SD-37 Special: The Evening Before

By VA Blogger

A reminder to all voters in the 37th Senate District, the Republican Firehouse Primary is tomorrow, December 1st, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., at Centreville High School, 6001 Union Mill Rd. Any registered voter in the 37th District can vote.


If you’re a voter still making up your mind, I’ve done two previous posts that cover all the candidates, and reached out to all the campaigns for one last hurrah. Will Nance’s campaign offers their latest mailer, as well as a video of Nance speaking at the FCRC meeting two weeks ago:



Marianne Horinko is the only campaign with an active letter to the editor campaign, scoring two letters in the latest Burke Connection. Connection doesn’t have the widest circulation, but the people that read and care about its content are the types most likely to vote in a special election for state office. Horinko also snapped this picture with Dick Heller:



Meanwhile, they also sent me one of their many mailers, which you can find here. It features endorsement quotes from Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe and departed columnist Robert Novak, to shore up her conservative bonafides. Will Nance’s campaign also announced they were endorsed by the Concerned Women for America, the largest public policy women’s organization.


I hope tomorrow we’re all able to unite behind a candidate and keep this seat in Republican hands. As I noted before, despite now having five Delegate seats, three Supervisor seats, three School Board seats, and Bob McDonnell carrying it, this is our only Senate seat left in Fairfax County. And more importantly, the 37th District deserves more than a self-serving opportunist who doesn’t even live in the district, even now that he’s running.



  • 200 Grande says:

    Gimli forgot to mention Steve Hunt who, in terms of meaningful endorsements, is where it’s at:

    Mason Conservative had a great write-up:

  • Rtwng Extrmst says:

    So VA Blogger, why no mention of Mr. Hunt?

  • VA Blogger says:

    I emailed the campaign for the post and didn’t get a response.

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    Judging from this post, we can put you down as not a fan of Steve? He remains my first choice. Or is it that you could find no pictures or endorsements of him?

    Who is in the picture with Marianne? And what might be the point of the picture? That the NRA supports her? Steve has their support and the support of other groups supporting the Second Amendment. Or is the point that Ken Cuccinelli likes her? Not so much. He has endorsed no one, but it seemed obvious in the past that Ken supported Steve Hunt.

  • VA Blogger says:

    I have made no endorsement in the race; as I said, I contacted all three campaigns for items they wished to promote, and two of them responded back to me. Furthermore, there are other blogs that feature information on Hunt, but none that feature the other two candidates, and as far as I can tell few that have (previously) covered all three campaigns.

  • Listening Lurker says:

    Gonna side with VAB on this one.

    He has way too much integrity and too much to lose to do something that unbelievably petty.

    Cut the man some slack. We have our ideological differences (and I have a ton with VAB), but there’s no need to suggest something this silly and insulting.

    Besides, VAB isn’t the only one who has been waiting days since he sent an e-mail to the Hunt campaign without acknowledgement or reply. Thankfully, I found my own answer.

  • We have three good choices, and I look forward to whomever we choose tonight beating the pants of Dave Marsden.

  • anonymous says:

    Having this vote in centreville on a tuesday night is one of the worst ideas ever…

  • Vickie says:

    No kidding! Waiting for my husband to finish voting so I can go vote. Have a little one at home. He’s been there for an hour, still has 100-150 people ahead of him.

  • Kevin says:

    Traffic was still backed up after 8 and a long line to vote. I see Nance and Hunt supporters working the line. Have seen any one for Horinko.

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