Guess Who’s Back!

By Too Conservative

I clicked off a link from S.E.Cupp’s Twitter account which took me to a HuffPost story about a new calendar from the Clare Booth Luce Institute. The calendar is of “notable Republican women” ..and guess who showed up on the calendar!?

Click here to see.


  • Oh that’s great lol. Have seen this one already and I was so sure that I would see this one get mentioned on a blog. And here it is.

    All the best.

  • Leej says:

    This site is and has become one big commercial.

    Your only audience is republicans so who are you preaching to the monk is about who have mostly left. Which mostly means nothing. this is the monks blog and nobody reply’s. This site is slowly going the same way. Where is monks posse, I believe they abandon him. 😉 This site is almost officially dead. Will end up like the operative, soon to be dead and gone unless something changes. Goodbye

  • Brian S says:

    Lee, it’s election season. Getting our candidates elected is important and getting the message out is part of what the site’s all about.
    Besides, it’s slow on the blogs right now. Ben just did his first post in four days over at NLS, and many other sites haven’t updated in a while.
    But hey – if there’s something you want to argue about, let me know. I’ll be happy to make a post about it.

  • Lee misses his alter site. Kinda like an alter universe.
    I’ve repeatedly told him that my munbers are around 1200 moonthly…and they climbed to twice that with the El-Atari story.
    He seems to think that counts are about who post replies. I see the repeat visits from NUMEROUS readers and lurkers. It’s not about posting a reply. It’s about seeing what’s newsworthy each day…and I’m thankful for all 1200 who check in weelky to see what’s shakin’.

  • Here I thought you were announcing Sarah Palin’s Book release. I’m gonna dance a jig when it goes to the NYT’s humber one seller for 6 months.

  • Dan says:

    Bulletproof, I will be adding to the sales figures for the book. But then, I have always been fascinated by hurricanes , tornadoes and other assorted disasters. I can’t wait for November 17th.

  • 🙂

    Great read. It’ll have chapters in it regarding cutting the legs out from under “cookie cutter” politicians…whether from your party or the other one.

    There’ll be a chapter on how resume-building it is to actually administrate the 165,000 employees in Alaska’s government, as well as how to handle the State’s $11 BIL budget.

    Thrown in for good measure, she can probably expound on how she took illegal money from the oil and natural resource mining and returned it to the Alaskan folks she represented…upholding the Alaskan Constitution all in the same moment.

    Gosh, fellow…there’s just so much more to point out. The book may well have over 2000 pages to cover it all.

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