Comstock Makes Sense on Economy

By VA Blogger

Barbara Comstock, running for Delegate in the 34th district, had an op-ed published in the Examiner, concerning card-check at a federal level, and Virginia’s right-to-work status at a state level, which is responsible for Virginia’s unemployment levels being lower than other states.

Comstock goes out of her way to avoid singling out or mentioning her opponent, Margi Vanderhye, to the benefit of readers who don’t know or care about the race but would still be interested in the points she raised. So let me do it for her: Vanderhye is as liberal as they come, and is definitely in the pocket of Big Labor. For a seat she barely won, after being vacated by a moderate Republican (and that Pat Herrity won in February), Vanderhye has charted a far left course that has surprised observers in both parties, to the glee of her partisan allies but to the concern of independent-minded voters in the 34th. Fortunately, there’s a better alternative.


  • Crimson Fist says:

    Vanderhye’s out of touch, the 34th is actually a pretty moderate to center right district, yet Margi acts like its Arlington West (like when immediately after the election she barely won, she arrogently proclaimed she couldn’t wait to fly a “Democratic banner”)

    -To get this out of the way, yes the district went for Obama, but when compared to the rest of the county, it was actually one of the worst areas for Obama, with him only winning it by less than 6 points (where as most delegate districts in Fairfax went for Obama by at least double digits)

    -Margi endorsed and heavily supported left winger Judy Feder, who did pathetic in the 34th. She couldn’t even break 40% and considering the fact that the 34th is HER OWN HOME DISTRICT, there’s no excuse for her not perfoming well. Hell, she even lost her own home precinct. All the issues Feder stood for, Margi stood by appaulding and supporting them. Margi wanted to toss out a beloved incumbent congressman (who ended up winning in the 34th by 63%) for a left winger who couldn’t even carry her own home area. If that’s not out of touch, then I don’t know what is.

    -34th went strongly for Herrity, more than half the precincts went for him. The perfomance in the 34th, in turn, elevated Dranesville District to being the second best district in the County for Herrity

    Hey Margi, you want to plant a “banner” like a conqueror? Doesn’t look like your area likes it very much.

  • Anon E. Mouse IV says:

    I think it’s hilarious that you attack Margi for being too far to the left (which she’s not), while promoting a right-wing hatchet wielder of the first order. Comstock makes Robert Bork look open-minded! Just a few of her highlights (though you offered no real evidence of your claim about Vanderhye)….

    -Ran opposition research for the RNC

    -Chaired Scooter (national security be damned!) Libby’s defense fund

    -Spends her time defending crooked Republicans (Tom Delay, Jerry Lewis)

    -Last but not least, became so obsessed with finding dirt on the Clintons that “the Clinton scandals were driving her to distraction, to the unfortunate point that she was ignoring the needs of her own family.”

    Those are some family values for you!

  • RichmondDem says:

    “which is responsible for Virginia’s unemployment levels being lower than other states.”

    I think it has way more to do with being right next to the nation’s capital and all the government and (especially) military jobs that go along with it.

  • Crimson Fist says:

    Let me ask you one simple question:

    What has Barbara Comstock done locally or issues taken locally that you object to? She’s running to represent the 34th district, what has she done so far locally to make you think she’s a “right winger”? I mean really, is pointing out who she’s friends with or her former clients the best you guys can do? Is this Margi’s roadplan to reelection or is she going to bother to actually defend her record and debate the issues?

    As far as Margi goes, lets count the ways:
    -Pretended to be pro tunnel, then she got elected and promptly never bothered to even show up to a single Tunnel event or advocate for the issue (although I’m sure now she will all of a sudden be a tunnel supporter again)

    -Despite campaigning as a transportation advocate and bragging about her so called Transportation expertise, most of her bills are “green” bills. She represents a traffic choked area that includes Route 7, 123, Georgetown pike, Tysons area, etc.

    -She furiously campaigned for left wing nut Judy Feder and trashed on Congressman Frank Wolf (!) as being out of touch.

  • Anon E. Mouse IV says:

    Oh, so you think she’s been a right-wing political activist her entire career, but now that she wants to run for office, she’s going to mosey her way to the center??? Give me a break.

    What does the tunnel have to do with being right-wing or left-wing? That’s a stupid piece of evidence.

    She introduced mostly “green” bills…Seriously? For one thing, that’s a lie. She introduced 3 bills that could marginally be considered “green” out of 12. That ain’t most pal. One of the three was aimed at helping Virginia’s family farmers and was so RADICAL that not a single Republican voted against it! Man, call out the McCarthy Squad on that one.

    So basically what you’re saying Crimson Fist, is that the sum total of why Vanderhye is a left-winger is that she supported HER PARTY’S nominee for Congress????

    That’s not a game you want to play. Did Wolf support Ollie North? Mark Earley? The answer is yes, because that’s what you do when you’re on a team: you support your teammates. I mean, hell, Frank Wolf voted for Tom Delay to be Marjority Leader, voted for Newt Gingrich to be Speaker, what does that say about him?

    Now, as for Comstock, who was contributed nothing to society besides being a right-winger attack goon, yeah, deciding to chair the legal defense fund of someone who leaked the identity of a CIA OPERATIVE absolutely says something about her. It’s not about who she’s friends with, it’s about what she stakes her name and reputation on.

    Finally, has Comstock ever had a job outside politics? I mean, what could she possibly bring, experience-wise to the table that is relevant to this position? What does she know about transportation, other than that we can magically solve all our problems with a dime more to pay for them?

  • Anon says:

    Comstock is running a great campaign, doing a great job of fundraising and will be a great delegate in the 34th. If her campaign keeps up the pace they have now, Margi looks like she has spent her last days in Richmond. Posts like this make me go to her website so I can send her some funds to put another easily flippable seat back in the Republican caucus!

  • Crimson Fist says:

    No, what I meant was your not basing your feelings on her based not on any previous political campaign she ran, but off of her work for other campaigns or clients. What she runs on as a candidate could be completetly different than say, what she did as part of Mitt Romney’s campaign team.

    I brought the tunnel up as a point of the issues that should be discussed in this campaign. Complaining about what someone did in the past for their job that had nothing to do with the 34th district seems to be what tactic Margi and her allies are going to take because they don’t want to debate the issues. I’m sure Margi is just going to rant on and on about Scooter Libby and not defend her own record. She did run as a pro Tunnel candidate in 07, yet once elected she did nothing.

    As far as her legislation goes, her own website says it all:

    No transportation legislation whatsoever. For one of the most traffic plagued areas in Virginia. After Margi kept touting her worthless NVTA expierence would make her ideal to be a transportation advocate in Richmond.

    Yes, you can support your teammates, but it doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to bash the other side. Tom Davis supported Keith Fimian, but did he go out of his way to say Connolly was out of touch like Margi did to Frank Wolf? Margi went above and beyond on the notion that Feder would get rid of Wolf and she would look like she helped bring change to the 10th. Well, Feder failed and now Margi has to deal with the consquences of trying to get rid of a popular incumbent congressman who carried her district by 63% without her support.

    Oh and funny how you fail to mention Comstock’s work as a senior aide to Congressman Wolf, her service on the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, as Chief Counsel and her serivce as the Director of the Office of Public Affairs for the Department of Justice. She’s also an accomplished attorney and currently has her own firm.

    Now, what did Margi do before being elected again? She worked on the national security Council until the early 80’s then…served on a bunch of community boards and was appointed to powerless entities like the NVTA! WOW, she totally demolishes Comstock on work expierence!

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    Yeah, working with Rove and Libby and that crew, that’s the resume of someone I want to have around.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    Vanderhye will win this, but she will be pressed on the money-raising front. Comstock is not nearly as involved in or as well-known to the community as Vanderhye, and her appeal will be largely to conservative folks who know her in a non-local context. That won’t be enough, with or without all the money.

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