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By Loudoun Insider

Once again, blogs are proven to be the only real place to get real investigative reports in Virginia politics by Riley at Virtucon.  I continue to lead on exposing all sorts of BS in Loudoun while the WaPo regurgitates press releases, NLS continually exposes things that the MSM ignores, BVBL did phenomenal work in the Rack N Roll scandal and other fishy goings ons in PWC, and now Riley simply disembowels Krystal Ball’s shady financials.  And we all basically do this for nothing.  Just how do these reporters earn thier salaries anyway?  Seriously – what do they do day in and day out???  Not much as far as I can tell.


  • Riley says:

    They sit at their desks and read our blogs. I’ve had a couple reporters tell me that they check out Virtucon a few times a day.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Same here. Too bad they do little with it.

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  • This is nuts. I hope we can help get this picked up by the WaPo or some other bigger outlet.

  • As I stated over at Brian’s….concerning the relevance of newsrags vs. blogs…

    I’m reminded of Western Union Telegraphs in the days immediately after the invention of the fax machine. They totally missed the boat and did not even have a R&D product in the wings to compete with the invention.
    We all know where that left them in today’s messaging….

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    You mean the skeleton crews working at such major papers as Wapo across the country. Magazines like Newsweek or papers like the Tribune are losing money as fast as new media is earning it. Its no surprise that such “investigative” reporting or “scoops” have fallen by the way side; its just rather shocking its happening in D.C. where there is be no short of potential storylines. And the left wonderswhy it is so many get their news from such cable giants as News Corp. Go figure. I think I could roll off about half dozen stories that I would call rather interesting from a pure political perspective that most papers ignored…..umm I guess its sad when rags of the Enquierer genre break political news.

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