Fairfax County Republican Convention goes off without a hitch, Bedell reelected unanimously

By Brian S

Kerry O'Brien hard at work Saturday MorningSaturday morning, my wife and I were up at the crack of dawn for the Fairfax County Republican Convention.  We both served as delegates – I was on the nominations committee, and she served, along with the rest of the Monticello Republican Women’s Club (and others), as part of the check-in crew for the over 200+ delegates, along with dozens of other members of the press, candidates, campaign staff and guests.


In addition to speeches from the various 8th, 10th and 11th District congressional candidates, the Convention elected Anthony Bedell to his second term as FCRC Chairman. I think it’s pretty impressive for a Convention to garner so many paid delegates in a year with no drama in the elections process – Bedell ran unopposed.  I know the PWC Convention, which was similarly drama-free, only had 45 or so paid delegates.


While I am happy to see Anthony get reelected, it wasn’t a surprise to me that I have already heard speculation swirling about the 2012 Chairman’s race. It seems like, at least for Fairfax activists, we’re always looking at the next race. Given the amount of drama in the 11th district primary already, I’m looking forward to a small rest after the June 8th primary.


  • edmundburkenator says:

    Could someone get that person a chair?

  • Brian S says:

    Chairs are for wusses.

  • Jack says:

    Brian is just a misogynyst who thinks women should be on their knees!

  • Brian S. says:

    Bah. She was too busy running around to waste time with a chair! And since there apparently are too many people with dirty minds out there, I’ve changed the picture title. Sheesh.

  • Ashburn Watcher says:

    Congrats to Anthony, good work. So don’t taunt us Brian, who’s in line for 2012? I supposed Joann Chase is running around with a name in mind, saying she already has the votes lined up or is that just in Fauquier?

  • kelley in virginia says:

    200 people? wow! there have been times that we’ve had Republican meetings in a phone booth down here. But we’re growing now, many thanks to Tom Perriello & Barack Hussein Obama.

  • pgreer says:

    That poor gal needs a chair. Cheap-ass republicans.

  • Kerry says:

    It’s alright ya’ll! The last thing I needed was a seat! I was running around all morning…

    Thanks to everyone who came to the Convention and made it such a hit! We have an awesome Chairman who decided to stay on another go and you can look for many things to come from FCRC! If you haven’t joined yet, you should! http://www.fairfaxgop.com (cheap plug ;))

  • Kerry O’Brien is a sexy bitch.

  • Brian, I think you’re right on with the statement that folks in Fairfax often times are looking towards the next campaign but that is especially the case after we’ve had so many special elections. As those of us both sides of the aisle know, it can sometimes feel like a never ending campaign here in Virginia since we elect our state and local officials in the odd number years. Of course, that also means that the party structure is constantly in full force so it doesn’t surprise me to hear that there is already some talk about who might run for chair of the Republican Party in 2010. I don’t really see that changing unless terms are extended or we move the state and local elections to even years (neither of which are very likely to happen).

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