Patrick Muldoon, Complete Ass

By VA Blogger

Everyone has the right to run, but you have to recognize when you don’t stand a chance of winning. And when that happens, you don’t spend your entire 10 minute speech completely bashing the eventual nominee.

Long-shot candidacies are meant to showcase issues and bring attention to items that can get lost in the course of a campaign, like the Independent Green Party and their support of light rail. It takes a complete ass to use it to launch a nasty smear campaign against a widely respected statewide office holder and Bob McDonnell’s ticketmate.

Thank God this is the last time we’ll have to deal with his pathetic campaign.


  • I’m normally civil to opposition candidates but when He started smearing Bolling, I lost it.

  • I honored Muldoon’s speech by going to the bathroom after the first sentence.

  • Chris says:

    It was a disgraceful performance by a disgraceful candidate. He had no business on that stage with any of the other real candidates running. May this be the last time we ever have to think about his name.

  • “Thank God this is the last time we’ll have to deal with his pathetic campaign.”

    Are you sure??????

    Maybe he will run for Governor next time, right on the heels of this 84%-16% defeat.

  • Brian,
    I met so many folks today. I was moving thru that crowd lie I was running for something.
    I saw old favorites like Hagar this morning, went up to see Kelly in Va once the seats had begun to fill in. NUMEROUS Bloggers on Bloggers Row…

    At the end of the day, I figured the only two folks I hadn’t seen that I wanted to…were you and Anthony Bedell of the Fairfax contingent.

    Maybe another day.
    My next couple of weeks is about to be busy. I’m to be in attendance at numerous McDonnell, Bolling, and Joe May campaign stops..

  • kelley in virginia says:

    bulletproof is a very cool guy. if you don’t know him, you should make every effort to meet him.

  • Complete ass is a fine description. What a pathetic candidate.

  • TBM, it was crazy – I literally saw about three people that I knew and I had a chance to introduce myself to Justin. I was trying to wander over to the Loudoun contingent to find you and LI, but by the time I got over there after the speeches the voting started. I should have wandered over there again while we were waiting.

    One of these days we’ll have to do an event. I’m actually in the process of working with Jim Hyland’s campaign here in the 35th to host a fundraiser, so I’ll have to send you guys an invite.

    My biggest gripe with Muldoon was the fact that he had the balls to use “Country Boy” as his bumper music – as an Orioles fan, I refuse to allow that song to be sullied in such a way.

  • Brian,

    I agree. How dare Muldoon diss the O’s by playing that song?

  • Check out the final emailer (hopefully!) from Muldoon:

    Dear Friend,

    You won a tremendous victory this weekend in Richmond.

    I’m not talking about the vote tally. I’m talking about the fact that you made your voice heard.

    You sent a message to the Republican Establishment … you will not be ignored or overlooked. You laid down a marker … you will be back, and you will have a say in the future direction of our Party. During this campaign, you made the Old Guard pay attention … and made sure that our candidates spoke to the issues important to you: taxes, spending, life, marriage and family.

    For my part, I am honored to have been part of your crusade to reshape our Party, to speak up for Virginia Values, to stand for the time-honored principles that made the GOP great. And I am grateful to all of you who volunteered for my campaign, who made calls, wrote blogs, reached out to fellow delegates, helped with lists, and especially, showed up at the Convention this weekend and made sure our presence was felt. I appreciate those of you who simply spoke up and told us you were with us … and especially, those who put your trust in me by voting for me.

    You rocked the Coliseum … and shook the Establishment to its core.

    Now it’s time to pull together behind our ticket for this November and to do everything we can to ensure a Republican sweep in Virginia. Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling are honorable men and deserve our full support.

    But our time to step forward, to retake our Party and lead the way to true renewal, will come. So stay ready … and in the meantime, thank you again for everything you’ve done for me personally and for my campaign.

    With deep appreciation,

    Patrick Muldoon


    Bolling is an honorable man???? After all the crap he said about him???

  • Intelligent Conservative. says:

    Patrick Muldoon is a liar. What a disgrace, I can’t comprehend the people that support this man, if you can call him that. I hope I don’t see his face again.

  • G. Stone says:

    Patrick is politically tone deaf. I received an email from him today in which he asked all republicans to work hard for McD and Bolling making no mention of KC. This guy is all over the map. He lost for very good reason, he had not a clue what he was doing.

  • Steve Waters says:

    No offense guys but most of you are a perfect example of what is wrong in our party. I hope one day we can have a dialogue aside from your use of alias names to cover up for your complete lack of courage when you slam a good man. As far as the song goes, Baltimore isn’t exactly a place where you find too many country boys the last time I was there. Good try again at making complete asses of yourselves on the blog. Thanks for respecting the rights of people to run for office and the worst part of it is that some of you actually think you know what the term conservative means. Maybe some time you can learn a lesson in manners as well.

    All the wrangling back and forth has made it hard for us to work together in the future. I hope this will pass on your end as well as mine. It just bothers me to see you be so disrepectful from the beginning to a very decent guy. He ran on issues that I doubt any of you actually looked into before you decided to criticize him. Just keep running people off in our party, we’ve got plenty to spare I guess by the last few election results.

  • Steve Waters says:

    Part of me wants to reach out to you guys and try to reach a level of understanding where we can be a little nicer to one another. I wish it could be different as I don’t think the level of discourse is good for our party. Maybe one day each of us, including myself, will treat each other in a more respectful manner on the blogs. For those of you interested I would gladly welcome the opportunity to talk by phone sometime, I sincerely mean this. I’m not trying to be sarcastic but I believe we have to do a better job of getting along. I have been completely blown away by some of the things said on the blogs this year, heck we don’t treat democrats that bad.

    Now, for a party wanting unity I think each of us should reach out to mend fences. Patrick was very gracious in his concession speech and I’m sorry that he forgot to mention Ken. It was an oversight.

  • Making complete asses out of ourselves is what Muldoon did with his Bolling-bashing speech. it was horrible.

    You ran a slime filled campaign with a perennial loser candidate in a year when RPV needs everything it has to get past the finish line. Don’t preach to me or anyone else here if we find fault with that.

  • Steve, you are clearly a Muldoon supporter – your first post is completing insulting and your second post tries to be conciliatory.

    Muldoon didn’t run on issues. He ran on his belief that the party was hijacked by the “insiders” and a bunch of other bunk that was overwhelmingly rejected by the convention.

    The man chose to run against the incumbent Lt. Governor, who had willingly stepped aside to allow McDonnell to run for Governor. Why? I still have no idea. He knew he couldn’t win. So instead of letting us move into the November election with the solid momentum you can gain by having no nomination opponents, he forced Bolling to waste money and time on a convention campaign. And for what? No one is saying he didn’t have a right to run. But rights need to be tempered with responsibility and with common sense – there’s a right time and a wrong time to exercise one’s rights. This was the wrong time. And everyone but him and the fourteen people who were going to vote for him understood that.

    I have found that it is the people on this blog – the moderates and common sense conservatives – who get along fine. There isn’t anyone (except the Democrats) who post here who I wouldn’t walk a mile to have a beer with, even “t”. But there are plenty of folks I’ve seen from Muldoon’s sphere of influence who can’t hold a conversation without name calling.

    Muldoon’s campaign accomplished nothing positive. There’s no point in defending it. We just need to forget about it, move on and elect McDonnell, Bolling and Cuccinelli in November.

  • Well said, Brian, as always.

    Where in the world has t been anyway???

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