Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms endorses Dave Foster

By VA Blogger

Sessoms Foster

The mayor of Virginia Beach (my hometown) Will Sessoms (a bank president who defeated 20-year incumbent Democrat Meyera Oberndorf last November) says, “Dave Foster will be the attorney general we need to cut red tape, bring jobs to Virginia and help get the economy moving again”. Bearing Drift has more.

Sessoms endorsement shows two things: First, that Foster’s campaign has been working Hampton Roads hard, as none of the AG candidates have a natural base down there (though military voters may find Brownlee appealing). This is a huge regional victory for Foster, who also claims (as the other two campaigns did) that he filed the most delegates out of Virginia Beach, the largest city in the state and the second largest committee behind Fairfax.

Second, it shows that Foster’s campaign is gaining momentum, and now more than ever can claim the mantle as a viable alternative in this race. Furthermore, Foster now has the endorsements of Tom Davis, who won in NoVa as late as 2006, and Will Sessoms, who won Virginia Beach as Drake, Gilmore, and McCain all lost. Foster has said all along he’s the best candidate to help elect Bob McDonnell and re-elect Bill Bolling, and people who know how to win are supporting his campaign.


  • Rtwng Extrmst says:

    “Congressman Rob Wittman, (VA-1) endorsed Ken Cuccinelli today for the Republican Nomination for Attorney General.

    In his endorsement, Congressman Wittman said: “I am proud to endorse State Senator Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General. I have known Ken for years, and he is a solid, principled conservative that will be a tremendous asset for the entire GOP ticket. His presence will go a long way in making sure we provide sound principled leadership in the A.G.’s office for the next four years. Ken Cuccinelli is a good friend, and I am proud to support him. Virginia voters will be well served with Ken Cuccinelli as their Attorney General.””

  • Lauren says:

    Looks like Ken won the endorsment battle again.

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    I got a call from Ken’s office yesterday, surveying delegates. He didn’t debate me, at all when I said Brownlee. Just prior to that call, I got a robo call from Dave Foster asking me to vote for him.

    Ken’s survey guy didn’t sound terribly upbeat. Anyone else get that call? What was your impression?

  • Any word if Jeff Fredrick will be endorsing an AG candidate?

  • AWCheney says:

    NJM, if he does, that would be the final nail in his coffin!

  • VA Blogger says:


    If it was just a volunteer, tasked to make hundreds of phone calls, not every call is going to be chipper. It happens to any and every candidate.

  • Rtwng Extrmst says:

    I will agree with AWC, it would seem to me to be totally inappropriate for the State Chair to endorse a candidate during a nomination race.

    As for Lovettsville Lady, I’ve done calls for candidates in the past. Typically we are told in situations where the person shows a clear affinity for a particular candidate or position specifically NOT to engage in debate. It’s disrespectful, a waste of time, and would only lead to people making nasty comments about rude callers on forums like this. Now, had you said you were undecided or had some questions, thats a different story.

  • Dan B says:

    LL, one of my best friends is an intern for Ken whose been making lots of those calls. They all are just tired, the list is HUGE.

  • Anybody But Cuccinelli!

  • kelley in virginia says:

    i agree with LI

  • Big Dog says:

    Isn’t Virginia Beach Mayor Sessoms the
    guy who wasted 9K of taxpayer money to
    have a PR company write his “State of the
    City” speech?
    Yep, I really want his advice on who to support
    in an election.

  • Chris says:

    Didn’t Mayor Sessoms endorse Mark Warner?

  • VA Blogger says:

    Chris, I can’t find any record of that, but not supporting Jim Gilmore is hardly a crime in my book.

  • Will Sessoms – elected mayor because he put out a flier to black voters with a doctored picture of himself and Obama. Would you want that endorsement?

  • VA Blogger says:

    Sessoms also presented a business-oriented campaign message that appealed to the city in tough economic times, something that Meyera’s role as an “ambassador” couldn’t keep up with; this caught the attention of many, including the Virginian-Pilot, which endorsed him, and his economic message brought down a 20-year incumbent.

    But its all just the flier, right? Apparently, it’s the most effective flier in the history of politics.

  • sally says:

    #14 Sessoms did not do that. Some of his supporters did it on the day of the election, and he did not know about it. They were accused of taking advantage of racist uninformed blacks who knew nothing about the issues or candidates. If the blacks had no idea who the candidate was or what his issues/positions were, then who is to blame here? Ignorant people are only allowed to vote for Democrats? is that the complaint?

  • Ryan says:

    Will you explain your dislike for Cuccinelli, Li?

  • He won’t win in November.

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