Loudoun Town Elections Coming Up Soon (May 4)

By Loudoun Insider

Hey, I haven’t followed up on these much since I am busier than ever work wise right now and I don’t live in a town.  There are some spirited contests developing and some potential subterfuge going on here and there.  Discuss as an open thread in comments.


  • Voice of Reason says:

    Did you say “Lovettsville”? It seems as though you may have been speaking of Purcellville. It was quite amusing to receive a robo call tonight encouraging folks to let the “unopposed” mayor of Purcellville know we are tired of his Chicago/New York style of ruling. Much like “Ertle the Turtle”, building a kingdom for himself. The call said to write in for mayor: Mickey Mouse. Can’t help but laugh. But, I will be writing in a Mayor candidate to let him know he is becoming outnumbered. After I vote for the Council, then I will pick one of the “non incumbents” and write them in for mayor. Bye, Bye, Bob…the people are going to take away your power. And no need to trade any votes here…just vote!

  • Bill Druhan says:

    Ben Belrose – let’s see, he is the guy who in 2006 election cycle created a PAC to get Susie Windham elected mayor with others who never agreed to have their names or likeness used; then when the election was over went out with a petition to “build a High School” only to turn it in under a fraudulent different heading to “recall” Mayor Lazaro. Ben Belrose has used the same re-cycled “budget” numbers each election 2006, 2008 (with Karl Phillips) and 2010 with Sam Brown and Kelli Grim. Keith Melton and John Naive had sense to stay away from Belrose. This election Mr. Belrose was responsible for the “robo calls” and the Mickey Mouse signs; just the kind of unscrupulous, unethical “straight shooter” kind-of-guy that should be LCRC. Oh, and one last thing for all the “Lazaro is in this job only to leave for ……” fill in the blank, is the same recycled BS from 2006, 2008, and now 2010. Oh, and BTW Lazaro won by more than 2-1 against Mickey (Kelli Grim) Mouse.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Thank you Mr. Druhan for your ongoing lying and slanderous rhetoric, it will no doubt be your downfall. Oh, that’s right, you are a former mayor, and nothing more than the henchman/waterboy. Let’s just talk about the 353 voters that turned out, and voted for “anybody but” the current mayor (can’t wait to see the list of names that voters chose over the current mayor). Wow, 20% of the voters that came out, voted against the current mayor, and there were less voters this election overall, as well he got less votes than last year overall. It should be noted, he is really good at the back room vote selling. “Ben Belrose for Maureen Gilmore”, …priceless. Too bad, his most recent collaborator just lost his election in Hamilton. Amazing what an email bcc string tells folks. This email string really deserves to be front page news, don’t you think?

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Oh my, did I just hear that the Purcellville Town Council voted to approve the request to “amend the comprehensive plan” for the benefit of Brent Campbell’s development project “Catoctin Corners”? Wow, that sure was quick. Any questions? Anyone with a conscience out there? I didn’t think so. What a shame.

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