The Biggest Laugh of the Day

By VA Blogger


goes to Lowell Feld and Gerry Connolly, with public speculation that Boss Connolly may be interested in running for Governor in 2013.

The idea is so far-fetched as to not even warrant active discussion, except to ponder the hysteria that might result on Not Larry Sabato if the 2013 race ends up being between Gerry Connolly and Ken Cuccinelli.



  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Gerry “the toad” Connelly is still croaking, huh?

  • rabble rouser says:

    I can see Ken’s adds now Connolly = Corruption, but Cuccinelli = Common Sense!

  • James Young says:

    Hysteria? Ben’s head would explode.

  • Dan says:

    OMG! A Connolly / Cuccinelli matchup in 2013!
    The sure loser in that one would be the people of Virginia. I can’t imagine either of those two ass clowns in the Governor’s mansion.

  • I think we all know who would win that matchup atleast. Connolly needs to be acareful he wins both his congressional elections between now and then.

  • Dan says:

    Well, in the event of a Connolly / Cuccinelli race I would hope some third party or independent candidate would run and win.
    As to predictions of who would win such a nightmare race, it would be foolish to attempt a prediction four years out.

  • aaron says:

    Cuccinelli already said he would let bolling run. I know that is not set in stone but cuccinelli is a loooong ways away from the gov. Mansion

  • Dan says:

    And of course, for him to “let Bolling run” assumes that both he and Bolling will win their respective races this November. I think they call that putting the cart before the horse.
    This campaign is just getting started. The voters are often full of surprises.

  • Dan, unfortunately –at 40 minus days before that election, and with the DEms numbers dropping again…I think a Republican win is now inevitable. Can you please give it a rest. Aaron, I’m relieved that Cooch has weighed in on that promise. Because it’s Bolling’s turn. He stepped to the side and let McDonnell run this time- saving the Party and his campaign immeasurable funding. I think very highly of a man who does not let his ambition and ego step on his johnson everytime he walks.

  • Ron says:

    James, Are you saying that Ben’s head has not already exploded?

    As far as a Cuccinelli-Connolly race, I guess that means that finally Connolly will agree to debate Cuccinelli (as Ken was asking for on the Dulles Rail issue). It might be enough to get Dan to vote for Cuccinelli!

  • Dan says:

    Bulletproof, I always encourage Republican overconfidence. Please feel free to continue to consider a Republican victory inevitable. Please encourage all your friends to feel the same way.
    You are right. In fact, everyone should consider Republican victories through 2012 to be foregone conclusions and focus on 2013.
    I’m sure President George Allen would concur.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    George Allen….the third ass clown after Connelly and Cooch. I thought Cantor was emabrassing enough the last few weeks, but Allen on TV this week was the worst. If he ever intends on getting back in the game….he better get some game!!

  • Jason says:

    Isn’t it interesting that BV is talking up a Petersen candidacy in 2013, but not a Wagner or a Shannon candidacy. Think they’ve decided to just write off 2009?

  • RichmondDem says:

    Oh hell no! I want either Steve Shannon or Chap to be the nominee in ’13. One should be the nominee for Governor, the other LG. I can’t decide on the order, though. Either of them would wipe the floor with Senator Macaca.

    Connolly needs to stay the hell away from statewide politics.

  • RichmondDem says:

    ” I thought Cantor was emabrassing enough the last few weeks,”.
    Cantor is such a typical House incumbent. He thinks he’s hot stuff because he wins by huge margins in an uber-partisan district against sacrificial lambs as opposition.

  • Rtwng Extrmst says:

    I heard ken Cuccinelli got the FOP endorsement this week. He’s gonna win this folks, and he may have a wider margin that McDonnell’s win.

  • Dorothy says:

    Only if your followers don’t vote for McDonnell. That is the only way you would have a wider margin. You are no team player.

  • G. Stone says:

    If I were a Republican candidate I would be spending these last 40 days acting like I was 12 points down. The same should be said for supporters of all three R’s at the top and our delegate races lower on the ticket.

  • G….agreed. I do feel like it is inevitable…but alsao believe in running like we’re 10 points behind. I’ll be doing my part, as will you.
    As far as that goes, when this resurgence goes down in 2010, the republicans who are swept in have ONE chance to impress …and not get caught up in their pettiness like this is some kind of rebroadcasting of the pathetic excuses after the 1994 sweep.

  • Chris says:

    First of all, bank on it that if Cuccinelli is elected Attorney General that he will run against Jim Webb for the US Senate. The man is born to be in a legislative body and the kind of ideas and ideology that he has, limited government federalism, is most effective in the US Senate.

    Bill Bolling will be the unquestioned GOP candidate for governor in 2013.

    As for Gerry Connolly, its not so far-fetched. I remember hearing way back when that if Tom Davis had run for reelection in 2008, he was going to sit out that race and let Byrne run and the rumor I heard pretty heavily was that Gerry was going to run for Lt. Governor in 2009, so he clearly has statewide ambitions. In fact, I would not be suprised in the least that if Webb were to not run again or take a high cabinet post (SecDef, SecState) that Connolly wouldn’t jump right into a Senate race.

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