Toll Brothers Looking to Control Blue Ridge District

By Loudoun Insider

Appointed replacement Hamilton Town Council member Brent Campbell got some attention in the town elections post below for all sorts of meddling in the new LCRC.  Then I saw his profile in the Washington Post candidate information piece (I couldn’t find it online), where it lists his occupation as land acquisition for Toll Brothers, the huge residential development company.  Here’s a link to Hamilton Town Council candidate profiles at the LTM, he mentions land acquisition there, but not Toll Brothers.


We’ve always known there’s been an unholy alliance between land developers and the far-right social conservatives, and this guy is the latest nexus.  What is absolutely mind-boggling is how politically inept he and his masters are if they think this path is going to win them anything in Blue Ridge District.  Campbell apparently orchestrated the sacking of Ben Belrose for fellow developer LaCrock, and is also “interviewing” potential candidates for Blue Ridge supervisor.  Who appointed him kingmaker of Blue Ridge?  And are you people really that stupid to think that having Toll Brothers in charge of Republican politics in western Loudoun is anything but a disaster in the making?  Unfortunately, with this crew, I do believe they are indeed that out of their minds.


  • That’s okay, Sally….he sees his mistakes as minor, too. That’s the magic of being a self-obsessed blowhard who’s only 20-something and cannot understand that there really are older dogs that know a couple hundred tricks that he hasn’t learned yet. He sucker-punched the party last time. He won’t do so well when we know it’s coming.

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