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  • James Madison says:

    This is really S+++y

  • KPS says:

    This is awful, not to mention poorly researched and presented. Fimian keeps digging himself further into a hole and looks desperate.

  • James Madison says:

    The things we do for silver and gold

  • Dan says:

    What would Lee Atwater do? What would Turdblossom Rove do?
    I’ll tell you what they would do. If they found themselves way behind like Fimian is they would do exactly what he is doing. They would go hard negative. They would creatively “interpret” facts. They would sling mud and lie through their teeth and make stuff up.
    Fimian is just adhering to a long established Republican tradition.
    Go Keith!

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    How ugly. Shame on Keith. Day by day, he’s losing all respect that we had for him. No matter how low he goes, he’ll never be our Congressman. How sad.

  • Kevin says:

    Keep up the good work!

  • Katie says:

    New fimian campaign slogan: desperate times call for desperate measures. sad.

  • KPS says:

    First of all, Atwater and Rove would be working with the promising candidate, not the proven loser. Second, a good opposition research hit would look at vulnerabilities and would not be one where the entire board, including fellow Republicans Cook and Frey voted along with Herrity. Fimian is showing his political tin ear with this one.

    If by some miracle Fimian wins the primary, how does he honestly expect to work with his fellow elected Republicans in the General after the way he’s conducted his primary race???

  • KPS….like he treated Herrity before them. “Screw ’em”.
    “Desperate times call for desperate measures”

    That’s funny Right there…I don’t cvare who you are.

  • Not Paul Blart says:

    Wow, is Keith Fimian really just a shill for Gerry Connolly now? Because the only thing he’s doing is ensuring Gerry gets re-elected.

  • I do not understand, nor will I try to comprehend, what drives a man to attack the emcee of his 2008 kickoff like this. It is disgusting and desperate.

    Keith will forever be remembered as a crazy neoconservative who ran twice and lost sorely both times. He lacks class, any sort of moderation, and is at the end of his career at a home inspection company that created the Radon hoax of the 90s. So, his board and staff want him to be gone because of his love of micromanaging, and they say “Let’s give to Congress the wonderful gift of Keith Fimian.”

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I saw Herrity and his wife last night at a charity function. What class, nice people. Certainly not deserving of bullshit like this.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Isn’t it about time that photo above was taken down??? Conservative leader my ass!

  • Herrity Hiked My Taxes says:

    Herrity claims he didn’t raise taxes. All I know is that my property taxes went up after his vote “not to raise to raise taxes.”

    Fimian’s team caught Herrity red-handed and called him on it. And now Herrity’s bloggers are crazed.

    Everyone who’s lived in Fairfax County for more than a few election cycles knows that Herrity is just Tom Davis’ puppet. Davis was no conservative and neither is Herrity.

    Maybe one of them will send me a refund for my tax increase that Herrity didn’t raise.

  • 200 Grande says:

    @”Herrity Hiked My Taxes,” you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m sure VA Blogger, local gop or even Dan can explain to you that you are really paying less even if you don’t take real inflation into account. Gee, what a crybaby.

  • TC, go home, take a nice hot shower, sit on the edge of your bed in the dark and really think about where you are going. Think about what is right and what is wrong. Think about if the ends really justify the means.

  • Chris says:

    win or lose, this thread alone is worth Fimian putting that website up. I love it when the squishes get in a tiff.

  • Dan says:

    Chris, I am confused by your comment. I am not a Republican so please enlighten me. I assume your comment about “squishes” is directed at people who you deem to be insufficiently conservative. As you define the word conservative, of course. Not necessarily how it was traditionally defined for many years prior to the current insanity in the Republican Party that is so often misidentified as conservatism.
    Since what seems to have gotten the squishes, as you call them, in a tiff is the fact that Fimian has shown such a willingness to lie with complete abandon, are you saying that telling the truth is for “squishes” and that lying is now a “conservative” virtue? Or is it just okay to lie tactically when you are way behind as Fimian appears to be?

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