Minchew To Work With McDonnell

By Loudoun Insider

LTM story here.  Excellent news.  Too bad the current LCRC regime doesn’t seek his counsel much.


  • Gstone says:

    Great news. The Gov is getting one great advisor. Randy minchew is top shelf and will do a fantastic job for the Gov. Congrats Randy, you deserve thsi and shouls be very proud. just know many of us are happy for you and your family.

    Great job my fiend !

  • BlackOut says:

    Congratulations to one of our leading Loudoun Ambassadors. Great news Randy! Well earned.

    (Stoner, was that a fraudian slip? I think you meant friend)

  • BlackOut says:

    LI. You’re right! They definitely don’t seek enough of his counsel, especially the current leadership. The fact of the matter is, they don’t like what he does or would tell them.

  • Gstone says:

    Friend and all round good guy.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Minchew is indeed a great guy, and McDonnell will be well served by his counsel. He was a valued advisor to Glen Caroline, you know the last LCRC Chairman who won awards and produced great results. But hey, the Black Brigade showed him who’s boss in Loudoun County in that 2005 special Senate election, didn’t they?!

  • Mary Gail Swenson says:

    Really good news, Randy. No one deserves it more. Good judgement on our friend Bob’s part, for sure. Go get ’em.

  • Kristen Kalina says:

    Good work Randy. This is a positive in all respects. Other local Loudoun Republican leaders have also asked to take part in the McDonnell admin, including Dr. Kai Zhang and David Ramadan. I have such great respect for all three of these guys and am honored to consider them good friends and mentors.

  • Elmer Fudd says:

    I’m getting nauseous.

    Can’t someone say something negetive about this All-American Boy?

    Where are the Weintrubs, Eugene Delgaudio, the Hard Left, the Hard Right, Governor Blagovich, etc.?

  • Chris says:

    I wish HE would run against Herring.

  • You’ll recall he did once. And the wing nuts chose Staton in the primary, just like the wing nuts will pick his father-in-law this time ’round, Dick Black

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I told you before, it’s all about the dog whistle! Blow it and they come running – enough to get any nomination they want, but not enough to win in most general elections.

  • That is changing, LI.
    We scared the bejesus outta them in March. Had just three more folks brought 20 people to the Primary for Candace, we wouldn’t be talking about the LCRC.
    Speaking of the LCRC, there are alot of good folks on that ExCom who agree with the consensus that Black is a non-starter. They are working feverishly for Frank Wolf at this moment, and trying to concentrate on the immediate election before them.

  • I’m remiss in congratulating Randy on his accomplishment here.(having done so over at FaceBook) McDonnell continues to impress!!

  • Chris says:

    You know seriously Minchew could take six months to work with McD and get the hang of Richmond and little, then come home and run. I think he would be BY FAR the best candidate between Spike Williams (not known enough around Loudoun), Patricia Phillips (previous general election loser to Herring), and Dick Black (too controversial).

  • Longer than that, Don’t let that immediate gratification thing bite you in the rear. You and I know the guy’s swell, but the general public will need a couple of years of Randy to seep in between their ball games and their work and tv shows. They don’t breathe politics as many here do.

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