Comstock Looking to Pickup One

By Too Conservative

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the tale of Barbara Comstock who is running to retake the seat long held by Delegate Vince Callahan.

Comstock has the $, personality, and campaign staff necessary to take back the seat, and she’s doing EVERYTHING she can to ensure a GOP pickup.

Her campaign is knocking on thousands of doors a week and spending time meeting voters, hearing their concerns, and following up.

The effort seems to be run on her side almost flawlessly, and I hope in the current climate that she is one of the GOPers to overcome the tide.

If you have a few free hours on a weekday night or weekend, her race would be one to help!


  • NoVA Scout says:

    I think this seat was winnable but that the choice of Comstock was an error. Her history is entirely too ideological for the district and she doesn’t have the history of involvement with the community that her opponent does. Of course, she does have national money and visibility and she may be able to run away from her harsher past positions and activities. Certainly that tactic appears to be a successful theme thus far for Republicans in Virginia.

  • Anon says:

    I’ve heard this argument from a number of people and did some research. What’s interesting is that Comstock worked in Frank Wolfs office for 5 years as a senior aide, so one would have to be involved in the community. That aside, involvement in the community has nothing to do with whether you’re right for the district or on the issues. Vanderhye seems to be on the wrong side of every issue that matter to the people of Northern Virginia. She’s pro-labor, pro tax increases, and is even on record saying that we need more Californian green policies(code word for cap and trade). Furthermore last year Vanderhye said Frank Wolf is out of touch with the district, that should give voters some pause before considering her reelection

  • NoVA Scout says:

    Anon: I’d be interested in knowing about your research, but for the moment, I’ll confine myself to your comment.

    I think you misread the “people of Northern Virginia”, or at least the people of the 34th HD district. The district is not particularly ideological, and Vanderhye has been around long enough for many people to think of her as thinking for herself on issues. She has plenty of healthy relationships with folks who are generally more Republican than Democrat in their support for politicians. I’ll wager one shiny nickel that when we look at contributions by the end of the race, you’ll find a lot of donors in the Vanderhye camp who have been strong Republican supporters in the past. I agree that her support for Wolf’s opponent is a negative and was a misstep by Vanderhye. But she is personally popular across party lines. Comstock has run with a pretty rough right wing crowd that doesn’t resonate with a lot of voters in this particular district. I also think there is an impression (not sure where it comes from, so it may be factually incorrect, but it’s out there) that Comstock is looking past this race to position herself to be Wolf’s successor. If that’s true, I expect the race to get very tense if Comstock is finding herself behind in the later weeks. There may be more at stake than just an HD seat.

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