education centers to fix parental defects. The right sees public schools as a front in the cultural war over sex, drugs and patriotism. Where is this land of liberty if you want to pay to educate your own children and the government (people) say no because they don’t like your textbooks? The end result of sacrificing school choice on the War on Terrorism altar is that the government’s enhanced monopoly on education will cost taxpayers more with less to show for it.

  • G. Stone says:

    Cong Wolf should wear Cair’s scorn like a badge of honor. This group was and is presently a excuse factory for Islamic extremists all over the globe. Frank Wolf’s fight against repressive regimes around the world should be admired and encouraged to continue. Whether it’s the Communists in China or the Saudis, Frank Wolf should continue to hold these repressive regimes accountable for their actions.

    Good work Congressman Wolf, don’t let morally bankrupt organizations such as CAIR bother you in the least. These guys are the American mouthpiece for terrorists, thugs and Theocrats.

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    Mr. Myers,

    Just as you can’t yell fire in a movie theatre, you can’t incite people to kill and maim in hopes of receiving 12 virgins. I don’t care if they’re black, brown, white, yellow or red. . . . . you just don’t teach people, including children, to do bad things to other people. . . . it goes against all things human. It’s going to take a generation to unteach the unsuspecting children of the fundamentalist madrasas.

    Furthermore, there is no elected official that is anywhere close to Congressman Wolf in terms of his concerns for human rights.

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