The Only “Green” Policy Terry McAuliffe Cares About: $$$$

By VA Blogger

First, McAuliffe held a fundraiser at the lobby shop of long-time Republican strategist Ed Rogers. McAuliffe’s campaign is trying to pass it off as proof of his bi-partisanship, but Politico reports that he and Rogers were friends from sitting together in so many green rooms before appearing on television shows. What average voter can’t relate to that experience? The fact of the matter is, McAuliffe saw big bucks, and that comes before any ideology or principle he’s recently discovered.

The most recent example came from a roundtable event in Hampton Roads. The day before Terry McAuliffe rolled out a new proposal calling for stricter rules on gifts from lobbyists (in his efforts to buy a populist image with his millions of dollars), he had this exchange (YouTube link here):

(Approximate Transcript)
Fred Carter: My name’s Fred Carter I represent 107 funeral homes.  I’m a registered lobbyist so if you’ve got a problem there.  You take money from a lobbyist you got a problem, right? No, what I want to say is that-
Terry McAuliffe: Now wait a minute, wait a minute.  I’ve never said I wouldn’t take money from a lobbyist. 
Fred Carter: I got a lobby that might give money.  We got a lot of money that- 
Terry McAuliffe: Just don’t put me in a category with other people.  I’ll be held accountable for enough stuff that I say.  But listen Fred, you want to write a check right now? I got a person who’d be glad to take it.

So what does Terry McAuliffe actually believe in? Anything that will benefit him personally, whether it’s a fundraiser at a Republican lobbyist shop, money from another lobbyist, promoting Obama after telling the country why he can’t win, running for Governor of Florida, or running for Governor of Virginia.

And don’t let his “activist” supporters fool you. Sure, some of them have drunk the kool-aid and believe the principles T-Mac’s consultants pulled out of a hat are genuine, but most of them? They’re in it for the money, too. They have dreams of dollar signs invading every corner of this state in an effort to buy the Governor’s Mansion and the House of Delegates. That’s because they believe what McAuliffe believes: in anything that gets them ahead.


  • I Bleed Obama Blue says:

    So what’s your point?

    ALL political candidates are focused first & foremost on getting elected, and your boy McDonnell’s no different. McAuliffe’s strategy of amassing as much money as he can will serve him well, both in the primary & the general. You wonder what he stands for? Start here:

  • VA Blogger says:

    Most (not all) politicians want to get elected, but most aren’t arrogant enough to believe they can beg for money from a lobbyist on Tuesday and advocate stricter rules on donations from lobbyists on Wednesday without people noticing.

    Even the most cynical observers believe that politicians at least have some core ideology. How can anyone believe that McAuliffe does? Because he spends millions of dollars promoting it with television ads?

  • This is the kind of hypocrisy that drives me crazy. If you want to blather on about how lobbyists are the sole source of evil in the world, that’s fine. I can take it. I’ve got thick skin. (Former lobbyist). But don’t turn around and expect that I’m going to fund your campaigns or help you get your pet projects passed.

    On the other hand, if you have no problems with lobbyists and you’ll take their money and the money of their PACs, don’t grab with one hand and demagogue with the other.

    Lobbyists have gotten a bad reputation from a very small number of bad actors, all of whom deserve their prison sentences. But I think we should all be very careful when we attack people for exercising a fundamental constitutional right – one that’s actually enumerated in the first amendment, not one the Supreme Court invented through emanations from penumbras.

  • G. Stone says:

    So what’s your point?

    The point is you can take the Clinton out of the Bag man, but you can’t take the bag man out of the bag man.

    McAuliffe is the kind of politician who after you shake his hand you want to take a shower.

  • Not Ed Gillespie says:

    Ed Gillespie is Bob McDonnell’s campaign chair. Yes, this Ed Gillespie ( – “The Embedded Lobbyist.”

  • I Bleed Obama Blue says:

    VAB: Some politicians don’t want to get elected? Really…like whom?

    Mr. McAuliffe wants to prohibit lobbyist from currying favor with Virginia lawmakers or members of the executive branch in office. He said nothing about campaign contributions.

    Because he doesn’t go around thumping a bible like McDonnell, you question what Mr. McAuliffe “believes in”? Did you follow that link to his website I gave you?

  • Obama Blue – c’mon. Saying McAuliffe wants to prohibit lobbyists from currying favor but he’s willing to take their money is some serious cognitive dissonance.

    Lobbyists and PACs contribute money to campaigns to ensure that candidates that support their issues get elected. What’s wrong with that? Nothing.

    So what’s wrong with lobbyists doing their job and representing their constituents to the government? Nothing. It just happens to be easily misunderstood and easily demagogued.

    McAuliffe should just leave the issue alone. If he can’t recognize that Obama’s anti-lobbyist stance has already harmed his administration, he’s not paying attention. There’s no need to recreate Washington’s failures in Richmond.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    What a welcome change- a post actually calling out Dems at Too Conservative for a change instead of GOP targets. Hopefully this will start a trend.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    So Republicans aren’t really just pissed that their man Ed not only gave money to a Democrat, he set up a whole fundraiser for him?

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    Ed Gillespie’s job is to get a candidate elected. I couldn’t care less about who he gives money to, or who he sets up a fundraiser for, as long as it isn’t someone running against Bob McDonnell. I only care that he is very good at his current job and gets Bob McDonnell elected.

  • I’m assuming when you said Ed you mean Ed Rogers, NJSM. If that’s the case, then no, I don’t have a problem with that at all. I worked with Ed briefly in one of my prior positions. BGR is one of the bigger firms in town, and they – like all Republican leaning lobby shops – have been hit by our losses at the polls.

    He’s doing what he needs to do to keep his firm relevant and service its clients. I can’t fault him for that. Lobbying is not politics. A good lobbyist has to be able to work both sides of the aisle.

  • A Dignified Hill Billy, A Mountian William says:

    Obaba Blue,
    Get a life. Find some liberal blog and stay there.

  • IndieHokie says:

    Let me say first that I’m a social lib, fiscal conservative, and born in southern VA a few years before the cold war ended. I trend heavily democratic, but value good ideas (haven’t heard ANY good ideas from republicans in VA in YEARS – see Gilmore term for examples).

    Obama Blue, you’re ideas are paper thin, and frankly, epitomize what most conservatives dislike about liberals. Terry Macauliff is a New York native, not a Virginian. Tim Kaine was electable because Virginians respect midwesterners. I suspect even in Northern VA, where I currently reside, McAuliffe will struggle because he’s an outsider, and apart of the Clinton political Machine. Plus, the whole taking $ from out of state interests will NOT sit well with any blue Virginian – Virginian’s only respect campaigns that raise there cash predominantly locally.

    BTW, Obama blue, even as a liberal, I’d have to say I agree with the dignified hill billy. Get a life. You bleed? Really? I’m mean, its just a pretty lame tag, is all. Anyway, good luck with your candidates lack of homegrown substance, values, character, fundraising, etc.

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