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I’ve never been much of a hockey fan until this year when I attended my first Capitals game.  What a kick ass sport!  I was a huge baseball fan growing up but became disgusted with the steroid era.  I’m still a so-so football fan, with much of my reticence towards that sport colored by the Irsay’s despicable move of the Baltimore Colts when I was a youngster.

The Caps were down three games to one and most had written them off.  But they fought their way back and won tonight’s game 7 even though they were practically sleepwalking through the first two periods.  Old man Segei Federov screamed for the puck and delivered a great shot to beat the Rangers all-star goalie Henrik Lundqvist.  The Caps star of the series and of the future was undoubtedly rookie goalie phenom Simeon Varlamov, who was very solid tonight  (he just turned 21!).  The Caps will now face the Pittsburgh Penguins in the next series, with their star Cindy Crosby.  For more Caps talk then you’ll ever need, head to my latest favorite discussion board

What an awesome yet nerve-wracking game and series!


  • edmundburkenator says:

    Nothing beats the nerves, suspense, tension, of a game 7 in hockey.

    I was at the old Capital Centre for Hunter’s OT goal against the Flyers in 88. I can remember it like yesterday.

    Damn I’m getting old.

    This next series will be great playoff hockey to watch.

  • Not many Caps fans here. Oh well – it was an exciting game!

  • NoVA Scout says:

    It was spectacular! Nothing is more difficult than to get down a couple of games in post-season play in a professional sport. These guys really cranked it up when the easiest, most likely thing to do was to fold. There’s a lesson for the GOP in there somewhere (although recruiting a few stellar Russians won’t provide a political answer).

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