The Real Republican LCRC Makes Its Debut Tonight

By Loudoun Insider

Thank God the RINOs have been deposed!  Real Republicans are back in charge at the LCRC, and a Patrick Henry College – Cooch-approved ticket of leaders will be put into place.  A return to glory is assured!


UPDATE:  It’s worse than I expected!  The theocracy has risen!  Patrick Henry College/Coochville has complete control of the LCRC.  The greatest, most selfless, hardest working district chairman in Ben Belrose was deposed by some guy who could hardly read a prepared Tea Party Speech (and better yet – he’s a developer!  Just the thing we need in Blue Ridge!).  Traitorous Jack Ryan is now Broad Run District Chairman – Happy New Years Lori Waters!  That’s right – the guy who you beat for the 2007 nomination who pledged to get you re-elected from stage, then turned around days later and ran as a sore-loser spoiler attempt as an “Independent” is now your faithful LCRC district Chairman.  What an absolute frigging joke!!!  In one small bit of good news, wacky Joanne Chase was creamed in the Dulles race, beaten handily by last minute draftee Matt LeTourneau.  Good times ahead!


  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Other LL, Don’t let anyone run you out, we need you at the meetings.

  • Dan says:

    You might think that as a Democrat I would be enjoying the turmoil brought about by the abrupt shift you are experiencing from professional management to rule by petty little nitwits. But I am not. I respect people (including my opponents) who give their time and effort to the political process that is so vital to us all. I wouldn’t wish what is happening to you on anyone. It will cause good people to check out. And that is never good. For anyone.
    It sounds like you have some very valuable, hard working and respected people who are highly disillusioned by recent events. That is truly a shame.

  • FedUp says:

    “Hey How about them Capitols.”
    That loss completely sucked last night!

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Loudoun Lady, I wouldn’t worry about lovettsville. No proponent of “smug assholery”, she will prosper.

    Signed, the BM.

    (Chaloux’ husband always said my initials were a gift from God–another nice, non-smug non orifice, he! lolol)

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    “smug assholery” is the new official LCRC motto! Hilarious!

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Which official/”real” LCRC, LI?

    I see at least two sets of determined people pointing at each other.


    It does have its funny side though.

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    (Chaloux’ husband always said my initials were a gift from God–another nice, non-smug non orifice, he! lolol)


    Iceman, to continue AFF’s story and bring things to date, “Chaloux” is Sandra Chaloux, the planning commission who replaced Barb when here Supervisor lost in the last go round. Barb understandably has had a vendetta against her ever since. Watch what happens when I even repeat her name…”Sandra Chaloux”….

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Nice straw set up, Eric.

    As usual.

    Your timing and remembery is off though.

    Don’t you know she HAD to be appointed because of how evil I was?

    If Miller had half the sense God gave a goat, he would have picked Keirce from the get-go.

    You should do a little research on our former community-organizer commissioner (on VPAP as self-employed in PR/direct mail advertising–from the email lists she manages?), who lists Loudoun County as a client on her private business website, who wasted two years and your tax money on road removals the VDOT supplemental analysis says cannot be supported.

    The commission is actually functional now that the Sandra show is off the air.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Chaloux lost any respect I may have once had for her when she sent out what amounted to a commercial advertisement for her company in her last official planning commisioner email.

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:


  • The Other Dan says:


  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Feel better now, Eric?

    Run, Forrest! Run!

  • Jack… As usual, you answer with the lamest, non-researched , pull-it-out-of- your-ass rendering you could muster. Loudoun County GOTV earned 6 points higher than our surrounding Counties. The machine we rolled out worked very well in it’s first turn of the key.
    What we were faced with was a landslide/tidalwave of armies and lawyers dispatched to all of Virginia by the democrats, because it was a battleground state, dipshit.I srtarted my day in Purcellville, where I know a great deal of the people…and I did not recognise one local person working the Democrat tent. They were from Columbia University. They were being paid, and that’s what I saw all day.
    We were but a homegrown county grassroots effort against an army. Still, we filled EVERY precinct, we walked neighborhoods EVERY weekend (and many weekdays), and we called right up till the end of our time zone, and started calling Mountain Time addresses after that. Nobody except a massive paid army could have done any better. But saince you weren’t even at the precinct, I’d rather you just slink off and quit giving everyone so much ammo to call you “Lyin’ Ryan.”

    You and the bunch of idiots you’ve surrounded yourself with would have posted far worse numbers, if the truth is told here.

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    You are a hoot! You certainly know BM well!

  • Eric, that was funny. Are their any magic names that make her stop typing?

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Actually, no, ed.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    lovettsville, how could he lose?

    Post a version of “when did you stop beating your dog?”, and then say “abracadabra”.

    Yep, works every single time!


  • The Other Dan says:

    Bar baiting is illegal in most of the developed world. Fortunately for us in Loudoun (and our friends in Pakistan), it is a cherished and honorable sport.
    To answer Ed’s question, there are no names that will make her stop. I don’t think there are any that will generate less than a 10:1 response.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Here, here’s a bone re the thread topic:

    How come, in all the gnashing of teeth over the meeting, have I not heard ONE PERSON COMPLAINING mention that Candace Strother is going to be running finance and fundraising for the committee?

    It was a huge concern of the people who supported her that her expertise be put to good use by the new chair, and this is a vital post that, from all of her campaign literature, looks like she’ll be very VERY good at.

    I called a friend out in Blue Ridge to see her take on the meeting, which was mild other than surprise that Mr. Belrose was not reelected district chair, as she too thought he’d been a very good one.

    As for the other drama, she said she didn’t really see anything other than a few glitches, but she doesn’t expect much other than getting business done, which she said occurred.

    She’s lived here and been a member for probably 30 years, and her meat is doing the grunt work–envelopes, phone calls, etc in volunteering.

    It was from her that I heard that Ms. Strother was an officer, and what her post was.

    It can’t have been too bad (at least from the post-election shouting standpoint) if Sell has followed through on reaching out to her, and asked her to put her talents to work on this extremely important duty.

    How come absolutely nothing but crickets on that?

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Barbara, I mentioned Candace’s post upthread. I also mention Tom Seeman and G. Stone coordinating on LTE’s and BOS/Budget issues as an initiative continued from the Caroline to Sell administration. Both are good moves on Mark’s part, he is recognizing talent. I plan on working with all 3 people mentioned and doing whatever else is necessary in the Sugarland District – even though I don’t know the Chair.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    I don’t think of you as a complainer, Loudoun Lady.

    I’m thinking of the ranting ravers who haven’t had a single positive thing to say.

  • This ranting raver is smart enough to know that without Candace, they would never raise any money. They needed her. And they padded the ExCom with just enough of our votes to keep them from being outright locks.
    What the hell did you find surprising?.

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