McDonnell Hated by the Left..?

By Too Conservative listed him among the top 100 hated by the left……

Important to remember this must be the “elite left”, because the Governor had a TON of crossover support last November.


  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Dean, That’s exactly it – no budget passed this year, no attempt to extend the Bush tax cuts, continued irresponsible spending = stupidity and/or willful destruction of the economy.

  • Dean Settle says:

    “Dean, just so you temper your thinking (because I know that’s how you roll), compare Reagan’s numbers and economy to where we are now. A lot of similarities.”

    Review Cato’s answer to this, ESPECIALLY regarding the RATIO to GDP. As he appropriately put it,,,,,we’re out of runway this time.
    Factor in the Cold War costs when referrencing Reagan’s spending….just to put it in proper context. We had a weapons race to win. And we did.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    “Review Cato’s answer to this”
    To put a finer point on it, it’s generally accepted in the economic community that 90% is the pivot when it comes to debt/DGP. I’m not saying that countries can’t hang around on life support for some period of time after that (look at Japan) but it’s the point that the rest of the world begins to demand ever larger yield. No civilization has exceeded this level for a sustained period over the past 800 years or so and survived intact.

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