Major Bummer – Tim Murtaugh Leaving RPV for RGA

By Loudoun Insider

I just put up his latest spot-on press release in the Marsden thread below, and then I get an email from him to all press types announcing that his last day at RPV is today!  He is going to the Republican Governors Association, and they will indeed be lucky to have him.  Tim Murtaugh was absolutely one of the best things to happen to RPV in the wake of the J-Fred Fiasco.  His press releases were always right on the money, and often hilarious to boot.  he will be missed, and I hope RPV finds someone with a similar sense of humor (and the other requisite skills of course) to fill his shoes.


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Here’s that email (edited out his contact info):

    Reporters –

    While I doubt it will very much break your heart, I wish to report to you that today is my last day as Communications Director for the Republican Party of Virginia. While some of you are already aware of this, it is with mixed emotions that I relate this development.

    From here, I will be moving to the Republican Governors Association to handle press and earned media. It will be a very challenging year at the RGA, as we will have 37 races across the country in 2010. I am thrilled to be joining the team of Nick Ayers, Paul Bennecke and Mike Schrimpf. And it will be a distinct honor to work for the chairman, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

    It has been a tremendous year in Virginia, what with great victories by Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, Attorney General-Elect Ken Cuccinelli and Speaker Bill Howell’s Republican House of Delegates candidates.

    Winning beats losing every time, I can tell you, having first-hand experience with both.

    I wish to thank RPV Chairman Pat Mullins for having the faith in me to bring me on in the spring in such an important year in Virginia politics. Likewise, I am forever grateful to Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell for his endorsement of my selection as RPV spokesman. I can only hope that my efforts on behalf of his campaign and all of the others justified his confidence in me those many months ago.

    The staff at RPV has been the best that I have ever experienced. Allison Coccia, in particular, as Executive Director, showed great leadership and knowledge of what issues were vital – and just as important, which ones were not. I hope I get to work with her in the future.

    I also want to single out Tina McArthur and Gina Padrone as key ingredients to our success. Without these two young women, the trains would never run on time.

    Kim Jorns, our Finance Director, was also great to work with, although it took a little while to get used to her habit of throwing out quirky dances at odd times of the day. Plus, she’s a Packers fan. Go figure.

    Were it not for my good friend Tucker Martin, who suggested to me that I look into working at RPV this cycle, none of this would have happened. I have no doubt that Bob McDonnell still would have won a sizeable victory, especially with Tucker in his camp, but there would certainly not be this personal opportunity for me without Tucker’s assistance. If I could wish something to be true, I would wish Tucker a bowl game in UVA’s football future.

    It has been a pleasure – mostly – to work with each of you in the press corps over the years. I’m sure we will be in contact again – and please don’t groan when you see my number on caller ID. You know who you are.

    [contact info redacted]

    When I land at RGA, I will update you with my new contact information.

    Again, it was nice working with each of you.

    And I hope to be in contact soon.

    Tim Murtaugh

    Paid for and authorized by the Republican Party of Virginia

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