Speaking of Idiots … Again

By Loudoun Insider

How much time do I spend in Virginia these days?  About this much!

That post below was getting bombarded with a discussion of absentee “Governor” Tim Kaine, so I may as well devote a post to him, which I’ve been meaning to do anyway.  Before anyone bitches, I was not a fan of Gilmore doing the same thing while Governor either.  Being Governor is (or should be) a full time job, and being DNC Chairman is obviously way too time consuming for Kaine in the midst of The Great Recession. 

Kaine said he would do his DNC duties in the evenings and on weekends, but he has done most of it during the work week, as pointed out in today’s WaPo article on the topic.  My favorite line in the article was this one:   

“Of his travel, Kaine said: “If anyone wants to know where I am, all they have to do is ask. . . . There’s nothing covert about it.” ”

Well, the Post asked to get a copy of his DNC schedule and got … nothing.

So Kaine lied about how much time and when he would spend time on DNC affairs, then lies again about being open about his travels.  What is it with politicians being unable to tell the simple truth and live up to their pronouncements?


  • I Bleed Obama Blue says:

    “What does [Governor Tim Kaine], have to hide?” House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith (R-Salem) said. “He knows he can’t do both jobs. Is that why he’s hiding?”

    Senate Majority Leader Richard L. Saslaw (D-Fairfax) brushed aside GOP criticism of Kaine. “He is on top of everything here,” he said.

    Gee, more partisan bickering in VA?

    Whoddathunk it?

  • Kaine can’t be trusted. Maybe it’s a good thing he isn’t in Virginia…He may ruin Virginia even more if he has time to devote to the Commonwealth.

  • Ryan says:

    Kaine gives me the creeps. He’s such a fake.

  • VA Blogger says:

    Bleeder, this isn’t just a partisan bickerfest. The Washington Post is getting involved too, because Virginians have a right to know where our Governor is going when he’s on the clock, and exactly how much he intends to stretch the truth with how much time he’ll spend as the highest partisan in the land.

    Chairman Kaine had it right last Fall when he rejected the idea as being too distracting to his duties as Governor.

  • Ryan says:

    Yeah, for all we know Kaine could be taking trips down to South America.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    Can some one expalin to me why it is legal in the first place for both Gilmore and Kaine to be paid by their Party while still sitting Governors to hold such a position when it is my undertanding that Virginia State employees are forbidden from being able to work for private employers while they remain employed by the State…..let me pose this query…if Kaine is injured severly while attending a DNC event or fundraiser while having nothing to do with the execution of his duties as Governor who is liable for the tab if it is something in the area of risk management…we the people or the DNC? I just have never undertood this at all. We require/demand folks like Moran resign as a delegate in order to fundraise for a campiagn and yet allow the sitting Governor to campaign out there to bring in millions for his Party. Double standard or manipulation of the law? Can’t figure this one out at all.

  • RichmondDem says:

    Bill Clinton and George W. Bush spent two years running for President when they were sitting Governors. Just sayin’.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    oh goody, can i extrapolate from your post, richmond dem, that there is any possibility at all that Kaine is running for higher office?

  • RichmondDem says:

    No, that isn’t what I’m implying. I’m saying two popular and successful governors did something way more demanding than being party chair for a year when they were in office.

  • RichmondDem says:

    As far as higher office goes, he’s hit a glass ceiling.He’s term-limited, he wasn’t selected to be VP, Mark Warner like his predecessor is Senator-for-Life barring a major scandal, and Webb will most likely decide to run again in 2012.

    So despite being popular (62 percent approval ratngs, high favorability numbers) there is simply no higher office for which he can run!

  • edmundburkenator says:

    President of VCU…

  • RichmondDem says:

    That would be a good job for him after he finishes being party chair, ED.

    Or hell, maybe he could be Mayor of Richmond again (though a “real” one this time, not merely President of the City Council). Not “higher office”, but Gov. Wilder did it!

  • Kaine is trying to avoid providing his schedule info. What an ass.

    From RPV:

    “We have received Governor Kaine’s response to our Freedom of Information Act request for documents related to his schedule and travel associated with his job as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, as well as documents related to expenses associated with his State Police Executive Protection Unit.

    “After his legally-allowed five day period for a response, the governor has declined to provide the documents requested. Additionally, he has referred us to the State Police for documents related to the Executive Protection Unit.

    “The governor’s office has made a variety of legal arguments in a letter provided to our party chairman Pat Mullins. We will review the response over the weekend before commenting further.”

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    There is a difference IMHO between running for office while you are a sitting Governor than taking a paycheck from the Party to do a job or perform a function or duty in which you are compensated while you are still Governor. Seems to me that Kaine and Gilmore both are guilty of double dipping at tax payer expense.

  • RichmondDem says:


    What about Congressmen and Senators who keep their law practices (or doctors offices, or businesses) open while they serve?

    IIRC Howard Dean still practiced medicene while he was Governor of Vermont.

  • Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins
    – Regarding Governor Tim Kaine’s Denial of FOIA Request –
    – Mullins Pleased that Kaine Will Now Reimburse VA Taxpayers –

    RICHMOND – Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins today issued a statement regarding Governor Tim Kaine’s refusal to release documents requested under Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act. Virginia Republicans had sought documents related to Kaine’s travel schedule and associated expenses for his job as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. On Friday afternoon, Kaine’s office sent a letter detailing the legal rationale for denying the request. Mullins’ statement is as follows:

    “We have reviewed the governor’s letter and the sections of the Code of Virginia and legal precedent he cites to resist releasing the details of his travel for the national Democratic Party.

    “To continue our pursuit of the documents in question would leave us with the only option of taking the issue to litigation. That course of action would occupy state resources in the use of the public court system and the governor’s counsel in defending their refusal. In this time of economic difficulty and massive budget shortfalls in Virginia, I cannot in good conscience approve such a proceeding.

    “In his reply, the governor invited us to request additional relevant information from the State Police. Similarly, a FOIA request of that nature would further draw on valuable resources and distract the agency from its important duties of protecting the safety of Virginians. We likewise choose not to pursue that action.

    “We remain disappointed that the governor refuses to be forthcoming about his whereabouts when he conducts business for his national political party, particularly when it appears that the vast majority of his known trips have occurred during the normal work week. The governor has been quoted in a number of media outlets expressing his willingness to discuss his activities if people directly ask him about it. We made just such an inquiry – and even formalized it in the form of a written FOIA request – but were turned away.

    “As a Virginia resident, I continue to believe that the people have the right to know where their elected governor is, especially when he leaves the boundaries of the Commonwealth for political business unrelated to the concerns of the taxpayers of Virginia.

    “One victory on behalf of the taxpayers was achieved, however, in the form of the governor’s pledge to see that the DNC reimburses the Commonwealth for the costs associated with the travel of his State Police Executive Protection Unit when it is used on political junkets. Governor Kaine has verbally estimated the costs of those excursions and placed an approximate dollar figure on it. We respect his statement and trust that he will abide by his promise to safeguard the public fiscal interests in that regard.

    “All this does not mean we have given up the chase. On the contrary, we will continue to scour the Internet for news reports from publications across the United States that may catch glimpses of Tim Kaine during his apparently busy political travel schedule. Additionally, we are in the process of contacting the Republican Chairmen of the state parties of each of the forty-nine other states to ask them to be on the alert for the presence of the Governor of Virginia when he appears at a DNC function in their far flung zip codes.

    “Lastly, I issue an appeal to the media, some members of which I know were forced to work late on an early summer Friday because of the timing of the governor’s release. I ask that our friends in the press corps continue to be curious about the political travel habits of our governor, even though I know a number of them have been frustrated in their efforts to learn about his DNC itinerary.

    “In the end, we are all Virginians. Our simple goal is to see that the people are served in the best, most vigorous fashion, with every resource and all energies dedicated to the furtherance of the great Commonwealth of Virginia we so cherish.”

  • I still can’t believe no one complimented me on that great photo and caption!

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    RIchDem….I believe that the State law of Vermont permitted Dean to do so. It is my understanding from different sources that our State employees are not permitted to do so but their may be some loophole for GA folks in keeping their law practices here in VA.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    I liked the photo/caption.

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