The Frustrating Frederick Affair

By Loudoun Insider

I am SO sick of this.  RPV and the Republican establishment as a whole continues to be held hostage by no more than a few hundred fringe hardliners.  In what should have been a positive piece on McDonnell’s campaign kickoff (I know I shouldn’t expect too much there, but why give them free ammo) the WaPo gets to work in the Frederick affair into its coverage, based on a whopping TWO people holding I Love Jeffy signs (I guess Frederick Admirer #1 Willie Deustch’s campaign didn’t turn out so well!).  If Jeff Frederick truly cared about RPV and its candidates, he would have stepped down when nearly every elected Republican leader called for him to do so.  Instead we have this mess as he selfishly clings to “power”, which he will have none of even if he survives the SCC vote.  He is effectively neutered for the remainder of his term if he sticks around that long.  Frederick has always been out for Frederick, as so presciently forecasted by Jason Kenney last year.  You know how wacked out these Frederick supporters are when they consider the Kenney brothers to be RINO establishment types.

Now the wingnuts who make up much of the NoVA State Central Committee membership have issued a decree stating that they’re behind Frederick (posted as comment 1).  All of those listed couldn’t get elected to office in their respective jurisdictions.  This is the problem with RPV – its “leaders” are too out of the mainstream.  It’s crazy that the RoVA SCC members seem to be the ones with the most sense in regard to Frederick.  In a related matter, Kathleen Parker (I know – you wingnuts consider her a whiny RINO) discusses the case of a big RNC donor who’s flipped to the Dems because of Republican wingnut intransigence.  You people can whine about “principles” all you want, but it does you no good whatsoever if you don’t get elected in the first place.  Real moderation isn’t the end of the world.  America is much more of an incremental change state than one given to massive changes in direction.  Until the “silent majority” of Republicans wakes the F up and takes back the party from these Puritans, RPV is doomed to failure.  These Puritan types simply scare the crap out of too many voters.  Virginia simply doesn’t have the critical mass of hard Rs to elect their types of candidates anymore.  I’m sure it’s disconcerting to hear, but it’s the plain simple truth.

UPDATE:  16 Unit Chairs call on Frederick to resign – letter provided in comment #50.


  • Ryan, I am not a Cuccinelli fan. I think he’s too extreme and too easily defeated in November by the Dems. Cuccinelli has also been the leader of the shrinking GOP party purity movement, just when shrinking the party is not what we need to win again. John Brownlee is the best choice in my opinion – conservative with none of the baggage.


    Marriage should be between one man and one woman.

    Family? I’m all for it.

    Abortion? Personally I am pro-life but I am not an anti-abortion crusader. I think the anti-abortion types are too intrusive.

    Guns? I am a huge gun enthusiast and long time NRA member. read through the comments on my earlier Lansdowne murder-assault post to see the gun grabbers having a fit about my right to arm myself.

    Property rights? I am 100% against Kelo-style takings. However, I am not for unregulated development rights since this leads to unfair burdens on all citizens to pay for educating more and more kids and providing other infrastructure needs.

  • A Dignified Hill Billy, A Mountian William says:

    Great, all except the abortion one. I agree there are extremists, but the issue can not be ignored as too divisive.

  • Hey, I’m just being honest with you. I think the number of abortions performed is a travesty, but it just isn’t my issue.

  • I just checked my hunch and looked into site admin –

    Hillbilly/Ryan – stick to one screen name!

  • Ryan says:

    Yeah, that’s the problem with blogs. 🙁

  • Ryan says:

    Hey Li can you please post something new tommorrow so I’ll have a different issue to argue about? Something without the words “Jeff Frederick” in it? I’m tired of this one.

    Thanks for all the fun guys and gals,

    I’m signing off.

    P.S. Yeah, I bet that hurts so many of your feelings… Just don’t celebrate to much. 🙂

  • Whaaaahhhh.

    This whole episode will hopefully be over Saturday. There are plenty of other topics here, and two other guys who do posts.

    No need to head for the hills – the back and forth is good for debate. I just don’t like to see people using more than one screen name, especially when one is praising what the other said.

  • AWCheney says:

    Ryan, another suggestion…you might also want to learn how to spell “Mountain.”

  • Ryan "A Dignified Hillbilly, A Mountian William" says:

    Thanks for the spelling lesson AW. In know how to spell “mountain” of course. I just didn’t notice the “a” and “i” were out of place. Do you pick on everyone who has typos in their comments? If so, you’ll stay busy. There are a lot of errors worse than that on this thread. You must be a teacher who just lost his/her job.

    Hey Li, can I keep my name now? I guess it is kind of long…

  • Ryan "A Dignified Hillbilly, A Mountian William" says:

    Oh, look up there, another error. Oops. I should be – “I” know how… Haha.

  • Ryan "A Dignified Hillbilly, A Mountian William" says:

    Oh, then that last message corecting an error was in error! Frightful! It should say “It should be…”

  • Ryan "A Dignified Hillbilly, A Mountain William" says:

    Ooo. I’m just know getting to the spelling of my screen name. AW, look! It’s -ain. Are you happy now?

  • Ryan "A Dignified Hillbilly, A Mountain William" says:

    And another error there… It should be “I am just now…” Where are you when I need you AW?

  • Give it a rest, RADHAMW!

  • AWCheney says:

    Sorry Ryan, I just happened to notice that you had that misspelling MULTIPLE times on multiple threads…and I thought that you just might want to stop embarrassing yourself since you obviously didn’t notice. Please, by all means continue…and give everyone a chuckle.

    The boy really is thin-skinned, isn’t he!

  • AWCheney says:

    In point of fact, young man, this is the first time I have corrected on anything other than misrepresenting what I said. That was a reflection upon your reading comprehension and not your spelling and grammar. I really wish would tell me where you’re going to college…I want to make sure that my kids NEVER consider the notion of going there.

  • AWCheney says:

    See, I can make mistakes too…everyone does. I forgot to include “you” in two places. 🙂

  • Ryan "A Dignified Hillbilly, A Mountian William" says:

    Yeah, sure I’ll tell you… Harvard. That’s were Obama went wasn’t it? When I was at a McCain rally, one of the Obama demonstraters yelled at us, “He went ta Havad, he went ta Havad. He smarter than yo uncle!” I must know at least as much as him.

    Also, I think that if my comments had been in agreement with yours, you wouldn’t have said anything. (You still would have? Oh, well why didn’t you say something to Lauren when she spelled “because” – “becouse” and “campaigns” – “campains” and “until” – “untell” and “hoping” -“hopeing”” [Lauren, please don’t take this as a personal attack. I’m just trying to make a piont to AW.] Also, it’s like I said before: This isn’t a term paper. It’s not school. I’m typing fast. Sorry for my errors. Believe me, I didn’t see them when I clicked submit.

    Mr. AWCheney, I’ll make you a deal. Since Frederick is going to be ousted Saturday. (Even if he is not, he will have no credibility thenceforth) I’ll drop all defense of him, use spell check on everything I post, and move on to topics we can agree on. Then we can work together to win this election.

  • Ryan "A Dignified Hillbilly, A Mountian William" says:

    Case in piont. I didn’t even notice that “were” that should have been “where” until two seconds after I hit “submit”

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    There again- piont? No, point. See it’s not that I’m dumb.

  • Ryan says:

    Yeah, demonstraters? Oops.

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    You really are such a child, aren’t you Ryan. If my intent was to focus on your spelling and grammar, I’d have a comment following every one of yours! I don’t do that sort of thing…read my comment. I was doing you a favor bubba…because nobody else would, obviously.

    By the way, I see that you haven’t had the good sense to make that correction. Do you honestly believe that shows anything beyond your childishness. Grow up boy!

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    I’m only offended that you called me a girl! I can’t spell but that doesn’t mean you need to insult me.

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    Does this help??????

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    Uh, sorry. Yeah, I like that much more Mr. Lauren. I wasn’t intentionally insulting you. Sorry.

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    I’m not insulted, just trying to point out how stupid it is to be insulted on a blog.

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    If we’re going to be accurate here Ryan, you can call me MRS. Cheney.

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