Power Line Crazy

By Loudoun Insider

Dominion and other power companies apparently wants to criss cross Loudoun County with more and more huge overhead transmission lines.  This LTM article sums up the latest proposals, including the well publicized PATH line.  Frank Wolf has been at the forefront of this battle, fighting for his constituents.  Use htis thread to bash the power companies and praise Frank Wolf!


  • Leej says:

    And guess what uses the power in enormous amounts ha ha the non leed certified ugly as sin and popping up on every corner and energy gobbling are the data centers and industrial. At least the buildings should have been by the airport especially on 606 and even on airport property so the airport could profit. airports and data and industrial make good neighbors. But nooooo the idiot planners in this county have then in your face and on every corner. Well they take enormous amounts of power. That is why western Loudoun will be criss crossed by these Godzilla like gigantic poles and nothing is going to stop it. They should be buried underground like a lot of Europe which is way ahead of us on this. But it will never never happen. Expect a lot more of this. People in the entire USA should complain to congress that all transmission lines throughout the country should be buried period.

  • The PATH folks just applied to the SCC. There are united groups openly calling for the dismissal of James Dimitri as a Commissioner.
    What this article, by the SCC… http://www.scc.virginia.gov/newsrel/m_dimitri_08.aspx ..
    doesn’t say is that the “private practice” was for Dominion Power.
    Another entry spells that out. http://baconsrebellion.blogspot.com/2008/08/kaine-appoints-dominion-counsel-to-scc.html

    Even Head Democrats are calling on Kaine with FOIA’s.
    There is a push for the Loudoun BOS to sign on as a represented party in the discussions of record. My sources say they will , by majority, become represented party in this.
    Public input for Loudoun occurs Aug. 5th at the Loudoun Valley High School Auditorium. They’re expecting quite a crowd, so the auditorium location was secured.
    All who can attend to speak against this should show up. You don’t have to be impacted directly. All comments become part of the record, so marked reinforcement of the fact that their own data is faulty, and their own projections of power usage into 2012 are flawed, and not truly reflective of the actual downturn in the power needs of NJ, due in large part to the use of Alternative Energy, and that they have misrepresented their numbers to the SCC.
    Add to this, Ben Kelehan’s Twitter about those PATH lines bringing in “clean wind power”…when in fact it’s a 30 year old dirty as hell Coal plant looking for willing (or canned) customers to be able to sell the coal to…and Kelehan has just been shown as a schemeing letch that we all suspected he was.

  • Freddie says:

    This is classic NIMBYism.

  • notapowerlinefan says:

    Rep. Wolf seems like one of the few politicians willing to fight this issue and fight for his constituents over big business.

  • RichmondDem says:

    Anybody concerned about the results of sprawl (like these powerlines) should read this book:


    Not a political book per se in that it isn’t either conservative or liberal, but a good read that talks about how to address these kinds of issues without resorting to NIMBYism.

  • BPM’s comment #2 was just freed from moderation limbo.

    I’ve heard PATH has hired Saint. We can only hope that they’re as successful as they were with HCA!

    The LTM had a banner ad for PATH at various times last week – the PR effort is well uinderway.

  • Leej says:

    Sorry folks nothing will stop these lines from being built. Our BOS has very little they can do.
    They did not stop the line from Leesburg to purcellville and not going to happen here unless congress gets involved, which I doubt will happen. The better option is to bury these lines like I said before like a lot of Europe does. The power companies need to bite the bullet and reorganize their construction and engineering to make buried lines everyday stuff and then it will eventually bring the cost down when they are set up and bury lines on a regular basis. Monk we will see how good you are if you can stop this. That is a direct challenge from me 😉

  • Lee, you’re out of the loop….as usual.
    The BOS is the ONLY entity that can relax a standing conservation easement prior to it’s current term of ….perpetuity.
    Only a Judge can overrule that easement and declare it void. And that “judge” does so at great peril. His very appointment will hinge on that one moment.

  • Leej says:

    I repeat the power company will end up getting their way. But I hope it does not happen. Again the next best solution is underground. And the power companies lobbyist paid by us that pay for our electricity are some of the best there is out there. Monk I know you have a personal interest in this and I really do hope you win but I doubt it. Just like the hospital wars you must understand the big picture not just the personal one. And this crap the power is not needed is not going to fly.

  • Michael Savage says:

    Frank Wolf will be as successful stopping the power lines as he was with easing traffic with that technology all over Rt. 7 that cost a ton and didn’t work.

  • And just what would Vern McKinley have done?

  • “And this crap the power is not needed is not going to fly.”
    Your ignorance of the situation is on display…again.
    Their customer base is in New Jersey, Lee.
    Not a volt of that power stays here.
    Their production has already dwindled as their customers have dropped their usage in the past couple of years. The reasons? There are solar and wind alternatives coming online every day in that timeline.
    Allegheny has purposely put fraudulent numbers out there as projections.

    The second issue is they’re trying to promote this as a security measure. What if terrorists knock out one line? I have an even better solution. By divesting power production to each individual state, and encouraging solar and wind options for each particular region, knocking it all out together will be impossible.
    Since 50% of the coal power is lost in transmission— local power that is nearly 100% usable makes much better sense.

    See, Lee.
    You and Texas should have parted company a long time ago. You just don’t have the fight in you that your Texan lineage would indicate.

    Now on the otherhand, I have absolute malcontent bred into me.
    Half Dillinger, and half Mosby Raider….well, it explains my lifetrack better than anything else we’ve been able to figure on.

  • Leej says:

    Well good luck because you are going to need it.

    Monk understand it fully.

    Just like you did not understand the hospital wars which and then people like you and Cliff and others started to attack the emergency room the doctors and medical staff which made you all look like fools. Cliff still does attack the doctors on other blogs.

    But anyway Power lines go thru states all over the country to supply other states. What The last power line fight in Loudoun you lost.
    It is going to happen this time and nobody buys the BS NJ or where ever it goes they don’t need the power. Things like data centers and industrial are mostly non green and energy gobbling and yes they are even built in NJ etc. And blackouts on the east coast have been legendary. And of course they are going to make the electricity as cheap as possible. Monk if you fight it with your logic you are going to lose and lose badly. Just like the leesburg to purcellville was a lost cause. Thinking you are going to win by calling them liars like you do with everything you don’t like is the dumbest way to make your case. Monk you have been wrong about a lot of things these days from the hospital to the economy. You should go back to your horses. As much as I like solar and wind in theory it is still out of reach cost wise and not there yet in technology for cost to benefit for the average person or business. I have used geo thermal very successfully out in western Loudoun tho cheaper then wind or solar I don’t my clients will ever seen a positive return on the initial cost over the life of the system. And repairing these things can also be extremely expensive. The most cost effective is passive from how you design the home or building to insulation and windows and doors. Appliances and even the light bulbs. Monk I have more of a fight then you can ever imagine, but attacking the way you do is a sure way you will lose, just like the school yard bully always loses.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    It should be a NIABY issue.

    Not in anyone’s back yard.

    This method of power transmission hasn’t changed since Edison figured it out.


  • CSR says:

    Sorry LI, i’ve heard its Mindy Williams and Access Point doing the PR work for PATH – she’s involved with the Chamber somehow and has done lots of work for Dominion

  • who will think of the children? says:

    i can’t figure out the connection between the ad at the top of the independent and the PATH website

  • That’s the same ad I saw at the LTM before. I don’t know why they would be advertising in the Independent since it is so eastern oriented.

  • Go to the http://www.notopath.org site, instead.

    Lee….what can I say? The only thing you do well is twist the truth and type like a two year old.

    Yup, you definitely got me there, @#$%^&.

  • Leej says:

    Here is something else you were wrong about is INOVA not building a hospital on rt 50.


  • jacob says:

    Solar and wind power in NJ? R-U-kidding? The trouble with sources like wind and solar is they are unreliable. When I lived east of LA I got to see the wind farms that covered hundreds of square miles and as often as not — where idle!

    Furthermore, any electrical power that is transmitted far from its source suffers from a loss. This is not unique to coal generated power.

    BTW Where did you get your 50% loss number from? Did you know that 90% of all statistics are pulled out of someone butt at the time of their use?

  • Dominion stooge Kaine says he’ll try to get his SCC representative, James Dimitri, former Dominion lobbyist, to attend the local SCC meeting. Oh boy, we should feel really comfortable with that!


  • Leej says:

    Unless the whole system changes in the way these things get approved there is not a chance in hell in stopping these transmission lines. Just not going to happen. Don’t forget power is needed for the public interest 😉 hard thing to fight. At least get them under ground.

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