Huckabee on the Shootings UPDATE

By Too Conservative


A worthwhile blog to read on why pointing the finger at the Governor doesn’t work.


  • Loudoun Lady says:

    No, what you were trying to do is be a jack-ass Edmund. You do it very well.
    My opinion on the nit wit are troubling? Good, because he is. Start standing up for YOUR choice as President and stop nit-picking on me. It would be refreshing to hear what you stand for, not who you stand against.

  • Edmundburkenator says:

    Your memory is bad too it seems. I doubt if you really want a refresher. You just want the last word.
    Have at it.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Talk about last work-itis.
    I don’t want to go round and round on your warped ideology, it would just be really nice to hear you advocate for the nit-wit. Stick up for your guy. The Savior, THE ONE you threw up as the best hope for this country. You are against an awful lot, esp conservative women. Now tell us what is so fantstinkintastic about the nit wit. Please.

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