Loudoun Indie Blog Article and My Additional Thoughts

By Loudoun Insider

The new Loudoun Indie (formerly the Independent, now owned by the Loudoun Times Mirror) put out an article on the Loudoun blogosphere today, wondering where it has gone.  As I stated for the article, it’s still here, but this is the proverbial calm before the storm – summertime and the living is easy, and it’s not exactly a scorching political scene at the moment.


The NovaTownHall gang holds down the far right, while the new lib aggregate blog struggles to make itself relevant  (like with Air America, liberal media is just boring as hell).  I find msyelf firmly to the right of center, and definitely in between the two extremes usually exhibited by those sites.  As I’ve said numerous times (much to some pursists’ disbelief) I am actually very conservative on most issues, but realize that pragmatism and some moderation is necessary to get elected (especially in a swing electorate like Loudoun’s) and to govern effectively.  Unfortunately the LCRC seems to be heading right off the cliff again following a “we may lose but at least we’ll be pure” course of action.


There are some other indepedent Loudoun-centric sites dealing with politics, most notably Hooda Thunk, Bulletproof Monk, and Lloyd the Idiot (links in the blogroll to the right).  I was not aware that Martin Casey, former Loudoun Easterner editor, had started a Loudoun specific blog, Life in Loudoun County (note to Martin – no need to sign your name when you show up as the author below the post!).  It looks good so far and deserves more attention.


I do think things will heat up significantly as the big 2011 local elections approach.  Like it or not, the dirty inner workings of both parties will be exposed as they jockey for position.  I want to keep it as clean (although the language here may get a bit salty!) as possible, and nothing disinfects like sunlight.  Stay tuned, I said I was taking some summer blog vacation time, but I’ve had a few juicy stories come my way that I’ll be dribbling out over the next week.  Never a dull moment in Loudoun!


  • Tom Seeman says:

    Loudoun Progress isn’t going to get very far if it’s writers keep making fools of themselves with posts like this one
    Andrew Breitbart is clearly being factious and mocking the left and the dummies at Loudoun Progress don’t get it.

  • Tom Seeman says:

    Hmmm. On second thought maybe they’re deliberately taking Breitbart’s comments out of context to make a point? Could be, they’re not clear about their point.

  • Psst..not all the blogs in Loudoun are political blogs. Just sayin! (I get that perhaps the political blogs are quieter right now, but that doesn’t mean that the blogosphere in Loudoun is dead)

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    That’s true Heather. But of course political blogs seem to be one of the more popular type of blog here and elsewhere. That and celebrity BS. And the Loudoun blogosphere isn’t dead at all, I think the title of the article was a bit over-wrought.

  • Jack says:

    Of course, if a conservative does go to those liberal blogs and has the audacity to actually use facts, reason, and logic, he is quickly banned.

  • Jack says:

    And the new Loudoun Progess blog you cite is one of those that require you to create an account, thus stifling commentary.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    All too true, Jack.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    And that’s also why they’re lucky to get one comment per post at the Loudoun lib site. All are welcome here at TC to comment and brawl.

  • Ted says:

    Interesting thesis, but shallow research – there are hordes of really good, popular blogs (not mentioned in the article) around Loudoun, conveying great hyperlocal info on education, sports, horse racing, restaurant reviews, family activities, wine-making, photography, business, technology, etc….helping Loudoun gain back some real economy-repairing regional and national status. Witness the recent Social Media Symposium selection, for example….

  • Zeno of Citium says:

    While you may very well have conservative instincts you certainly have far more venom reserved for conservatives than you do for the liberals. The ‘far-right’ seams to get you in a lather far faster than anything left of center. When the door-bell queen’s idiot husband starts getting as much press as Colonel Dick Black, then you might start getting some traction with someone other than the likes of BO and EB — two Democrats.

    Otherwise its just a personal vendetta – wrapped in lofty sounding BS. Better yet, why don’t you pepper Mark Herring? This way your efforts are helping Republicans instead of Democrats. You are on the LCRC – so maybe it might be better stop the circular firing squad and engage in something other than character assassination? Just a thought.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Ted, the article was focusing on Loudoun political blogs and their effects on local elections. Like it or not, the political blogs get the most reads and most attention.

    Zeno, I despise hypocrites and some of these so-called conservatives are anything but, therefore my extra venom. I also don’t like people ruining the electoral chances for putting some sanity back on the BOS. Dick Black absolutely will not help in that equation.

  • BlackOut says:

    Zeno, Dick Black should be called bubble boy. He lives in his bubble and this protects him from dealing with the unwashed masses. He can point fingers from within his bubble, pass righteous judgements and rant and rave which makes all his minions that also live in his bubble very happy. “Hippy “Colonel”, you’re so pure”

    The reality of bubble boy’s effort to keep all things pure is he gets everyone in the bubble energized to vote for him but the greater majority outside the bubble looks at him as a freak. Freaks don’t win elections.

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