Hurt Announces in VA-5

By Too Conservative

Great news.


  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Sounds like a man with a plan!

  • kelley in virginia says:

    Good guy. he is certainly my choice though there are others seeking the nomination. bottom line: Perriello (the democrat incumbent) will have access to the big Dem money in DC. the race will probably be much closer than the current gubernatorial race so the DNC won’t abandon him. the 5th CD will need the help of the experienced “politicos” in NoVa to get a Republican Congressman. thanks in advance!

  • R says:

    What do you see as Hurt’s advantages in a multi-candidate run? Are constituents of the 5th more familiar with him?

  • aaron says:

    R, he already has most of the 5th in his senate district. Furthermore, has worked and lived in the area for a long time. Even serving as a delegate some time ago.

    The only question is whether tucker watson will run his campaign. Tucker was one of the reasons virgil lost this seat in the first place.

    I really think Hurt can win the district and will be a great rep.

  • Kim says:

    Considering he voted for abuser fees twice and the largest tax cut in virginia history in 2004, I don’t know if he’s the best the 5th District can do. If Virgil is backing him that’s one thing, but if Tucker is backing him, that’s a whole different thing.

  • NotAndySere says:

    Aaron and others, I feel like I’m watching a game of Conservative telephone. I think the first talking points were that Hurt had represented “a lot” of the 5th District, then I saw “a quarter” or “a fourth” and now I’m seeing “most.”

    If you are very generous and round up to all of Campbell County, and you are also generous enough to assume all of Henry and Martinsville from his Delegate day, and add that to Franklin, Pittsylvania, and Danville, you still are at less than 40% of the district.

    And that’s assuming that the people really know a guy who’s never ran in a difficult election. What is name-id for a young politician who’s never had to campaign? Anyone running against Perriello will have a lot of work to do in this huge district.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    notandysere: you are exactly right. anyone running against an incumbent Congressman must hustle. however, Sen Hurt (my choice) or any of the others will be running against a candidate that has already voted for cap ‘ trade & the GIVE act. how will he vote on Obamacare? i read an article a few weeks ago that said that an Al Gore group (one of his anti-global warming groups) was fundraising with Perriello. Not even all of Albemarle believes that stuff.

    PS: I have heard from reliable source that Hurt has hired campaign manager that is NOT Tucker Watkins. when that info becomes public, i’ll let you know.

    and thanks NoVa, for taking an interest.

  • kelley in virginia says:

    also, to his credit, Perriello held more town halls than any other Congressman. But because of the animosity against the Administration & Obamacare in particular, his townhalls weren’t triumphant marches thru Southside. There is anti-administration (or it could be anti-Congress, anti-govt) feeling here larger than ever. That will help any anti- Perriello candidate that can capture it.

  • Gnarly says:

    Put the seat back in the (R) column!!!

  • Aaron says:

    I know Hurt has the hustle in him to take this seat back. virgil will endorse. 40% representation of an area is far more than anyone else running and just because he didnt have hotly contested elections doesnt mean he didnt get out and work the district, meet people, and get his name out.

    Further, he has campaigned with McDonnell when he was in the area and this has only helped increase his name recognition.

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