LCRC Filing Deadline Tomorrow

By Loudoun Insider

The filing deadline to become a member of the reconstituted Loudoun County Republican Committee and/or a delegate to the 10th District Convention, is Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 5:00 PM.  Any stragglers out there wishing to get their form in better get it done today and deliver to Jeff Maged’s house.  Here’s a link to the form at the LCRC website.


There is no need to file a form to simply vote in the upcoming canvass for LCRC Chairman.   That will be held March 6th and is a walk in and vote and leave event.  Details hereCandace Strother is the clear choice for LCRC Chair.


As far as the 10th District Convention goes (details here), we have a choice between Dave Schmidt, a low key but succesful and active Republican, and Howie Lind, a firebombing Jeff Frederick fanatic.  Lind’s latest endorsement list includes Jeff Frederick, who was dumped as RPV Chairman for his horrendous stewardship of RPV.  That alone disqualifies Lind as being a serious choice for 10th District Chairman.  Please sign up and vote for Dave Schmidt.


  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Oh and Dean? About that supposed bow-wrapped “bullshit sprinkle”?

    You often accuse others (me included) of being too stupid to read effectively. I won’t do the same to you, but please DO go back and read what I actually wrote.

    I said I had heard, and asked if it were true or rumor?

    Your response didn’t really answer the question factually, did it?

  • CSR says:

    I find it very hard to believe that as “adults” we can’t find ways to support our candidate and positions without tearing down – and getting personal – about the opposition.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I would tend to agree with you CSR, if the last version of the LCRC was not so full of outright lies and RINO hunting. No one wants to return to those days except those who lost their power to treat it as their personal playground.

  • LL….sometimes the truth hurts. I didn’t make the first word up on that.

    Barbs, I’m amused. I control nothing (you’re quite adament about that), yet I’m to blame for everything. I understand, now. (snicker)

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    Barbara said, “I have heard that Lind’s work has sometimes required him to be out of the country, some of which is troop-support activity.” How nice. I’m glad to hear that he supports our troops, but it sounds like Howie is far too busy to be Chairman of the 10th district. The reasons for his absences are not relevant. If he can’t make the required meetings, then he’s too busy for the job. Seems simple enough.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    lovettsville lady, I still don’t know if that’s the reason for the absences.

    No answers, just attacks so far.

    No, Dean, you’re still confused. I DON’T believe you control everything.

    I believe that YOU believe you do or should, whether you choose to call it “herding” people or not.

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    Does the reason for the absences matter? Nope. If he doesn’t have the time, then he doesn’t have the time, regardless of the reasons. THAT was my point. Stating a fact, like he missed the majority of the meetings, is not an attack. It’s simply the fact. For whatever reason, he doesn’t have time to go to the meetings. Why would we expect that to change if he’s elected10th district chair?

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    I wasn’t referring to you as attacking.

    Is this a paid position, or a volunteer one?

    Does the chair have a committee to support them (damn good question)?

    Frank Wolf pretty much elects himself; he is an experienced congressman with good constituent service.

    If that weren’t true about him, you could elect Christ himself as district chair and it wouldn’t matter.

    I’m having a real hard time with the cult of personality approach to the internal races lately.

  • Michael says:

    BPM- no the call was not against RPV rules. The attorney from RPV blessed the call – which was the same as 2003′s call and there were no problems then. The call was fine. Bottom line – Lori was going to lose so a friend was called – Jim Rich (the guy she was secretly tape recording LCRC internal candidate meetings, a backroom deal was made, and this is how she managed to keep her seat after joining Scott York – pretty simple stuff here. Jim Rich also provided her money, and not the other R candidate…again, a violation by Jim Rich since he never got permission to give a campaign contribution to a candidtae in the R primary…Now BPM, you are trying to say Jim Rich and your team is inclusive – give me an f’in break buddy. The conservative movement and Tparty movement will take out your candidates in time, including Mr TARP Wolf. A list of BPM supported candidates: McGimsey, Miller, Burton, York, Burk, Buckley, and jeannie West. Not the company I choose to associate with…

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    God, this must explain why Jack Ryan is all of a sudden interested in the LCRC again – more Waters-hate. The call was against the party plan – no question about it. Period. End of story. And some people chose to lie and say it was approved by RPV. Scum.

  • Ravi Oli says:

    Mr. Michael, Ravi would very much like to attend any tea party that you are hosting and will bring very many types of celestial seasonings tea. If you would like english breakfast or earl grey, Ravi will bring it. If you prefer black currant or peppermint or simple green or chamomile, Ravi will bring these to. Something says to Ravi that you are more a fan of ginger peach, but we can bring this also. We will have a magnificient tea party, Mr. Michael. Very magnificient.

  • Michael says:

    LI and BPM endorsed candidates: McGimsey, Miller, York, Kurtz, West, Buckley, and Burk. All of this from the inclusive Republican party. They got beat in the primary so they picked up their marbles and campaigned extensively for Democrats. This is why I will not vote for Dave Schmidt, he is a Colin Powell type Republican like BPM and LI. The truth hurts sometimes, but I certainly don’t support your type of candidate.

  • Dorothy says:

    LI and BPM,
    If I were you, I would not waste time answering Michael’s rantings. Some people never accept the truth.

  • Michael says:

    Dorothy – they never answer for thier faults. What I post is truthful and I am happy to debate. If these guys want to continue to mislead and you wish to be one of their sheeple, that’s your perrogative. No rants here, just the facts…If you approve of the Ds these guys campaigned for keep voting with them. I won’t be and I hope the majority of voters have wised up a little to these polarizing figures.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Michael is apparently one of the developer whore Republicans. Like the last group that helped drive us into the mess we’re in now. I was hoping this BOS would do the right thing and cut residential density in half in this county so we can all afford to continue to live here, but they would rather concentrate on hospitality training and global warming. It’s time for a new Republican majority next time that understands that density is what got us into this fiscal mess.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    And Dorothy, I know it’s impossible to reason with people like Michael, who usually have only their own selfish self-interest at heart (if they have one at all). remember, I was purely a creation and response to the incredibly boorish behavior I saw and experienced at the old LCRC meetings. The RINO hunting with outfits, people shouting down those they deemed to be “impure”, exclusionary bullshit, lying and cheating, etc. etc. They have still yet to come up with an adequate antidote to me. I’m still waiting for the Loudoun wingnut blog to arrive.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Dorothy, as you said to me before, why name call? Characterizing another poster as “ranting”?

    LI, the developer whore meme is two years out of date, and when you’re adding up cost, don’t forget what it costs to enact sweeping changes to county planning in EITHER DIRECTION, and then lose lawsuits on it, as the 99 BoS did.

    Cutting density in half costs a mint, would not necessarily survive legal challenge, and creates new government growth of its own–the only way you sidestep exclusionary zoning is to have a housing authority for affordable housing.

    We’ve been doing pretty poorly in attracting the commercial that reduces the residential burden, and as much as some people would like to think that organic blueberry patches not only pay the bills but drive tourism, the kind of businesses that pay taxes go where there is a customer base, where employees can live with good schools, where employees and customers can move about to do business.

    None of which happens in an area that gives open space deferrals for land to small to subdivide, that diverts TOT tax to hospitality training for federal porkers, that opposes roads, houses, some businesses, powerlines, powerplants, and anything else anybody gets a wild hair over at any given moment.

    Dean claims to have “neighbors” in Barnstable MA now (never clarified if it was the county or the township), and as an example you may wish to look up the taxes in Truro (township in Barnstable Co), which has a big chunk of the Cape Cod National Seashore, strict zoning, unpaved roads, a boatload of the New England version of horse country (some of the same people, perhaps–lol), and a 17% tax rate the last time I looked. Look up any township from Chatham to P-Town, and you’ll get a nice flavor of what happens to taxes when everything goes off limits or off the rolls entirely.

    Reduced density is no magic bullet.

    Had the growth that was occurring been acknowledged from any planning standpoint, instead of just hysterical opposition, we wouldn’t be in quite as bad a fix. As long as we continue to try, as I believe Ms. Waters very astutely said during the discussion of a possible EDA, to “be all things to all people”, we will continue to fail in terms of dealing with our situation.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    You make some good points Barb, but I still believe cutting residential density in half is a god step, and in no way would be exclusionary. We obviously cannot afford to continue to grow as we have. of course if the 99 BOS and Jack Roberts had not screwed up simple advertising we wouldn’t be in as bad a shape as we are now after the bastardized Clem Burton rezoning took place.
    As far as low density and low taxes goes, I will continue to point to adjacent Fauquier and their 76.5 CENT tax rate, while we are contemplating $1.40.

  • “The attorney from RPV blessed the call” — Blatantly False. When asked about this at that year’s Advance, the man replied that he’d never seen the Convention Call of 2007. That is a huge part of WHY it was recalled. No…it did not match the Call of 2003 for the exact three reasons I specified.
    There was the Party Plan of Virginia, and there was the faulty submission of the LCRC’s Call. There were no inside tricks, and definitely no smoke filled rooms, although you injected some smoke and mirrors when you projected your interpretation of the events.

  • Michael, all “politics is local” in more ways than one. When a republican committee wants to put forth tax and spend candidates that talk a good game of tax cuts, but continue to build out at an overall cost to all of us, they really cannot be tax cut, because all that development cost infrasrtucture money. The students that arrive to fill those homes add teacher’s salaries, school construction and transportation costs, not to mention sewer and water upgrades, road construction, etc. When the LCRC of that era refused to clean their own house, it was left to us to do it for them.
    And every last one of us left the Committee to do it from the outside. Clearly, the recent developments mean that no one on the other side intends to leave committee to change things. They’d rather ignore their pledge to support the outcome of the Convention in May….and will stomp their feet and pout when Dave wins.
    As for me….I honored my pledge. I voted for Geary Higgins and Ahlemann, the only two Republicans I voted for. I passed on York while in the booth.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Uhh, Dean?

    How much time did you spend campaigning FOR Higgins?

    I mean, with your chess playing abilities, he should have won, right?

    I see that “supporting Republican candidates” in the pledge only meant those you agreed with, and it was okay to work against them in districts you didn’t live in, so you could clean (purify? lolol) your house.

    Your remarks about services hold true even if the density is halved–the people who live here will still cost money, and as they age, it will just switch from schools to senior services.

    And with no new blood (or business) coming in, the costs will be distributed over the same pool of stones to draw blood from.

    No magic bullets, bulletproof.

    (p.s.–heard a member of the exec committee is now working for HCA? Interesting! Hope that helps them keep their promise to open on 50, now that switching triggered Inova’s withdrawal of their COPN. I wonder, with all the blood in the water over campaigning for local and district leaders, which has little to do with 2010 and a lot more to do with 2011, I sure would hate to see all the crap fire up with the PACs like that last secret HCA one, in order to screw up another local election to retry Broadlands. Never a dull moment! lol)

  • Michael says:

    No LI – your Scott York put us in this mess. BPM and yourself can try to rationalize why you campaigned for hard left liberals, but the fact is this is the group of candidates you supported. Now you want everyone to vote for Dave S. — All I can say is you should put a warning label on your candidate of choice indicating the group I identified above as former endorsed candidates by you. At the very least, everyone on this site should proceed with caution on your candidate selection and consider the source.

  • Michael says:

    BPM – the e-mail I have seen from RPV Counsel certainly implies to move forward with the call in 2007, sorry your blantly false claim doesn’t hold water with me…

  • Show the e-mail, then. You don’t have one.

  • Babs….I’m sorry, but all I read from you at this point is…blah, blah, blah….I’m a bitter person who remembers that Dean helped ditch Steve Snow’s chances (even if he was a tax and spend developer whore.)

  • Michael says:

    To spell it out for you Monk, I think she is saying what a hypocrit you are. You state earlier in your posts of how inclusive you and the R party are …but it was you who could not agree with some Rs so you became the exclusionary type you deplore in your earlier posts. And you and LI are misinformed on land use policy…the more the government intervenes with thier revenue cutting down zonings, the more all our properties will be less valuable. Your Ds haven’t improved anything with thier no growth stance – things have gotten worse…I guess I will start to label you and LI as the green whores that are driving up our taxes….get gov. out of the way of the property market and force more class A commercial to balance things out with residential – this is what needs to be done…

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Yeah Michael, more houses with more kids is just what we need to help with our ridiculous budget!

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Dean, how funny that you would use talking point deferral #3A: “blah blah blah”.

    Well that answers everything I brought up, thoroughly and on point!


    I’m still looking for the one on the call, but I did find the one from the Republican Party State Central Committee regarding the 10th district convention, including: “After a review of the 10th District convention we have serious concerns in the fair conduct of the convention including deviations from Robert’s Rules of Order and the State Party Plan”, which would seem to address some of Michael’s other points.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, they tried for years before you got here to stop houses from coming at all, and all that got us was by right with no infrastructure, and lawsuits.

    Growth continues coming, even in the current climate–pretending it will all be mansions that use no electricty or water, produce no effluent, and all telecommute or ride bikes isn’t the brainiest plannig, but that’s what we seem to have now.

    As I said, no magic bullets.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Oh, and dean? Speaking of hypocrisy, calling people “whores” looks pretty silly from someone who can’t stand being accused of doing work for people related to special interests YOU support.

    Just a thought, there, statesman.

  • Michael says:

    LI – Class A to balance it out with “existing” residential…it is amusing though to listen to LI rail against the same type of development he lives in in western loudoun. I guess it is ok for LI, but no one else — this is why I use the term elitism with you LI…BM is right on the money on all accounts!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I am anything but an elitist. For God’s sakes I drink beer exclusively and listen to Howard Stern! I grew up in a blue collar household in a tiny rowhouse and was the first person in my family to go to college. Don’t go there with me, bud.
    Of course we need businesses here – lots more of them, and the current BOS is doing everything they can to discourage that with their BS. But the push of the last BOS to load us up on even more residential was even worse, because all that residential would have compounded the school problem, which is where all our damn money goes anyway. Quit bitching about me and give Hatrick and his supplicant School Board some grief for a change.

  • Michael says:

    OK LI – I’ll stop with you and move onto the school system…but remember, there were already 30,000 residential units on the books yet to be built. The last board did not approve these….these were approved over many years by different boards, but one constant on the Board was Scott York. Ole Scott is quick to point the finger, but short on taking responsibility…

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