The Dems Should Have Picked Hillary

By Loudoun Insider

Let me start out by saying that I cannot stand Hillary Clinton.  But the Dems would have been much better off strategically if they had picked Hillary to be their nominee.  There was no way any GOP candidate was going to win that election with GWB hanging around their necks.  Hillary would have won and certainly would have governed more to the center than Obama has.  Sure she had her own brush with nationalizing health care, but I think more than anything she is savvy and learned from her experience.  For all the grief people gave her for having no real experience, she certainly was a major player in her husband’s administration.  Even though I am no Bill Clinton fan by any means, he did govern well from the center and remains popular, even with his flaws.  Obama’s inexperience has shown through time and time again and he seemingly has lost any bit of political common sense he once seemingly exhibited.  The economy continues to stagnate and the citizenry is increasingly blaming that on Obama and the Dems in general.  I honestly think Hillary would have done a better job at handling nearly all of the challenges facing Obama.  Obama promised too much and is proving himself overmatched, and that is going to continue to take its toll on the Dems, especialy in the midterm 2010 elections.  “Change” is taking on a whole new meaning now!


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