If Colgan’s Out, Miller Best Choice

By Too Conservative

So news broke today that Chuck Colgan might not run for re-election. We’ve all heard this a lot before, but I’m sure you’d agree with me that it seems there’s more truth in it now.

Only one candidate stands out in the district as one with a proven commonsense conservative record: Jackson Miller.

I hope that if and when Colgan does decide to leave, that the party can coalesce behind a winning candidate.


  • VA Blogger says:

    I wholeheartedly agree!

  • Cato the Elder says:

    He’s a very good example of what a public servant should be, and an all around class act.

  • Miller for State Senate says:

    I agree Miller is a class act and the only candidate with a proven commonsense record. Although I personally like Bob Fitzsimmonds comparing him to Jackson Miller is a joke. There is no comparison.

  • G. Stone says:

    Miller is a terrific guy, a great candidate and a very good public servant. His day job has prepared him well for both public service and the world of politics.

  • Curious Jorge says:

    FitzSimmonds has had his opportunities. Jackson Miller is an excellent candidate and will do well in the House or Senate. Can anyone give me one area where Fitz would be a better nominee?

  • Dan (Not the liberal one) says:

    when i first saw this headline I immediately thought “Stevens Miller” and did a double take…

  • Steve Vaughan says:

    I’m surprised that there’s a question about whether or not Colgan is running again. Isn’t the guy like 100 by now? Ooops, may bad, her turns 84 this year.

  • Steve Vaughan says:

    that’s “my bad he turns 84 this year.”

  • In PW County says:

    Bob Fitzsimmonds is not very well liked in the district. and Im not talking about the democrats or indy’s. He has made so many enemies within the g.o.p. here in PW you cant even begin to count.

    Bob is a divider. Its the only way he knows how to run and he has proven it time and time again.

  • Jon says:

    Well you know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed try again. Then if you don’t succeed a second time, try again. If again you don’t succeed try a 3rd time. If you don’t succeed a third time, why not try for a fourth time?? Or wait, maybe that is just Bob Fitzsimmonds motto.

    Only problem is that we all know how the story ends, again, for ‘ol Bob.

  • Miller's not the only candidate says:

    Before you all start printing Miller for Senate yard signs–I suggest we wait to see if any other qualified candidates get into the race. Miller might not be the best candidate out there.

    Bob Fitzsimmonds most likely won’t run due to this day job is too good to quit (decent salary and benefits–his wife Debbie would probably shoot him if he gave that up). Also McQuigg is not going to be in the Clerk’s office forever, which sets him up to run for Clerk which pays $130k+.

  • You won’t find a better and more wholesome Candidate than Miller. Period.

  • Bwana says:

    I expect you may see Carroll Weimer fit into the mix, either for the Senate seat or the Va-50 delegate seat depending on how things shake out…

  • AndyH says:

    Carroll may or may not run but the biggest wildcard of all – redistricting – hasn’t even happened yet…I’ll be interested to see what shakes out when that happens.

  • Robin Hood says:

    Delegate Jackson Miller is the best candidate to replace Senator Colgan. Jackson understands the complexities of governing in the Va.General Assembly. Jackson has demonstrated strong leadership skills as an elected official.

    Bob Fitzsimmonds is a nice guy but he is banking on riding on the coat tails of Cuccinelli.

  • Rich says:

    It is hard to believe that anyone who speaks against Bob FitzSimmonds could call themselves a true conservative. Bob has been completely straight forward from day one about where he stands on every issue- abortion, immigration, etc. Bob is an honest, hard working man and it does not matter at all how many times he has run before. For those who say that Bob has “banked” on riding on peoples coat tails, that is simply not true. He has continued to work hard every time he has run regardless of the results, and those who appreciate the Republican party should certainly appreciate him.

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