VEA Endorses Miller

By Too Conservative

Bad news for Jeannette Rishell in Manassas….the VEA came out and endorsed Republican Jackson Miller!


 Here’s an excerpt from the release:


Today the Virginia Education Association (VEA), the VEA Fund, officially endorsed Delegate Jackson Miller for reelection to the House of Delegates in the 50th District. The endorsement came at the recommendation of the Manassas Education Association and Prince William County Education Association, whose members are made up of local teachers and school employees. 


During this year’s General Assembly Session, Delegate Miller voted to protect funding for Virginia’s public schools in the state budget. Delegate Miller has promoted legislation to adequately fund English as a second language programs within the state education funding formula and legislation that would make our schools safer for both the students and our public education employees. 


  • Cato the Elder says:

    How odd. Maybe they were distraught at the prospect of “weapons of ass destruction” showing up in the media center?

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    Good news! They will get their members out working for Miller AND they give money to candidates they endorse.

  • Keep Toilets Clean says:

    Hiring someone as a campaign manager who was posting pictures of used condoms on their public facebook page is an easy way to lose an endorsement from educators, but I guess Jeanette Rishell never figured that out. I imagine the Family Foundation endorsement is a foregone conclusion at this point…

  • Loudoun Lady says:


    Question, will this automatically get their members out working for Miller?

  • FedUp says:

    Interesting endorsement. Jackson’s constituents should be asking him a lot of questions about his position on education issues. Is he with Bob McDonnell in supporting the kind of public school reform, such as school choice and merit pay, that will actually result in achievement gains or will he side with the teachers unions that continue to block such reform? Does he want to increase the size of government by supporting costly universal pre-K?

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