What Kind Of Lawyer Is Cuccinelli?

By Loudoun Insider

Not just as in type as in specialty, but how good is he?  We hear all the time that he’s a patent attorney, something he shares with fellow uber-conservative candidate Patrick Muldoon (what is it with patent attorneys?).  I’ve received some info here and there on odd cases he’s been involved with, but haven’t had the time to pull together details.

This is an important issue – an all encompassing one for the office he’s running for.  All we ever hear from his fanatical supporters is what a great conservative “Ken” is.  That’s fine for a legislator, who doesn’t even have to be an attorney.  But if you’re running for ATTORNEY GENERAL of Virginia, you better be at the top of your profession as an attorney.

Virginia Qui Tam Law blog has put out good information in the past about the respective legal records of the GOP AG candidates.  And comes out with a ringing thorough endorsement of John Brownlee here

Use this post to expound and expand upon Cuccinelli’s legal expertise and record.  To those who have sent me info in the past – here’s your opportunity to get it out to a wider audience.  Everything needs to be on the table in this last week.


  • G. Stone says:

    Your lost.

  • Not at all, Stone. Not at all. I could say the same about you.

  • Hello Dolly says:

    Today’s Richmond Times Dispatch about the Democratic opponent:

    “Shannon, a 38-year-old father of three and a former prosecutor in Fairfax County, has served in the House of Delegates since 2004.

    “I want to make Virginia a safe place for all of our families to call home,” he said.

    Shannon said he would focus on economic security from financial and market scams; combating the organization and proliferation of gangs; and protecting Virginians from 21st-century security threats driven by technology, such as cyber crime and sexual predators on the Internet.

    He said the job of attorney general “is not be an ideologue” or enforce the partisan will of a political party but to provide sound legal advice to the legislature and the agencies of state government.”

    Thoughts about who the Republican opponent should be? Kind of obvious don’t you think!

  • Lauren says:

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    KC could talk all the sexual predators to death. and bore all the state agencies into compliance.

  • A Voter says:

    The Brownlee supporters are just getting pathetic…

  • If by pathetic, you actually mean we’re pointing out Cooch’s ineptness in the the actual requirements of the job as they exist- not as you’ve pathetically REdefined them — we probably meet YOUR definition of pathetic, but out here in the REAL world, the Commonwealth might just get the best AG candidate in some time with Brownlee.
    Watching Cooch go under as he faces off with Shannon would be pathetic. And inevitable—if we don’t steer away from that trainwreck now.

  • The bigger question is: IF Cooch loses the contest on Saturday, will he run as an Independent?

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