Supervisors staying put (for now)

By VA Blogger

Supervisors Gerry Hyland (D-Mt. Vernon) and Cathy Hudgins (D-Hunter Mill) have taken to the press to combat rumors that they’re retiring or resigning. I’ve heard and alluded to both rumors before, while understanding that they were not confirmed. Interestingly, I only heard that Hudgins was not seeking re-election in two years, not that she was stepping down to take a job in the Administration. Though Hudgins is now on the record as running again, this could still change in 24 months. Especially with her votes on I-66 hanging around her neck.

Gerry Hyland has been the subject of retirement rumors for a long time now, and one of his aides even sent out an email stating that he was assuming Hyland would retire and threw his hat into the ring. Such a move just may provoke Hyland into staying for another term, though in his statement Hyland merely said he’d make that decision later, not that he was definitely running again.

So despite their protests, it remains possible that both Hyland and Hudgins won’t be on the ballot in 2011. The story doesn’t mention the retirement rumors about Mike Frey (R-Sully), either, though that prospect is far less likely than Hyland or Hudgins. But if true, and if Pat Herrity (R-Springfield) decides to run for Chairman again, there could be four open seats on the Board next time around.


  • reston libertarian says:

    I am saddened by the non-retirement of supervisor Hudgins. I kept waiting for confirmation of the rumor.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    Hunter Mill is a 100% safe Democratic district, so what would you accomplish by having Cathy retire? Most likely, an even more liberal Dem would be nominated to take her place.

  • VA Blogger says:

    Not John, it also depends on how redistriciting shakes everything up. Hunter Mill right now is gerrymandered to include both Reston and Vienna.

  • reston libertarian says:

    Maybe the dems will nominate a more moderate candidate, OR the repubs can take the seat in a special election. Change is good either way.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    Yeah, you may win a special election in Braddock where there are still majority-Republican precincts. The best-performing precincts in Hunter Mill for Republicans are at best 42-44% and that’s generous. Some of the Reston precincts are close to 80% Democratic, and the overall average in Hunter Mill is about 65%.

  • Crimson Fist says:

    So wait, you guys lose a seat you held for 18 years, a seat that went overwhelmingly for Obama, a seat your candidate outspent the Republican by 6-to-1 and NOW its “the thrid most Republican seat” or “it had Republican leaning precincts?” Talk about revisionist history.

    The REAL “thrid most Republican seat” is Dranesville, a district where the Dem 10th Congressional candidate calls home and got completely destroyed in last year, losing her home precinct and winning only four of 26 precincts. The district where despite McAuliffe opening up his office for Bulova phonebanking, still went for Herrity with the second biggest total GOP votes cast.

    As far as Hunter Mill goes, I really hope you guys do believe its a safe Dem district, just like you did with Braddock. Voters in NOVA look at the candidate, not just party.

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