Scrutiny Spreads to ’99 Deeds Remarks

By VA Blogger

Creigh Deeds in a campaign mailer: “NO SPECIAL RIGHTS FOR GAYS”.


I don’t believe in discrimination, but I don’t believe in special rights for anyone. I have never voted to allow gay partners to receive medical insurance — or any other benefit — from the state. It’s sad that Mr. Collins has to resort to bigotry and hate-mongering.


These comments were made by then-Del. Creigh Deeds in a campaign mailer ten years ago, which from what I’m told can only mean he still believes it today. Creigh Deeds even supported bringing the Marshall-Newman Amendment to a statewide vote!


When should we expect a front-page A1 story from the Washington Post about this?


(h/t Weekly Standard – click for full ad)


  • Rtwng Extrmst says:

    Guess Mr. Deeds shouldn’t be throwing stones when he lives in a glass house.

  • Dan says:

    First, let me say that publishing these documents is absolutely fair and appropriate in a political campaign for governor. I would not want anyone to think I have anything in common with the childish whining about an equally fair and complete airing of Bob McDonnell’s written statements and legislative record.
    Having said that, it appears that the argument being made with the Weekly Standard “disclosures” is pretty much this:
    McDonnell is an extremist conservative BUT LOOK Deeds is a moderate conservative.
    I’m content with Virginia voters making that comparison.

  • A Voter says:

    I agree, Va Blogger… something tells me that the Washington Post won’t be covering this story on A1 or even on the front page of the metro section.
    Gee, I wonder why all of the worthless newspapers in this country seem to be going under?

  • Elder Berry says:

    Deeds is a moderate Democrat. His moderate stance on social issues is about what anyone would expect given his background: he’s unlikely to be a crusader for gay rights but he is a defender of overall civil rights.

    Actually sounds like a pretty good fit with Virginia.

    No story.

  • The date of a hard hitting Post story on Deeds’s comments will be two weeks AFTER the Second Coming.

    I was interviewed by a Post reporter yesterday asking for my response to an alleged challenge from my opponent demanding that I respond to Bob McDonnell’s thesis. I told her I barely have enough time to read the Wash Post, much less a 20 year old theses whose author won’t defend it. Besides, I said, I am a candidate for delegate, not a masters degree.

    I also mentioned that the Post should ask Deeds for all his college term papers. And they should examine a Deeds sponsored website which CLEARLY mischaracterizes some of the bills Bob’s voted on, and even reversing a vote.

    For example, one resolution introduced by Del. Baskerville set aside one day for honoring equal pay for equal work. IT didn’t give one American woman (or illegal alien female) an extra dime of pay. Moreover, it did not cite the fact that because women leave and enter the workplace because they get pregnant is a major factor for pay disparity. I voted against it and so did Bob along with 38 or so other folks, mostly Republicans.

    Several of us voted against MANDATING that group health insurance police pay for prescription birth control. That is not a vote against birth control, but a vote against mandating payment for it on insurance policies. I offered amendments prohibiting using paying for abortions as back up for failed birth control, giving prescription birth control to minors without parental consent, or using drugs in ways not approved by the FDA. These failed.

    Also, Brian Moran and Chap Peterson voted with me AND the dreaded Bob McDonnell. What did this claque of screaming sexists do? We voted to allow a pharmacist NOT to have to fill a prescription for abortion pills if they had moral objections to doing so. Did Deeds cast Brian Moran and Chap Peterson into the outer darkness? Did the Post decide to report on several of Deed’s misrepresentations of Bob McDonnell’s votes?

    That story about Deeds inability to read bills correctly will come three weeks after the Second Coming by any remaining Post writers.

    Delegate Bob Marshall

  • AFF says:

    Delegate Marshall,
    You should consult with your PR people before you post on blogs and engage in shark jumping.
    You bi-ass is showing

  • Cato the Elder says:

    I doubt you’re going to have any trouble with your opponent Bob, whose main plank is allowing gay marriage, which actually puts him to the left of Obama. I guess he thinks he’s running for election in Fire Island or South Beach.
    But just in case, my check is in the mail…

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