The New Proactive Fairfax GOP Continues to Impress

By VA Blogger

After growing the party rolls, getting integrally involved in the Pat Herrity and John Cook races—resulting in a narrow loss and a victory—and hosting two successful fundraisers, the Fairfax County Republican Committee under the helm of Anthony Bedell continues to gain momentum and impress.


Over the course of ten days in late July, the Committee paid for a series of teletown halls featuring all fifteen Republican candidates for the House of Delegates, including incumbents Dave Albo, Tom Rust, and Tim Hugo. The calls reached over 100,000 voters in Fairfax, and was entirely paid for by the FCRC. This is yet another example of the new and improved Committee compared to previous years, and a sign of good things still to come in a County that’s sure to be a battleground yet again in November.


The Committee also launched their new website,, bringing the county party into the 21st Century (personally, I found navigating the old site as painful as getting your wisdom teeth removed). Check it out when you get the chance, and put your feedback in the comments!


  • Ken Reid says:

    Anthony Bedell is a genius. He is the best thing to come along to the Fairfax GOP in years. Remarkable man!

  • We all know that that movement started in Loudoun with the election of Glen Caroline. It spread to Fairfax…and these two men will probably deliver a majority of NOVA to McDonnell. I thank both of them for their much needed service to these counties…and will follow their lead wherever they ask.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    So they had two fundraisers and bought a robo-dialer. Is that the low bar for genius these days?

  • NJSM…it’s SO much more than that. You’ll have to wait till November to watch the machinery clicking along.
    There was no organized effort and too many seat warmers in the committee.
    He has united them and mobilized the willing, and eliminated the dead weight.
    That Committee is ENERGIZED and READY.

  • Monk is spot on. I haven’t seen the Committee this energized in a while. We actually make it through meetings on time and without fifteen arguments over Roberts Rules.

  • Stacey's Mom says:

    Monk, I would agree with you. As a former member I am preparing to rejoin. Not only is the chairman a great improvement but the staff is a huge upgrade. Seamus and Kerry are delightful and responsive, far better than what the committee had before.

    D’s in Fairfax need to watch out, Anthony and his team are ready to bring the fight.

  • novamiddleman says:

    Humm really maybe I should start attending them again

  • Stacey’s Mom… We had a resurgence of lapsed members ready to bring a ground game when Glen stepped into the Loudoun Committee Chair’s shoes. He brought a direction and an outright enthusiasm among members of all factions…and we began to work together with purpose. Bedell is cut from that same cloth.Fairfax will benefit from his leadership. Thank you for re-engaging and lending your talents to the effort.

  • I strongly encourage anyone who left over the last few years to get back involved. This is going to be a great year.

  • Ken Reid says:

    The Monk is right about Glen Caroline, and his entire Executive Committee, too, so I should not have left them out. They have done a masterful job rejuvenating LCRC and keeping folks interested, despite the debacle of last year’s elections.

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