What A Wench!!!

By Loudoun Insider

Are you questioning me!? Read all about her partying ways on government flights at your expense!


  • Loudoun Lady says:

    The question is, did she save a toothpick from any of the cocktails? I’m hoping she finally dug out whatever she was working in at the SOTU address.
    I’m willing to send her a whole pack of toothpicks so that she will stop contorting her face.

  • Tired of Good Ole Boys & Girls says:

    Pelosi is just doing her own stimulus package for the economy. With taxpayers money just like her hero, Obuma. She wants the health care plan that will costs the average Joe billions of dollars but will use the Congressional Health Plan that is three times better than anyone’s, except for auto workers maybe. She wants a second stimulus package because we have not indebted this nation sufficiently. Only three generations will need to pay off this debt. Better it be four or five. She genuinely represents everything the Democrats stand for and it ought to make all Americans sick!

  • Dorothy says:

    She was sucking on her false teeth and her face will crack one of these days…meow, meow. If she only knew just how ugly she looks!!! And to think she is third in line…oh my God!!!

  • Dan says:

    You are linking to WorldNetDaily? And that is supposed to be taken seriously?
    This blog usually has very high standards. I hope this isn’t an indication of a future slide in quality.

  • sally says:

    Dan, if you read Drudge or The Weekly Standard, you will see some of the most credible news/opinion sites are linking this article. Sometimes they do a good job! copies of receipts right there in the article…

    Hey, National Enquirer broke the Rielle Hunter story, and they were sneered at too! Dems love to sneer at the truth…

  • BlackOut says:

    Dan, no way you can win this one. This is not the first time this has been reported, it’s come from multiple sources. She’s self absorbed in her own importance. I guess it all started with her S.F. Mob father.
    They should take away these planes for all Congressman and Senators. Support our airlines by a ticket.

  • Brian S. says:

    Johnny Walker Red and Dewars Scotch? Whoever on her staff is drinking that stuff needs to be fired.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Dan, I simply picked up the most recent link that was posted by BlackOut and put it in the post. This story is all over the place. Of course who knows whether or not liberal bastions such as the WaPo will bother to put it in their pages.

  • Dan says:

    BlackOut, her S.F. Mob father??? Her father was the mayor of Baltimore.

  • BO…my jaw dropped when I read your response. I am speechless.

  • sally says:

    Sometimes the kids and grandkids travelled without any congressperson on the plane…
    more receipts…looks like they used the US military as their personal air taxis….

    She wants to cut the defense budget–let this be the first item cut.

    Lots of good receipts in this article…


  • BlackOut says:

    Sally, did the kids drink any booze during those flights?

  • sally says:

    Black Out,

    If you go to the Judicial Watch website, you can look at all 2000 FOIA’d documents, with all the itemization of each flight (average cost $18,000 an hour) and you can see exactly what each person had on each flight..


    pretty insanely extravagant…

  • BlackOut says:

    Monk, I know it is simpler for you to think everything is black or white, but nothing ever is. You shouldn’t be surprised you know me better than most here.

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