The Emerging Loudoun Political Landscape

By Loudoun Insider

Lots of recent articles on how the 2011 BOS race are shaping up.  Susan Buckley and Sally Kurtz are out for good, while York and Burton are back in.  The LTM ran two good Q&A bits with Buckley and Kurtz, and had an excellent editorial on the departure of the intelligent and ethical Susan Buckley.  I agree wholeheartedly with the premise of the editorial, even though I often disagree wholeheartedly with Buckley (as does the LTM) on school reform issues and taxes.  We desparately need more supervisors with her demeanor and character, and less in the mold of Delgaudio and McGimsey.  Speaking of Delgaudio, we have notice of a new potential challenger, but surely another failure from the hapless Dems in Sterling.  As embarrassing as he is, he is Supervisor for life.


  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Blinky, the 3 eyed fish:

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Something interesting we heard from the state, regarding the (extremely) limited funds for cost-sharing on BMPs: we asked if two apps were received, one from Loudoun, and one from a MANDATED county, that were otherwise pretty much comparable, would there be any weighting of a decision to fund based on mandated adoption v. opt-in?

    Three guesses what the answer was.

  • TB says:

    Currently there are three very strong, excellent and knowledgeable Democratic candidates for Sterling District Supervisor: Bahri Aliriza, Alfonso Nevarez and Dan Lloyd.

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