Primary Day

By Loudoun Insider

An open thread for results and commentary.  The big one locally is the DC Democratic Primary  for Mayor.  I for one will be glad to have a cessation of the endless Fenty and Gray promotionals!  I am one who believes Fenty has done a pretty good job, but he is so damn arrogant and unlikable, and that will probably be his downfall.  Nationally, there are some Tea Party challenges to establishment candidates that will be interesting to watch.


  • Linda, what am I being reminded of?? That Ken C, as the third position on a very popular team , with an excellent lead man, and a fantastic second-in-command fellow, leached enough votes from enough people who didn’t want to split a ticket to win a distant third in the percentages? McDonnell 61%, Bolling 59%, Cuccennelli 57%.
    And next time, try to pick a thread that was POST-CONVENTION for fair comparisons.
    Odonnell is a tradgedy that just mitigated the control of the Senate. The TEA Party movement is going to have to step forward for their “Albatross-around-our-necks” award. This was winnable – until they screwed the pooch with myopic nani-boo-boo amatuerism.

  • Linda B says:

    Monk, JTR said “Given that the ‘establishment’ leadership is claiming that O’Donnell can’t win in the general election, does this remind anyone of comments about a guy who is now the Virginia AG?”

    I reminded you that there were in fact comments made to that effect on this very blog.

    Don’t have the time or inclination to go through all the comments on the post-convention posts, but I do remember there were some who maintained that the convention outcome was a tragedy and a certain AG candidate would seriously hamper the ticket.

    BTW, according to the final figures I saw, McDonnell and Bolling both won at 59% and Cooch was at 58%. Hardly a “distant third.”

    In any case, I am not advocating for fringe candidates or picking a fight with you, I just like to take every opportunity to relive that joyful day when Ken won despite his many detractors. Ah, yes, good times.

  • Linda B says:

    Correction, here are the final percentages:

    McDonnell: 58.62%
    Bolling: 56.51%
    Cooch: 57.51%

    Let’s amend that to make Cooch a “solid second.”

    (Open the first link … the PDF … and go down to pages 269, 539 and 808.)

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