RPV Website Mania

By Loudoun Insider

Ego-mania that is!  The biggest news – J Fred has changed his photo.  Here’s the old one I always had a problem with at the top of the RPV website (why is this needed at all?):

I guess Lil’ Napoleon thought his last photo wasn’t flattering enough or something – it does look like he had his ears pinned back in this new one, along with getting rid of that yellow jaundiced skin tone:

Why in the hell does he have his photo up there???  As I mentioned before, you can’t find a photo of DPVA Chairman Dick Cranwell anywhere on the front page of the DPVA website.  If anyone has anything to be self-absorbed with it would be Cranwell over Frederick if party success was the metric measured.

It also looks like Bob McDonnell has been blessed to return to the photo line-up, along with Eric Cantor who remains from the last header.  Interesting to note that both McDonnell and Cantor think new leadership is needed at RPV.

I also noticed that the special April 4th meeting to vote for Frederick’s ouster isn’t listed on the party schedule.  I wonder why?  Will it be open to the press and public?  They should sell tickets to raise funds to replace some of the donors and dollars that have fled since Frederick took over!

One final thing – this letter from a real conservative grassroots volunteer is the best I’ve seen yet for why Frederick must go.


  • Jose Kinusee says:


    You’ve hit on the real problem of the Republican party. . . . that there are too many ‘lemmings’. It is my hope to see people thinking for themselves and being brave like yourself. People that support Fruderick are to lazy to think for themselves and are lemmings as such after having been told who to follow by the likes of the Fallwell legacy and so forth.

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  • Citizen Tom says “I kid you not” about my problem with the Frederick photo. I see he has no problem with the continuing development of the Frederick Cult of Personality. There is no reason for him to have his photo up there – it is purely for shameful sefl promotion. Then to spend the time to get a new photo taken and changed on the website while all this other BS is going on just shows how narcissistic he is. Maybe if you ask real nice he’ll send you an autographed copy, Tom!

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