Gerry Connolly Wins on Constituent Service

By VA Blogger

Here’s one for you: A constituent in need writes to Rep. Gerry Connolly’s office, seeking his Congressman’s help so he’s not improperly detained at the Canadian border again. Here is the thoughtful and personalized care Gerry Connolly gives:

Dear Rev. Williams,

Thank you for contacting me about _________. I appreciate your interest in this issue and your views are important to me.

Personally? I’m surprised the salutation wasn’t “Dear Constituent”. Can someone tell me again how we got stuck with this guy?

(h/t BVBL)


  • NoVA Scout says:

    We got stuck with him because we didn’t field a candidate who had superior appeal to the electorate. The same way we get stuck with shoddy Democratic goods over and over and over. The solution is simple – run better candidates.

  • Dan says:

    It is fine to not be a fan of Gerry Connolly. But this is pretty thin stuff.

    You give the hat tip to BVBL, a blog which, to put it politely, has a history of being more than a bit inflammatory. Folks should click on the link you provide to the original post by the gentleman involved in this incident.

    He states that this happened last year and he wrote to his then Congressman Tom Davis and received no reply whatsoever. This surprises me because, as far as I know, Tom Davis paid attention to constituent service. It is ironic though that the man’s problem was with the giant, poorly conceived, tax payer dollar burning bureaucracy of the Homeland Security Department. Tom Davis voted to create that abortion and then didn’t even respond to a constituent having problems with it.

    Oh, and for those reading the original post, he has an update that explains that Connolly followed up with him quite personally and provided information to assist him in avoiding a repeat of what happened last year.

    The issue isn’t the relative merits of either Tom Davis or Gerry Connolly or their commitment to constituent service. The issue is omitting most of the relevant facts because they don’t fit the preconceived narrative.

  • Gerry Connollly is still an obnoxious a-hole. no matter what happened!

  • kelley in virginia says:

    i get the same kind of responses from letters i write my reps: Perriello, Warner & Webb. they care about me alot.

  • VA Blogger says:

    Dan, he updated his post after I put this up. And I’m sure it was because he got called out online; how else would they realize the mistake they made?

    I agree that folks should click on the link to the original post. I gave a hat tip to BVBL because that’s where I first read it, and I’m in the business of giving credit to blogs if I repeat a story I read on their site.

    Thin? Sure. Funny? Yes. Trust me, this isn’t the hardest-hitting stuff we’ll have on Connolly.

    Thanks for your concerns, though.

  • Dan says:

    I have no doubt the follow up was prompted by the original posting. An illustration that the internet gives regular folks a powerful communication tool.

    Congress critters often provide a source of amusement. I suspect Connolly will do his part in that regard.

    As far as hard hitting stuff on the opposition goes, it means little when it isn’t accompanied by an affirmative message and some demonstration of actual leadership. That seems to be the Republicans’ problem right now. Although there is widespread denial of that fact.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    today is cap ‘n trade vote. waxman or one of his stooges added a 300 page amendment to it last night. who the hell knows what is in THAT?

    call your congressman today. go on michelle malkin’s site to get their numbers if you don’t already have it on speed dial.

    i’ve written tom perriello twice. but he is from charlottesville & they don’t think about poor people there.

  • VA Blogger says:

    Well Dan, we’re still sorting out who our opposition candidate is going to be.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Gerry is still a toad, and an a-hole.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    Circuit court judges are poor?

  • kelley in virginia says:

    not john s. mosby: he makes $158,000 per annum or maybe its $153,000. i’m not going all over the office looking for a pay stub for you. look it up on the SC website.

    if you would like to travel with him for a day/week/month, i am sure he would be happy to have you. he is responsible to the constitution of US, the Commonwealth, the Code of Virginia & the people of Virginia who pay his salary. So he would be happy to have you. i’ll pack you a good lunch everyday, too.

    quit picking on him unless you’re willing to spend some time with him.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    also mosby: if you’ve ever been to lunenburg co., you know how poor it is here. the cap ‘n trade bill, with all the taxes & expensive pass-alongs from businesses & the skyrocketing energy costs will devastate this county. people are already going hungry–my Lions club is very much involved in the local food bank.

  • This is what happens when your LC isn’t paying attention to what the interns are doing.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    I love cap and trade. Love it, love it, love it. I hope it gets ramrodded through with zero (R) support.

    Why? Because nothing so much reminds middle America of why (D)s are unfit to govern like a massive regressive tax on everything. Plus, it’s easy to run on repealing it. Talk about a gift..

  • kelley in virginia says:

    cato: my congressman, Perriello D 5th, voted yes. defeating him in 2010 will be my personal mission.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    KIV – Perriello didn’t win on his strength. He won because he was running against an abject embarrassment. Field a good candidate, someone who can point to meaningful accomplishments in fields other than politics, someone with a good military record and/or business acumen, someone who by education or aptitude can deal with complex problems of policy and governance, and we have a good chance to win.

  • VA Blogger, this may not be the hardest hitting thing you have against Gerry Connolly, but if you continue to publish nonsense like this, thinly veiled attacks that not only have no substance, but are gross distortions of the facts, by the time you get to the “good stuff”, who will believe you?

    Distorting people’s records, unfair posts that are called out on your own site, and refusal to acknowledge any errors or correct them, are not the way to build credibility.

    Every congressman uses some type of form letter. It is impossible not to start with some type of pre-formatted form and then personalize it to fit the situation of the constituent being answered.

    The more relevant point is that while Tom Davis never even answered this constituent, Gerry Connolly’s staff, after sending the letter, got involved and went the extra mile to help.

    I have to agree, though, that I am surprised that Davis never responded or aided his constituent because I know from personal experience that he was, in fact, very good at providing constituent services to Democrats in his district as well as Republicans. So, his staff ignoring this strikes me as atypical.

    Anyway, as a tactic, this type of post probably hurt your credibility far more than it did Gerry Connolly’s reputation. I happen to know that he has a hardworking staff, dedicated to aiding constituents.

    Why don’t you try just opposing Connolly on actual issues where you disagree rather than trying to create issues out of thin air?

  • As the constituent in question and the original source of this material, let me just note that Connolly’s staff have been amazingly responsive and helpful. Yeah, I put up something on my blog that stirred that response, but I know how easy it is to drop the ball on something like that. We know how this works. It was just a slip on the part of some hapless intern who probably got themselves yelled at.

    Again, his folks 1) are paying close attention to blog chatter, which means they’re competent, and; 2) have been really impressively responsive after a small initial goof.

    Whichever way you slice it, his staff have done right by me. Honestly, Davis would have done the same…he was an exceptionally good Congressman, but just on his way out when I attempted to contact him.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    “cato: my congressman, Perriello D 5th, voted yes. defeating him in 2010 will be my personal mission.”

    That’s exactly why I love the cap and trade thing, it forced vulnerable freshmen like Perriello and Connolly into bad votes.

    Hell, inside scuttlebutt from Perriello’s office was that he really, REALLY didn’t want to vote for this thing but it came down to all hands on deck for the Dems.

    Stretch Pelosi really didn’t do her moderate caucus members any favors yesterday.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    if Perriello isn’t man enough to stand up to that hag who is Speaker (she was so damaged by the CIA lie–how can they take her seriously?), then he isn’t fit to be my congressman.

    alas, so many of them fall into this category.

    and what’s with Boucher? cap ‘n trade is going to bankrupt the coal industry–those were obama’s own words during the campaign–wasn’t his “yea” vote very anti-constituent?

  • The scuttlebutt on Perriello “not wanting to vote for this” came from a blogger at Red State and was picked up on a National Review blogsite.

    The original blogger got somebody in Perriello’s office on the phone who did not know how Congressman Perriello was going to vote (probably an intern). The Red State blogger was the one who made the statement that Perriello’s staff couldn’t give him a straight answer because Perriello did not want to vote for this energy bill. The Red State blogger guessed that it was because Perriello was being pressured by leadership to vote for it.

    Then National Review picked it up and twisted the story further by claiming that the congressional staffer had told the blogger all this. The original blogger from Red State, to his credit, cleared the whole thing up by later admitting publicly that he was the one who made those claims, not Perriello’s staff.

    Turns out it wasn’t true that Perriello was being pressured. He might have had a low level staffer or intern who didn’t know how he was going to vote and didn’t want to misspeak to a blogger, but Perriello was committed to this legislation and issued a statement saying so before the vote was even taken.

    Meanwhile, the original blogger later admitted that this was his words, not the Congressman’s office. Nice try spreading still another untrue meme.

    Honestly, don’t you people over here deal in truth and reality anymore? Do you deliberately lie or do you no longer recognize facts?

    I apologize if I am being less civil than usual, but it is getting truly exasperating when the people on the other side whom I used to respect for spirited arguments are becoming reduced to flimsy stories, distortions, and outright untruths.

    Come on guys, you know you can do better than this.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    “Honestly, don’t you people over here deal in truth and reality anymore?”

    The only one who brought up the Perriello subject was me. Period, end of sentence. So why don’t you drop your typical strawman leftist broad-brush attack of “you guys” and just deal with me.

    So where to begin. Let’s start with this:

    Pronunciation: \?sk?-t?l-?b?t\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: alteration of scuttled butt butt with a hole cut into it
    Date: circa 1805

    1 a: a cask on shipboard to contain freshwater for a day’s use b: a drinking fountain on a ship or at a naval or marine installation
    2: rumor, gossip

    My original posting clearly identified this as “rumor” or “gossip.” In other words, caveat emptor.

    Secondly, Brian Cobbs is not a RedState “blogger” as you assert. He’s a guy on the internet that posts comments on blogs. Big difference. Erick picked it up and put it on the front page, and incidentally didn’t bother to correct it.

    I occasionally comment over at The Fix. I suppose by your standard that would make me a reporter for the Washington Post.

    Third, if you did a little more investigation on the issue, you’d see that no less than 4 people other than Brian (including myself) contacted Perriello’s office and got the same response. Praise Jesus! It’s a miracle! We all managed to get the same clueless staffer each and every time we called! You know, for someone supposedly so committed to the legislation, it’s pretty remarkable that anyone on his staff wouldn’t know exactly what his position was on the morning of the vote.

    Finally, around 3:30, we got hold of someone in his office who was willing to admit he was going to vote yes.

    Next time you decide to directly import talking points from Blue Commonwealth and that scumbag Lowell, perhaps you should take a little initiative and check their facts as well.

    Finally, the Academy Award for best wounded victim goes to……


    Take your phony outrage and stick it up your ass, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Civil enough for you?

    Welcome to the jungle.

  • Yes, when confronted by the fact that you passed along a tidbit that was not true about Perriello, proceed to confuse the issue with a long and irrelevant definition of scuttlebutt, resort to an ad hominem attack on me, complete with obscenity, but never admit that you lied.

    Also, ignore the fact that the entire post that started this thread, which alleged that Gerry Connolly’s office had failed to provide good constitutent service, also was not true – and the person who was that constituent came on here to correct that.

    Never admit that maybe you or the original poster of the Connolly story distorted facts. Because, lately, it seems that being a Republican means never having to tell the truth when a baseless attack will suffice.

    Sorry it no longer works. And you seem far more outraged than I am.

    Or is that faux outrage too? Pot to kettle?

  • Cato the Elder says:

    Neither you nor I know for a fact whether or not Perriello was pressured. The only people who know for sure are Hoyer, Pelosi and Tom himself.

    I passed along a rumor which was meant to conjure the mental image of Perriello’s testicles in a harness, attached to a leash held by Nancy Pelosi (aside: any good cartoonists out there?). The only statement of fact I made was that there was a rumor going around Perriello was being squeezed for his vote, which there was.

    As to the original post, everything VAB posted was 100% factual. So what if it was flippant? That’s what we do here: make fun of feckless Democrats. Besides that, I count numerous posts in this thread from liberal cockroaches crying about how unfair VAB was (your tears are delicious BTW). I call that an effective post. High five VAB!

    You, on the other hand, come in here parroting the more established leftist blogs about how Perriello was committed to the legislation all along, and that the rumor about the pressure was all just part of an organized Vast Right Wing Conspiracy ™

    I can toss out several examples of Perriello fence-sitting on Waxman-Markey, which reasonably support the conclusion that he was holding out trying to get an offer from Dem leadership like Nye supposedly got. The statement you cite was issued a couple of hours before the vote, after the horse trades were finished. You’ll find no on-the-record statement from Perriello prior to June 26th supporting Waxman-Markey.

    This all means, of course, that the only liar in this thread is you, either because you yourself were ignorant of the facts and blindly followed your delusional ideological bedfellows down the rabbit hole, or simply because you’re just another despicable left-wing nutroot. You’re upset because you came in here expecting to spin your “all Republicans are liars” narrative with impunity, and you got your card pulled.

    Not that I’m someone who’s sanctimonious about truth-telling. If a baseless attack will get me just as far as the truth, and it fits on a bumper sticker, game on.

    In any event, none of this will mean zip come November 2010. If unemployment is 8+ and people are paying one penny more in energy costs, we’re going to hang it around his neck.

    Take your crusade for Truth, Light and Justice on the road though. By all means, shout it from the mountain tops in the 5th. Maybe Muldoon will loan you the sword of 1000 Truths. Let me know how that works out for you.

  • Dan says:

    It would seem that this is all the Republicans have left anymore. The tank is empty. They got nuthin’.

    They do seem to get a wee bit touchy about it though. I suppose they got used to getting away with it for so long (with the help of a very compliant and/or lazy press) that being called on it is something they are having difficulty adjusting to.

  • Cato, I just released your comment #24 from moderation. For future reference, any comment with more than one link in it will go to moderation first. Try to keep it to one link if you want it up immediately. You can always split it in two separate comments if need be.

  • AFF says:

    Just so we’re clear-

    Joking about dick sucking coke snorting republicans and the people who back them (especially the folks who don’t like to think about their allies sucking dick and snorting coke) = not okay

    Responding to a very civil post from a fairly well known liberal blogger by telling her to “stick it up her ass”= fine and dandy

    Let’s try this one-

    VA Blogger- I think your new friend Cato the Elder knows more about sucking dick and taking it up the ass than AIOW. I do like one thing about the cocksucker though- he is willing to admit he will lie, cheat, or steal to win an election and he understands his targeted demographic requires easily understood catch phrases that will fit on a bumpersticker

    Would that comment be okay?

  • Cato the Elder says:

    I lost the bet.

    I was betting that one of the resident liberal trolls would be the first in this thread to White Knight the damsel in distress. My opponent bet that it would be one of the concern trolls who shouts mightily to all who will listen about how fiercely independent and centrist they are.

    This raises a good question though. How far is too far? I mean, if I extrapolated AFF’s fascination with fellatio and anal sex and asked him when his next NAMBLA meeting was would that be OK?

    What about mom jokes? If I said that it really was a shame that AFF’s mom wasn’t more into anal sex, because then the rest of might not have to endure the skidmark on our collective underwear that is his existence? If I also noted that, unfortunately for the rest of us, his mother was apparently pro-life? Just where is the line, exactly?

    I think the main point was that if a post consisted of an ad hominem attack then it also needed substance.

    Creigh Deeds sucks.

    P.S. Who was the Republican who snorted cocaine? I though the only coke in politics today was hidden inside Malia’s teddy bear.

  • Oooookay, There says:

    Back on point. Moving right along.

    I am no fan of Gerry Connolly. I did not vote for him. However, Keith Fimian was, in a word, weak. I remember thinking on election day, “wow, this is lame.”

    NovaScout, “run better candidates” only works if you have better candidates willing to run in the first place. I don’t see them crawling out of the woodwork.

  • VA Blogger says:

    This thread took a turn…

  • AFF, thank you. Cato, you are such a drama queen.

    Sorry to hijack your thread VA Blogger.

  • VA Blogger says:

    It doesn’t bother me at all. This isn’t really a thread that demands keeping on topic. It’s just a fun little jab at Connolly.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    OT – you certainly are right to make the point that there weren’t a lot of volunteers stepping up to take one Mr. Connolly. At the time, I praised Fimian here for being willing not just to take up the challenge, but to invest a substantial bankroll of his own money in the process. I still feel that way. Nonetheless, I was responding to VB’s question in the original post about how do we end up with people like Connolly in office. We end up with that result because we don’t offer a better choice, at least according to the folks who make the decisions.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    “one” should read “on” . I really need to proofread these things. Sorry. Have a good holiday, folks.

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