“Moran’s Townhall Descends Into Chaos”

By Too Conservative

Rep. Jim Moran’s town hall meeting descended into chaos Tuesday night as protestors clashed — in one case violently — with supporters of a broad federal health care expansion, leading the 8th District Democrat to angrily seek to evict some of the loudest demonstrators.

Full story here.

Who went?


  • Anyone ever had the misfortune of having a body shop do repair work on their ride? There’s an insurance rate, and there’s an out of pocket rate.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    I have seen some poor guy tooling aroun Lovettsville in a yellow thing that looks like he pissed off a repair guy.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Cato, McCain thinks I’m right on the GC.

  • AFF says:

    I appreciate your mostly serious (Palin/male anal sex) reply to my inquiry. I’ve been slammed all day but I’ll get back- I haven’t had any luck with cash payments but I suspect the insurance we carry is similar.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    I actually wasn’t trying to be funny or flippant. Levers of power are very, very hard to roll back once established. The point I was trying to make is what happens when someone who’s 180 degrees from where you are personally with respect to values gets their hands on them, as will inevitably happen at some point. We don’t even have to go back that far historically, just look at what happened when conservatives sleptwalked through the passage of the Patriot Act.

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