Allen for Senate

By Too Conservative

Is looking more and more like a real possibility.



  • G. Stone says:

    Well though out analysis.

  • Steve Vaughan says:

    Allen for Senate in 2012 doesn’t make too much sense, because George Allen HATED being a Senator. Governor in 2013 makes all kinds of sense because he liked being governor and because the potential field of Republican nominees — Cuccinelli and Bolling (in that order) is incredibly weak. I know the GOP stalwarts won’t agree with that.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    “I know the GOP stalwarts won’t agree with that.”
    Actually that makes a whole lot of sense.

  • Steve Vaughan says:

    Cato: I meant not agree about 2013 contenders being weak.

  • bwana says:

    George Allen for US Senate in 2012?

    Horrible idea. First, Macaca and the way he reacted will not go away with a presidential race with the President-a mixed race indvidual-running for reelection.

    Second, as noted above Allen hated being a Senator. Why run, and why support, a person running for a job they hated?

    Again, as noted above Governor in 2013 makes more sense.

  • Dan says:

    I’ll place my bet now on Allen remaining a has been. I don’t see him running in 2012 (or beating Webb if he did run). And I don’t see him elbowing out the other contenders for the nomination for governor in 2013.
    Why would the Republicans pick him and why would he be a better candidate than Bolling or Cuccinelli in 2013?


    I would prefer Gerry Connolly for Senate or Leslie Byrne — April fool!

  • Anna Lee says:

    George Allen would be an excellent choice for the Senate in 2012. In an environment that did not favor Republicans, with a totally incompetent Campaign Manager. With many not voting because they did not think it was possible that he could loose. George lost that election by only 3.5 votes per precinct.
    Before you all speak ill of him. Please compare his record as Governor; his accomplishments surpassed any other Governor in Virginia’s past.
    George and Susan Allen have worked tirelessly for Virginia Republicans.

  • Dan says:

    I won’t comment on the competence of his campaign manager, but what you say about the environment being unfavorable to Republicans in 2006 and the close margin in the Virginia Senate race are undeniably true. There are a couple of other points that need to be made to give a more complete and fair picture of Allen’s performance in that race though.
    He had all the advantages of being the incumbent. These are formidable. He was also far better known to the voters of the state than his opponent. He had a huge funding advantage over his opponent. By any reckoning he should have won that race. It is hard to make a serious case that he ran a good or even competent campaign.
    It is convenient to lay off the incompetence that cost him re-election on his campaign manager. But he can’t be completely absolved of responsibility so easily. He was no political neophyte in 2006. He was an experienced politician. If changes needed to be made at the top of his campaign it was his responsibility to make them.
    The primary reason George Allen lost was George Allen.

  • G….you know that I’m a fan of Cooch in the regard that he has stood up to the Feds on the 10th. O even like the EPA action. But, he was an idiot a week earlier when he fixated on a non-important gay issue in college admissions (or whatever the retarded reasoning was.)
    Ken needs political acumen, or someone who can spell it out for him.
    They (he and Marshall-who is a good friend) do great things, and then waste their momentum on the small one-issue crap.

  • Asuka says:

    I see Paul Unger is still part of Team Allen. Its unfortunate that Allen continues to surround himself with bad staff. Its why he lost the last time, and its probably why he’ll lose again. In every other regard, Allen is a good man, but he’s a terrible judge of talent.

  • Asuka says:


    Actually, Dan, Allen’s core staff was terrible. Yes, he stuck his foot in his mouth, and yes, the Post did one of its classic jobs on him (actually, probably one of the most deplorable displays of scumbag reporting in the history of the Post, and that’s saying something), but his staff (campaign and Senate) were totally incompetent. Really, really toxic people had his ear, and apparently still do.

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