Plowman and Zurn Deal With Black

By Loudoun Insider

Confirmed from several sources now – in the last month Jim Plowman and Roger Zurn agreed to deals with Dick Black to endorse him for State Senate in exchange for promises to not have primary opponents.  Just more evidence that Mark Sell is a hapless puppet sitting in as “Chairman” of the LCRC.  Who is Dick Black to promise such a thing?  The true leader of the LCRC obviously!  What a crock.  Plowman doesn’t surprise me at all, but Zurn does, and it’s a big part of the disgust I’ve been feeling lately towards the LCRC.  Politics at its worst!


  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Disrespecting a veteran? Man, you better hold on to your hairpiece RWN – that was completely unnecessary and unwise.

  • Ex LCRC Member says:

    People are still here defending Dick Black. Wow, how sad.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Hairpiece? He ought to watch out for his entire head. I’m sure the Monk has broken his keyboard with his first draft of a response.

  • RWN… I’m not impressed with your lame, flacid use of veteran status for Mr. Black.
    While I honor his service to his country (do you have the decency to honor MINE), that does not provide for a lifetime of free passes for the man. He’s past his time. He harbors on the stupid splinter issues, while folks are going broke with unemployment and hungry for food on the table. It’s all about the economy right now. Running someone less volitile just might unseat Herring. Black is the one man guarantee that Herring retains that seat.
    How do you idiots govern from the building’s exterior, again? Can we agree that the best place to change the 33rd is from INSIDE that office? Dick Black has ZERO chance of seeing the inside tof that office, unless he’s visiting Herring, or the person who beats him in the primary.

  • Before RWN gets his panties in a twist…. I want Republicans to actually win the 33rd. If Black goes forward, that is not a remote possibility.

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