Lovettsville Is A Mess!

By Loudoun Insider

Has anyone driven through Lovettsville lately?  It is by far the worst planned and ugliest town in Loudoun County –  the infamous “squircle” and its 50 million traffic signs, the half finished town center mess with its crooked cheap-o plastic fencing, huge houses with their hideous back sides towering over small houses on the main entrance from the north.  Ick.  Considering the state of the town, maybe this is part of the reason LCPS is fighting so hard to locate away from it!

Now the primary architect of all this loveliness is filing complaints against candidates who allegedly didn’t have proper disclosures on campaign literature (check out the comments – the LTM again takes the prize for nasty commentary!).  Sure, if there are indeed violations they should be adjudicated, but this reeks more of retribution than it does of seeking justice.  Please, let there be a more viable opponent to Elaine Walker next election!

UPDATE:  Mayor Walker has no clue about the campaign laws and how they apply to her town.  Cases dismissed, and she looks like an idiot.


  • “Another untruth is that we sued the town”. Barbara, I’ve NEVER pushed that as an issue, because it isn’t a consideration to me and many like me.
    “And, Bing was born in MA.” That’s fine…so was my wife.
    “It would have been more attractive and far easier to navigate and adequately slowed down traffic.” I strongly disagree. The current set up BARELY does this. Only when those two story buildings are framing the sqaure , will motorists actually “GET” a sense of a small populated area, worthy of slowing down. I’d support KEEPING a Sheriff’s Deputy onsite to issue tickets to every sorry bastard who doesn’t observe the speed limit….which if left to me would be 15 MPH, not 25.
    As I’ve said, the Town did opt for (and approve of)the traffic calming features in this design. For everyone who doesn’t like the design, there’s an equal counterpart that is not fixated on the myopic.

  • “Entsming said, noting that pedestrian safety was the top priority.”
    THAT is the icing, right there. First and foremost, the desire was to slow traffic.Ever actually sit and watch the rotary in Brunswick? I’ve been damned near run over by motorist who fly thru that thing.

  • New in town says:

    I like the small town feel! I know somethings do not make sense but I would rather have the squarcle, too signs and empty space (open land) than see Lovettsville turn into what Reston has become. I lived through “smartly”planned community development and that is why I moved here.

  • Barbara Lam says:

    I moved here from Columbia, also a planned community, and I’m so glad to get away from all of the stipulations! I still think the visual appearance of so many signs is disappointing. Town Center in particular was touted as being the charming throwback to “small-town Americana, complete with an old-fashioned town square and bandstand surrounded by upscale homes, shops and restaurants.” Visual appeal was a deciding factor when I moved here. I guess it’s not that important to a lot of folks here.

    Two more signs went up today, I think, one almost smack in somebody’s yard on West Broadway and another coming into town from Brunswick warning about the new traffic pattern in the “Squircle.” This pattern isn’t new.

  • Stephen Johnson says:

    Keep this stuff coming, folks! It’ll all end up in the Times Mirror, The Citizen, the Washington Post, or my book.

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