KSM New York Trial Cancelled

By Loudoun Insider

The proposed trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City has been cancelled.  Below the Beltway sums it up here.  Looks like Frank Wolf and others will need to step up to the plate again to keep this out of northern Virginia.  Obama and his administration again look weak and indecisive.


UPDATE:  Frank Wolf introduces legislation to deny funding for civil trials.


  • local gop says:

    pick your fights a little better…”First, we did not send “troops” to MS or AK.”–Yes, President Eisenhower sent troops to AK, I never said they were US Army, I said they were troops…are you saying that the national guardsmen aren’t ‘troops’? Your attempts to catch a technicality are fruitless.
    The problem that you are running into is what you just stated, it isnt an act of war. There is no war on terrorism as declared by congress, terrorists arent part of a standing army, a nation, they dont have a seat at the UN, they are from different countries, different parts of the world. The notion of terrorists being POWs was a figment of the Bush Administration after 9/11. Every President Since Reagan treated all terrorists within the “civil” criminal courts. It is utterly unprecedented what you are calling for and a danger to our constitution and our liberties.
    So if a mexican drug cartel sneaks accross the border and blows up the DEA headquarters in El Paso, TX we can declare a war on drugs and illegals and treat all drug runners and illegals as enemy combatants? Is that what you are saying? EXACT same principle. It is a dangerous slope to play with and that is what we are doing. The President unilaterally declares a group to be enemy combatants and unleashes the military on them and holds them indefinitely. Very Dangerous.

  • local gop says:

    Oops, slight typo…AK=Alaska….I meant AR=Arkansas….sorry.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    Sally’s basic problem here is that she hasn’t served in combat, been trained in the US military and (I’m guessing) has never worked in the criminal prosecution end of federal or state courts. She’s bravely trying to sustain, without any real underlying information, the notion that the criminal justice system is a better deal for murderers than is being treated as if a soldier captured on the battlefield. If she knew what she was talking about, she’d realize that she’s advocating giving a pass to terrorists who try to murder us by treating them as POWs.

    At one odd time in my life, I knew a lot of Germans who had been POWs in Florida during WWII (or, the Second German War, as British historian A.L. Rowse called it). They had a wonderful time. Couldn’t have been more pleased.

    When Infantry and Marine officers go through their training they are taught that they have very well defined obligations to their prisoners. Prisoners captured during combat are a major responsibility. They cannot be abused, they must be fed and sheltered. We want to enforce those standards because it’s how we expect our men to be treated when they are captured in combat situations.

    I know something about dealing with both POWs and with criminal suspects. I had far more latitude in what I could do with the latter than the former. If someone tried to kill me or my family on an airplane, I’d want that sucker dealing with a tough DA or US Attorney, not sitting around drinking kool-aid at a POW camp.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    “Sally, why do you put these idiot terrorists on the same level as a soldier? They belong with the rapists, and murderers. You elevate them. Why?”
    It’s not often I agree with Ed, but there’s something oh-so-gratifying about throwing these guys into general population to become a bitch for the Aryan Brotherhood for the rest of their lives.

  • sally says:

    ok NoVa Scout, so you want them in our Federal Criminal system so they can be treated worse than at Gitmo? because we have to be so respectful to our POW’s? Gitmo is too good for them, that is why we are closing it, according to Obama?

    and you Cato, want them abused by Aryan Brotherhood…

    ok, you all talk among yourselves….

  • local gop says:

    You again are missing the point by sidetracking on irrelevant arguments….the constitutional ramifications about affirming the president unilaterally declaring a group of people as prisoners of war is dangerous…thats not debatable at all.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    Seriously, there are some differences between KSM and the underwear bomber. The underwear bomber came to us. Guy tried to light his crotch in full view of 200 or so passengers. It’s no secret that his name was on some list somewhere, but the point is that there were no sensitive methods involved in catching the guy. KSM is a different story. We went and snatched him, and I’d wager that there were substantial dark arts employed to prove that he was the 911 mastermind. If we have to disclose how we knew, it could cause severe damage to our ability to operate in the future. So, IMO the two cases are apples and oranges. I’m not inherently against a criminal trial for KSM if you pro-justice fellas can explain to me how we can present evidence against him without revealing methods and sources. I just don’t think you can.

  • local gop says:


    They have trials called RICO…they are closed door and completely secret. I believe this is the type of trial they are going for, but not exactly the same.

  • sally says:

    Trials called “RICO?”

    I never knew they named trials.

    Here Rico, here Rico…

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Don’t yell RICO sally, yell Uncle.

  • sally says:

    Maybe you should tell that to Jim Webb and Blanche Lincoln…

  • sally says:

    From a 60 Minutes Interview with Obama:

    In an interview with 60 Minutes last spring, President Obama discussed the handling of captured terrorists:

    Obama said: ” Now — do these folks deserve Miranda rights? Do they deserve to be treated like a shoplifter — down the block? Of course not.”

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